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We all agree that any person with the desire to enter into the affiliate, or for that matter online marketing industry, they need to arm themselves with the proper education on how to do so. Although this is in no way a substitute for taking action from the get-go, it is a fact. You can’t build a website without knowing the basics. You can’t rank in Google if you have no idea how to do so. In this discussion, The question now becomes what do I want from in and from that education? What do I need to learn and what is the best way to accomplish the educational foundation I will need to get rolling? I will talk about the three most important elements of affiliate marketing education to look for in an online course or book you are considering purchasing, of which many courses will have only 1 or 2 of them but only a few will have all three. Your mission is to find them… or you can just choose “Our Program” because I already know we have them.

Are the Cards on the Table?

Very simply put does the program or online course you are considering describe in detail and up front all that is included with your purchase and what it will cost? How much time do you have to spend researching what it is they have to offer in order to make an informed decision as it pertains to the value of their program. in other words, do they have a free trial or free membership option and how long does that last. This is a key component because this is a very personal decision based on the fact that are all at different levels of experience and learning and we all learn in different ways so without the ability to fully vet any given program you are already starting off at a loss. Unfortunately, many of the options available to you are simply Lipstick on a Pig. I know that is a crude and gauche way to put it but it is even more disgusting that these fraudsters get away with what they do by simply putting together a slick marketing package, describing all the amazing success you will achieve by using their product but never really tell you what it is. I discuss this more here, “I just saved $13.45 because I didn’t have to buy another course,” and how to avoid making purchases like these. If you cannot fully asses what a program has to offer through either a free membership or a completely transparent description of what is it they help you accomplish, I would not even consider purchasing or joining.

Are the Training, Tools, and Support Extensive and Up-to-date?

There are so many courses, training, books and educational memberships out there in the virtual world you can literally be paralyzed by the sheer amount of choices available to you. This is why the ability to dive in and try out what a particular course or online program has to offer is extremely important. First of all, it gets you into action immediately without having to make a huge investment or one at all and secondly, it gets you trying out by working with the tools, strategies, and information they have to offer. If they offer a full video tour that takes you through their website and/or course in an organized and chronological order, that is a great way to get an overview of what they have to offer but nothing takes the place of being able to put the tools, strategies and other assets into action with your own style and execution formulas. Do they answer questions via their support apparatus whether you are a paid or free member? This is a true tale tell sign of a great program and organization. This means their marketing style is based on attraction rather than promotion. Putting their value first and allowing you to make a decision whether is it right for your business aspirations.

Is there a Community?

I truly believe this the most important quality of any training or online membership. Are there others accessible to you that are trying to accomplish the same things you are? What I have experienced in my program is that learning happens in many ways, not the least of which is through other folks in the community trying to get an affiliate marketing education as well. There is a reason why social media has become what it is today and more specifically Facebook leading the pack and it’s because human beings are social creatures. We love to share and encourage and even compete. We love to recognize and be recognized, comment and hear other opinions. Most of all we love to help our fellow man. Call me an idealist but I think it is in everyone’s DNA to be helpful if they can. We hear it all the time, to be of service to others, give back to our communities and give whatever you can to the less fortunate. A community is not only key but essential in developing your skills in anything. We need to share our mistakes and learn from other peoples mistakes. We need to have here about success so that we can say, “If they can do it, so can I.” We need to be held accountable to stay the course and play our role to get the job done. Nowhere are all these things accomplished than within a community of people all striving for a common goal. Look for a strong and open community to learn from in whatever program or membership you are researching and considering and you can’t go wrong.

Take your time there is no rush

It is human nature to rush to the next shiny object and to be the first to do so. The most important part of your affiliate marketing education is counter-intuitive to that emotional response. Slow down, research thoroughly and make sure you get all of your questions answered. This is not a call to procrastination or what is more commonly known as paralysis of analysis. In fact, it is just the opposite. Although it is important to get all your questions answered, the best way to do that is to be putting different techniques into practice and see how they work or more specifically, how they work for you. Don’t just ask questions and wait for someone or some programs do design your path for you, go out and design it yourself. You will find it is not only education but fulfilling and fun to discover on your own as well. You can do this by utilizing the training program’s free subscription to actually try out their tools and interact with their community. It might take a few tries to find the right one but it will not be wasted time. Remember you are always learning and you will get something out of all you try to experience, whether it becomes a mainstay in your business or not. Be Always learning and your business will always be growing.

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