Affiliate Marketing Reviews 5 Reasons Why They’re Not!

affiliate marketing reviews


When I first started playing this game of affiliate marketing, I remember buying up every course in the book. I didn’t have thousands so I couldn’t spend that much but my behavior was just as addictive. Always looking for the next fix. Heck sometimes I would buy two and three products in one day and all their OTO’s; my word did I have it bad. I would inevitably get upset when I started going through the course or using the tool because the sales hype was so good and I went for it every time. It wasn’t even the revenue claims, I knew those were at best, best case scenario’s, at worst flat, out lies. But it was how they framed the benefits of the course or tool. They would always make it sound like it would save me time, money or both and I went for it every time.

Now I have a very good work ethic, so it was not that I was looking for a shortcut or easy way out but I was definitely looking for an edge and these guys knew just how to sell it so I felt like this course or tool was going to give me that edge. I finally learned to ask for refunds which I was embarrassed to do in the beginning if you can believe that but sometimes the course or tool was so useless, even if it was $12 or $20 bucks, it was the principle of it, I had to get my money back.

Finally, I thought I had stumbled onto the solution, “Affiliate Marketing Reviews!” I thought, cool now I can get more of an unbiased, and honest assessment of what the course or tool had to offer. Boy, was I mistaken. These folks were trying to sell me even more than the original product sales page itself. On top of that, they would offer me countless, useless bonuses to entice me to purchase it through them. The only positive aspect of these reviews was that I did get a small look inside the member’s area and most of the time this was enough to see what I needed to in order to make an educated decision.

This journey and experience brought me to where I do today. For some time I saw nothing but sub-par training programs and outright fraud but I was exposed to “DotCom Secrets,” early in my affiliate marketing career and that actually taught me a bunch, so I had not lost all hope. I floundered for a bit (years haha) and then I came upon another review of some other affiliate academy. This person was taking a different approach. He wasn’t trying to sell me on the product but he did offer the pros and cons. His suggestion was something similar. In the interest of full disclosure, it was another affiliate academy he was promoting. However, he presented it differently. He said here is what both have to offer. Try them both free and make a decision. The program he was promoting was “Wealthy Affiliate” and the rest of the story is as they say, “history.”

When I signed up for the free starter kit with WA, I was immediately impressed that they were allowing me to see everything they had to offer in order to make a decision. Could you imagine today’s affiliate marketers allowing customers to have a look around to see what you they are paying for? Within a week I could see where WA was going with its training and where it could take me. I became a premium member immediately. The more I experienced the program the more I knew I had found a home and a program with integrity that I could promote. A Week later I started “The Educated Affiliate,” based on this experience. I was on the verge of giving up hope because I truly thought everything being sold by affiliate marketers was a fraud and by all the sales pages and reviews I was researching I wasn’t far from the truth. This is why we do our reviews here without any hype or affiliate links. Even if I like the program or aspects of it I will simply tell you to Google it if you want to purchase it. We are totally transparent here and you know what we believe in and what we promote. So below are 5 reasons why affiliate marketing reviews really are no reviews at all.

#1 A review is not a sales pitch

From the very start of every so-called review or a large percent of them are selling you from the get-go. It can’t possibly a review if before they give you any information about the product they are telling you to buy it. At the most, they simply describe what is in the product in a very general way before they go right into a barrage of useless bonuses and offers. By definition, they are reviewing nothing. Their only objective is to get you to buy it from them. Especially when there is a product launch by a big name developer. Then they even have affiliate contests for Christ sake and some prizes for selling the most product from these launches can be in the thousands. Now you tell me how anyone is giving an honest review when they are trying to win a contest.

#2 The money is in the list

We have all heard this before. I believe it to be true and when it is ethically done, I have no problem with it. Heck, we want you to subscribe to our list because we have had success with the way we do things and the reputable products we use and we offer free information to steer you away from most of the crap that is out there. They want to sell you a product that they are supposedly reviewing and get you on their email list so they can sell you more product. It is a vicious circle. I can tell you I have joined all kinds of email lists over the years and ones I have remained on form more than a year can be counted on one hand. These are the ones that send nothing but good information and when they promote a product, I know it will be worth taking a look at. When I get on one of these reviewer lists, I know I am going to be sold at least ten products over the next two weeks.

