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Builderall Reviewbuilderall review

Name: Builderall
Price: $29.00 per month
Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

Builderall Overview

Builderall is quite an asset for any digital marketer. In fact, it has so much to offer, I can guarantee you not one of its users employs even 25% of its capability. Builderall is exactly what it’s called. You can build, websites, landing pages, sales pages, lead capture forms, membership sites, apps and so, so much more. Talk about over value, Builderall is ridiculously priced for what it gives you and all the content and pages you can create are done with “Drag and Drop” technology. I call it the “ClickFunnels Alternative” and you won’t find a more comprehensive site builder anywhere.

The Good and the Bad

What I like about Builderall:

The value is beyond fantastic. I have never seen a more comprehensive site builder, funnel builder, you name it on the market and that is not even close to the best thing about it. Yes you can even build Facebook posts that instant message anyone who comments on the post, create animated videos and even build a membership website. To be honest at this point, I am only using it for landing pages and even for that purpose only it has the best value on the planet. Hundreds of templates, drag and drop technology and tutorials for every step of the way but like I said that is not even the best thing about it.

Two Tier Affiliate Program:

I have never seen anything like this. For $97 you can become a two tier affiliate. What does that mean? Well it means to everyone you bring in, you get paid the $97 they pay to be an affiliate and you get roughly $9 a month from their monthly fee. However, you also get roughly $9 a month to everyone they bring in as well. Have you any idea how fast that will add up?

What I dislike about Builderall:

Well to be honest there is really not that much to not like. I will say that they have bitten off a huge chunk in what they offer and not all of it is ready for prime time. A fair amount of bugs are still there but really I couldn’t care less. Like I said I use it for landing pages at the moment, it works great for that, you can’t find a decent landing page builder for $29 a month and the two tier affiliate program leaves them all in the dust. Every day I see improvement and support and I am going to be member forever.

Who is Buildrall For?

Anyone and everyone who is marketing online. If you never build a page the affiliate two tier program alone is worth the $29. You cannot miss with the tools you will have at your disposal but that is nothing compared to the money you can make.

Builderall Tools and Training

There are endless tutorials for each and every application that is offered. There should be no problem getting up and running, even for a newbie. Not to mention the person who refers you to Builderall has a vested interest in seeing you succeed, so they will be a great resource for help and support. In fact the person who referred me build not only tutorials which help you use the tools but tutorials on how to refer the program.

Builderall Support

Direct support is not great and that and the fact that not all of it is functioning is why I give it a 9 out of 10 but it really doesn’t matter. There are endless Facebook Pages, tutorials and other private support venues that you have more than enough to learn what you need to. It does not have the community support that others do. All in all support is not an issue.

Builderall Cost

$29 a month what more can you say, this video will give you some insight but if you want to try it out for 7 days and see what you think, it will cost you nothing and you don’t even have to remember to cancel because they don’t ask for a credit card. The two tier affiliate program is an investment at $97 but Builderall doesn’t see a penny of that money. It goes right to the person who is going to help you the most, your referrer.

My Opinion of Builderall

I think my opinion is pretty obvious at this point. I am a Builderall user. The value is beyond anything you could expect, especially in this industry where we see so much crap. If you truly evaluate tools and are seriously looking for this type of asset for your business then try it for 7 days and see what it has to offer.

Builderall at a glance

Name: Builderall
Price: $29.00 per month
Overall Rank: 9 out of 10

6 comments on “Builderall Review

  1. Annie

    This is something I have not heard of, and I am new to the concept, so this question may seem very basic- what is funnelling?
    Do they teach you how to build a landing page and how to get people to land there?
    I completely understand the residual income possibilities you talk about, just not what it will really do to help me get people to want to get involved? What am I missing please?
    I hate to miss a great deal. You certainly seem very enthusiastic! Thank you.

    1. Damian Wader Post author

      So the Process of sales funnels is pretty much what it sounds like. It is a process by which your prospect is directed to a landing page in which you either offer a free “lead magnet” (a gift to get them to optin to your email list) and if they do that there are then many different ways you can market to that person. This is a funnel. Builderall is a software that builds those funnels among many other applications it offers. The price of $29 a month is unheard of in the industry and if you intend on building these types of marketing funnels the software is invaluable. 90% of the industry uses these opitn forms and funnels. Whenever you signing up for anything you are using a funnel. If you go to you will be using a funnel I built with this software.

      Hope that helps, thanks for the comment.

  2. jessie palaypay

    If I understand correctly, is builder all a lead generation type of tool? I have heard of others such as online sales pro and click tunnels as you have mentioned. Also, how are you getting people to the landing page? I understand using social media but do you have to do paid marketing or is their a way to get free traffic to the landing page?

    1. Damian Wader Post author

      Builderall’s name describes what it does it Builds it All basically. You can build landing pages (which is what I use it for and at $29 a month is cheaper and has more features than anything on the market. Getting traffic is a whole other concept, however there are tools within BuilderAll that are used for traffic creation. I do some paid and there are some good sources for that and not that expensive but mostly I build social media followings and use them to drive traffic. Now with WA I am working on building authority pages.

  3. Kevin

    Pretty interesting choice, when it comes to build-it-yourself-website.

    Do you think is better because is not as popular as other builders?
    I think when you are starting out or you need to grow, your costumer service becomes your priority.

    I’m asking you this cause my Aunt had a terrible experience with Wix and ask me to recommend other builder that was a little friendlier when it comes to deal with costumers.

    Thanks for your input and I hope you have a fantastic day.

    1. Damian Wader Post author

      Hi Kevin, thanks for the comment and question. I love BuilderAll for two reasons but it is not without fault. First of all I searched for a simple landing page builder for a long time and could not find one under $37 per month. BA is only $29 monthly. It also offers so much more than just landing page building.

      Second, the affiliate two tier program is phenomenal and evergreen. Folks will always need to build landing pages.

      It is new and has some bugs but nothing I can’t put up with for the potential trad off. This is going to be a huge staple in my business for years to come.


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