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Success is the result of resonating with your audience and earning their trust in the information you have to offer. There are many ways to accomplish this. Get your facts right, don’t be condescending or arrogant, trust your voice and use it. All of these are fairly self-evident but what is not is the fact that everything you publish will be judged one way or another. Whether you like it or not every word, every phrase echoing in their minds from your prose will ping off of the neurons in their brains and register with a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Sometimes with a wrist waggle but for the most part they will either agree or disagree with what you have to say. This is why learning to…

Become A Content Marketing Writer

will help you develop the best and most persuasive voice you can put forward.

Think about to whom you are talking

This doesn’t mean to say make sure you say all the right things and don’t make any mistakes. No, far be it from me to even ponder political correctness. What it means is to write with conviction and back it up with facts, educated opinions and top it off with your very own personality. This is also not a pass to be and say whatever you want. For instance, I do not swear in any of my public posts. I think it’s a turn-off. Am I a prood or teetotaler? Absolutely not, I can cuss with the best of them, It just turns me off when I read folks who do. I don’t judge it and there are plenty who resonate with that type of verbiage but not me so I don’t do it. I am certainly not afraid to speak my mind but I do it in a professional manner. Just look at some of my reviews, I pretty much tell it like it is on my post and in my videos but I am respectful. Who I am talking to (or who I would like to think I am talking to) are serious entrepreneurs who want to learn about building a business online. Not hear my smart-aleck quips.

Write content that gives you an urgency to write

I go through keywords to pick my topics. Besides reviews, I simply use my keyword tool and within my niche figure out what is going to allow me to write 2000 words in one breath so to speak. Now please don’t tell me that is impossible. I have seen the mile-long Facebook posts with comment sections that go around the world. You have something to say about plenty of stuff. In this particular instance, I believe it is important that for folks who want to create a business online it must not be a chore but a yearning to share whatever it is you have to share. Content Marketing is the #1 way that anyone on this planet can start from scratch and create a living out of nothing talking about needlepoint. Don’t believe me check out the millions of amazing needlepoint sites online. In fact, that isn’t even a good example, it’s actually pretty mainstream. Go check out these 45 websites that sold on Flippa for actual cash, money.

My point is if you are writing a post and it is supposed to be interesting content for someone to read, how interesting do you think it is going to be if you are trudging through 3 hours just to get 500 words down. Move on and find a topic where your fingers have a hard time keeping up with your mind.

Do not stress about the length

When I sit down to write a post, the goal is always 2000 words. I just think it is a good benchmark but I don’t really even pay attention to it after I start. The one time I will pay attention to my word count is if I have so much to say on the subject that I will write much more than 2000 words. I can always feel when that is happening. When it does I usually break down the post into two posts. However, if I am clear, succinct and efficient and have said what I need to say in 1500, or even 1000 words I am good with that. It’s probably better for your audience anyway, most do not read that much but it is a dichotomy because I believe SEO works in the favor or long articles. As I said above though do not let this be a cop out for writing a 500-word boring article that took you 3 hours to produce. That is probably crap and needs to be scrapped. I strive for 2000 words in 2 hours or fewer and can usually get there. If I am dragging, I move on to another subject. Now you may think oh man I wrote 800 words but I am it’s not working and now I have to move on and lose all that stuff I wrote. No, you don’t just put it away for now and you can come back to it later when you put more ideas into it and you will begin with 800 words in the green. If you write a lot this will be an asset, not a liability.

Interesting posts don’t have to be about interesting stuff

You can and cannot be the judge of how interesting your content is. What….? OK, so if you have that finger tapping rhythm going on a particular topic and at the end of every paragraph a new headline comes to mind building on the previous paragraph, the subject is obviously of interest to you. If someone in Peoria, IL., does not find it interesting, that is none of your business. Someone in Paris, TX., will. I have a quick story to tell. I have one Granddaughter and like all Grandfathers she is the apple of my eye. I call her my Chubba because was such a fat baby. She’s 5 now and as skinny as a rail but that is beside the point. My daughter named here NovaLee Jade. When I first heard this I thought oh that is a cure made up name haha! To my surprise I Googled it and there were thousands of kids named NovaLee. I could not believe it. The world is so much bigger than you think and yes there are so many folks who don’t think like you but there are so many that do. Don’t waste time wondering who or if anyone will read it much less be interested in what you have to say, believe me, they will. However, if you start getting fan mail from a death row inmate, you might want to rethink your content, just saying.

The only way you develop any skill is by doing it over and over

So many bloggers are obsessed with, “Getting it Right!” What does that even mean? If you comprehend what I wrote in the paragraph above you really can’t get it wrong. I try to stay away from facts because first of all they change and your posts are here forever. On SiriusXM radio (the 80’s Channel) they were doing a top 100 list for April 1983. They were quoting some statistics that the average car cost around $8000. I still don’t remember them being that cheap but anyway, the point is facts and figures change. Stick to principle and you will be OK. Principles do not change in fact hard work is still the key to success no matter how much this world of multi-tasking, IPOing, new shiny tool syndrome wants to get you to not believe that, it’s a principle that will never change. Content is King and always will be. Believe it or not Bill Gates said this in 1996. To be a success in this field of blogging and affiliate marketing you can get good at it one way and one way only. Good old fashion hard work and more of it. The key is not what you write but how much of it you write. This does not mean that you just throw a bunch of crap on the wall and see how it will stick. It means that if you can’t think your way into becoming a better writer you have to write your way into it. I want to quote one of my favorite guys from the “New Thought” era, Charles F. Haanel. This is from the “Magic Key System” part 15.

“…our actions are not governed by knowledge, but by custom, precedent, and habit; that the only way we can get ourselves to apply knowledge is by a determined conscious effort.”

Many have said, “We are creatures of habit.” I agree, so create the habit of writing and you will get addicted, I promise.

If you have read this far…

You are a content marketing writer because to a normal everyday person this has to be an unbelievably boring subject. If you found yourself scrolling through and saying to yourself yes, I know this, I can do this, then you are ready to do it. You need some structure and the Affiliate Marketing University that we promote will offer that for you and not as a free trial but as a free membership to get you started. You can go at your own pace all you want until you are ready for higher learning. If you are anything like me or this article got under your skin at all, then follow your instincts and get started. I wish I could have my journey flash before you but like you, I had to trust in an article I read when I first got started. I had to believe that I could do all this too and that I had something to say. I am sure you have all kinds of thoughts and in fact, I know you have thoughts you didn’t even know you had, but when you get started and if you persist you will be blown away at all the amazing content you have to offer. Trust in your thoughts and blow through your fears and you will become a content marketing writer

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