#3 A description is not a review

Many of these reviews will never even come close to detailing what is in the product and asses the value of the content. At best, they will give you a general description of what is in the member’s area. If you are looking for detailed information on what the program is all about, It’s not going to happen in one of these reviews. On the contrary, they sell you on the hype, for example I am telling you right now if this is the first program you have tried or one of the first, oh and they are all newbie friendly by the way, there is no way in hell you are going to be making $298.50 a day online in a matter of days, weeks, heck probably not even months. Yet every single review will concur that you can make this kind of money. They will not give you a single detail about how you are going to do it but just enough description that will suck you in, what’s worse put a timer so you only have so much time to make a decision and then you will be missing out. Yes everyone on planet earth will have this and you won’t. They do this so you buy it fast before you figure out from the vague description, that it has absolutely no value.

#4 The Bonuses are sometimes worth more than the product

These bonuses that are offered have become a regurgitation of information that for the most part is the same crap coming from all of these folks, they simply change the name and the picture on the E-Cover. If this were not the case then why is there an entire multi-million dollar industry called PLR? Private Label Rights is crap content developed for a marketer to purchase, put their name on it and give it away as click bait. These marketer reviewers are always claiming to bonuses to support the particular product they are reviewing yet I have seen the same marketer give out the same bonuses on multiple products that were not even the same type of product. It is a cooking cutter industry if I have ever seen one and I can bet that most of these marketers do not even know what is in the PLR they are giving away. If it sounds decent and looks good then they can sell stuff with it. Most folks won’t even get into the heart of the product let alone the bonuses and when they finally do get around to it, the 30 days of a guaranteed refund has most likely past.

#5 Overwhelm is the key

These marketers are not stupid. They know that 99% of the folks that purchase from them will not only never dive into the program they just purchase but they certainly won’t do it within the timeframe given them to be able to refund their money if they don’t find value in the material. They also know how good they can make 5 awesome bonuses sound in their pitch. I still marvel at how skilled these marketers are at making stuff sound so good but the key is they overwhelm them. Here is the irony, the single biggest obstacle to success in an online business is not money, brains or even fear, its overwhelm. Most of the people who get started in this industry get very excited until they actually get started. Marketers know this and yet continue to throw more and more at them every day. Sell them as much as they can. They know they can make the fast buck. Thank God there are marketers out there that can’t do that. They can’t bring themselves to selling crap for the fast buck but they are far and few between.

I Know a few of them and what they teach

I am sure you do to so stick to your principles and go with your gut. If you think something is of value check it out but do your due diligence and if it’s not right for you then ask for a refund. If you think something is a joke, I bet you will be right 99 times out of 100. Another valid point I want to make is that there are some amazing products out there that just might not be for you right now. I had this experience the other day, I listen to a webinar from a product creator I like and bought the product he was selling. When I got into the first few videos I could tell right away it was a great product but I wasn’t in the space to execute what it was teaching. I refunded it and I told them thanks but not right now. Most likely, in fact, most definitely I will be buying something from that person in the future, he has great products and I would not get off his list ever.

This is what we try to do here. If you find that anything in this post is BS or that you feel I have been unfair or missed the boat in some way, please comment below and we will have a discussion about it. I think more folks will relate to this then won’t. We promote Wealthy Affiliate because it’s the best training on the planet, the best way to build an online business especially for newbies and it’s ethical. We offer good solid information, we are transparent about what we do and who we promote and in a nutshell, you know what you are going to get from The Educated Affiliate. So next time you read or watch one of those reviews ask yourself that same question, do you really know what you are going to get?

The Educated Affiliate reviews internet marketing products and services first hand (we purchase all the products we review) and without hype or unsubstantiated claims. In fact, part of our review process is to asses whether or not the offer's claims are valid. We do not promote anything we review with affiliate links.

We do not recommend or discourage purchase, although we will share our opinion about the value of the product. For the most part, we simply let you know what the product has to offer.

Experience has shown us that most of internet marketing products sold on a daily basis are over-hyped and of little or no value. We sometimes get tidbits here and there from our purchases, and we share those with you, but nowhere near the grand claims that are made by their creators.

We believe in the concept of content marketing, providing valuable information while promoting the services that teach you how to be successful and the tools that help you to be more efficient and effective at it. The products we use on a daily basis and promote can be found on the right panel. If you have direct questions, feel free to subscribe to our review updates and you can ask us directly.  

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