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affiliate marketing for profits

Is there a simple yet effective way to engage in affiliate marketing and do it for a profit? The answer is, It’s up to you. There are all kinds of formulas and methods to make profits with affiliate marketing the challenge is to find the methods and formulas that work well for you and that you are good at or can become good at. This takes practice. You are never going to know the answers to those questions when you get started. These answers will evolve with time and experience. Most of the folks who begin this journey do not have the patience, resolve and trust that they can be successful at it because of the learning curve so they give up. So in effect, the key to success with affiliate marketing and making profits at it is simply to never give up.

This is not brain surgery

Heck, this isn’t even opening up a traditional business like a store or a hot dog stand. This literally has no risk. I can get you started for and $100 and you can be doing exactly what I am doing right now and beginning your profit journey today. It really is as simple as buying a domain name, hosting space and getting to work. Simple yes, but not always easy. Look if you know nothing about the two purchases I just mentioned (buying a domain name and hosting space) then yes you will face some technical challenges. Big deal, it is simply another challenge to conquer and you have done that your whole life. It is not like becoming a world-class athlete or as stated in the title of this paragraph, a brain surgeon. Everyone on this planet with any kind of rational intelligence can buy a domain, hosting space and learn how to create exactly what I have created here. Some, way better than this. So if that technical challenge is too much for you or just not your bag, I have nothing for you. However, if you have the resolve to get through these and other relatively simple tasks, you can create an affiliate marketing business that will be profitable.

The biggest challenge you will face is you

Isn’t this always the case? If I could only get out of my own way, I might have some success or make some progress. If only I didn’t procrastinate or make excuses or whatever. So how do you overcome those things? You just do. If you are looking for a magic pill or potion, there is none. You have to find what works for you so you don’t procrastinate. You have to find out how to get into action so you don’t have time to make excuses. Most of all you have to trust in your teachers or mentors and just do what they tell you when you can’t see how this is ever going to work. I won’t lie, I would sit and write for hours with no belief at all that this was going to make any money or be read by anybody but I did it anyway. I trusted the system I was following and decided I will go to my grave trying. I may never get to where I want to go but on my death bed, I will hold my head up and be able to say I did most everything I could. So find a system, and follow that system because you have researched it, know that someone else has had success with it and it fits your purpose for what you are trying to accomplish online. But do so allowing the tasks you set up for yourself to be your gauge of whether you have been successful. Not the result of those tasks because the results will always bear two things and both of them are good so you don’t have to concern yourself with the results. They will bear success, in which you will refine them and make them more effective and productive or they will bear failure in which you will learn yet another way how not to do this thing called affiliate marketing. You cannot miss if you continue to learn and grow. I learned this working for Tesla. We worked 12-hour shifts and hour after hour day after day we got better at what we did. We made a ton of mistakes but every year we looked back at our progress it was positive. You can do the same even if it is only a few hours a week. A few hours a week for a whole year turns into a bunch of progress and learning.

So where do I begin?

At the beginning of course. This is how content marketing works. I built this website where I posted this article talking about a certain subject. Along the left side of this page, I have advertisements of programs and software that I promote and earn commissions from. You may like what I have to say and click on one of the advertisements and purchase from them. You may not. However, If you do I earn a commission and that is how it works. Simple right. Yes but we all know how much us humans can complicate things. So all of a sudden the questions begin to flare in your mind, well, what niche should I choose and what products in that niche are converting and how many articles do I have to post a week and so on and so forth. Until we just quit because it becomes too overwhelming. So let’s go back to the beginning. Just get started.

  1. What do you have an interest in?
  2. Research free affiliate marketing courses that will help get you started.
  3. Do the work.

If you cannot get started with that then you are not a self-starter and this might not be the best avenue for you. If you can’t take an idea and run with it, then maybe working a job or career and saving is the route you ought to remain on. Whatever the case, if you catch yourself not being productive and by productive I mean trying stuff even if you don’t know what you are doing, it may be time to rethink this make money online or any entrepreneur stuff thing. How’s that for mastery of the English language? It’s not for everyone, but if you feel yourself fighting through the I don’t know what I am doing stage and better yet enjoying it just for the pure fun of it, then watch out, you have no idea where you can take this.

My goal is to produce 30 websites that make $100 a day

I have not accomplished this yet but I will. Why that many sites and at that revenue figure? Because at that point my gross revenue will be $1,000,000 a year. I don’t know why that is such a magical number, everyone still uses it as a benchmark. I think I will be fine at $239,647 a year but I guess the other figure just sounds better. Here’s the real catch though. I say that not as a negative disclaimer but a positive one. All I had to do was create one site that made $100 a day in gross profit and then duplicates it. What is a franchise? It is partial ownership of a brand so-to-speak. Buy a McDonalds and create a profit. By a Taco Bell and do the same thing. Are these two fast food establishments anything like each other in terms of the food they serve? Not at all. However, are they the same in general in terms of how their businesses operate? Pretty much. Same concept here. Let’s say you want to be financially independent and you want to do that online with a relatively small overhead and you don’t want to work 80 hours a week. That is a daunting task at first glance but learning how to make $100 a day with one website, although challenging, it is doable and a much smaller chunk to bite off. Creating that first success will be the hardest thing you do on this journey. Duplicating it will be child’s play.

So now it is time for you to get to work

Are you going to do this thing? Look you can find everything you need here on The Educated Affiliate to get started. You can also do more research and find many other sources to help you get on your way. The one thing you can’t find out here is the will to get started. That you must find within yourself. I have a saying on another blog I created, it says, “Keep Life Moving.” Direction matters, mistakes don’t as I propose in one of my posts there. I had an English teacher when I was a sophomore in high school who used to say your either growing or deteriorating. I didn’t get it back then but it stuck with me and I get it now. If you are not in motion, growing and keeping life moving, you are declining. It might be emotionally, physically or even mentally but we were meant to keep moving in the journey or ours and if we don’t do that most of the time bad things happen. The good thing is that we all can choose to do either, or. We can make that move or watch it get made by someone else. I get so much out of just giving life the old college try. I get up the next day always ready to give it even a better try. It’s what I call Cognitive Momentum. Know that you can keep life moving and you will.

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