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complete free affiliate marketing educationLet me begin by explaining the difference between “Free Trial” and “Free Membership version.” Most if not all products, services, SAAS models have what is known as a “Free Trial.” This means that you will have access (usually not total access) to a membership, service or software for a period (usually 7 days) where you can test out the said membership, service or software. What you want to look for is a program that actually has a “Free Membership version.” Most of the time this will exclude some if not many of the more premium aspects of what is being offered but usually it will give you enough information, lessons, and tools to get started in a complete, free affiliate marketing education.

Not having all the bells and whistles is a good thing

Ask any internet marketer on the planet what the biggest, most common deterrent to their success or even progress was and most all of them will reply, “Shiny New Tool Syndrome.” Yes, that is right, you get too much information and too many fancy tools to implement that information and you get overwhelmed. So much to the point where you don’t know where to start so, you are paralyzed and you don’t really quit you just don’t even begin. I have been there and even have to guard against it today. My solution to this problem is to go back to basics. This is why only getting a little information at a time is what’s best, especially for the newbie. Free Memberships do just that but they do something else. They give you the opportunity to take whatever information you get and work at it on your own timeline. We are all different, we learn differently and we progress differently. If you have the time and the structure to implement what it is you are being taught you will progress and have some success in which you will then feed off of and in turn be enthusiastic to learn and do more. No overwhelm, not frustration and no quitting.

Shameless Plug

There are plenty of programs out there that offer something similar to this process I have described but nothing like the one I promote. To the right of this blog post, there is a banner, “Uncover the Secrets to making money online.” It is the best program on the internet and if offers a free membership version. It will teach you all about content marketing, from soup to nuts. How to get started, decide on a topic or niche, create and construct your blog, write your posts and promote your affiliate links. It really is that simple but it is not easy. Wealthy Affiliate makes no promise of success and even talks about the long learning curve but you can either waste your time looking for the magic tool or learn the basic timeless principles that create income online through content marketing. For me, I choose the latter and with our program, you will find an extremely simple and structured way to learn all you need to know to gain your foundation in this industry. Nothing comes easy but with persistence, you will find yourself actually defining your own path to success using these principles. It is a complete and free affiliate marketing education.

Let’s talk about substance and purpose

What is your reason for wanting to create an online business? Let’s not be bashful we know the #1 reason is to create an income. If you get good enough create an income that allows you to quit your job and if you get really good, maybe go to Europe or buy a house with the income you generate from your online business. That’s reasonable. I know I would not be sitting here writing this article if it’s totalitarian purpose was not to support my online business and generate an income from it. However, I also can’t just sell crap online and there is so much of it. This is why you will see reviews from us that have no affiliate links or no promotional bonuses because we review products to simply give a professional and transparent opinion on what we think about the product. Not hype it so we can sell you a bunch of crap. This is why my site(s) had to have purpose and substance. The Educated Affiliate presents free information on affiliate and content marketing and promotes only the tools we use in our daily business. This is one of many other sites I run and all of them have a purpose. Either for entertainment value or education and emotional support. My idea is to build as many sites as I can on topics that mean something to me. Gain exposure through and with top-notch free content and promote only a handful of products that I use or back 100%. I can’t do it any other way. Because of this, it has been a long arduous road, one less traveled but one very rewarding. I can’t hype and sell crap. In fact, my mission is to expose it. To raise the level of product producers out there to create only useful and effective products, tools and information websites.

There is bad free education out there as well

The good thing about the internet is that information stays there forever so you can always reference it at any time. The bad thing about the internet is that information stays there forever, grows old and stale or just misleads if it wasn’t any good in the first place. How do you avoid this? Expose yourself to information that rings true with you. I can’t tell you how many time s I have read just a snippet of a paragraph or even a headline and been able to say this is worth my time and this is not. That is not to say that I am the purveyor of all that is good and right in affiliate marketing but I am that for me and you are for you. I know the type of information that I am after because the more I experience the more I learn what works for me. You have to trust that as you grow in this industry you will gravitate towards what it is that you want to produce and the information on how to produce that. I will give you an example. I use a to-do list app called “Todist” and I keep a running list of things I want to learn about or accomplish in my business as a dedicated list. One of the things was to learn more about notifications and how to utilize them on this site. I did some research but never found a way to do them without code. I am not a coder. However, every day, I would see this on my list along with other items and one day I just found a piece of software called subscribers and it was exactly what I was looking for. It is a free app (with a premium version) that I set up in 5 minutes. When you get into action, you learn either by failing or succeeding. Either way, you begin to develop and path of purpose and direction that builds each day, week, month and year. If you stick with it and most of the information you will acquire is free.

Free vs. Premium

It’s obvious that all free programs eventually want you to purchase the premium version of their software, tool, program, whatever. There is an easy way to tell whether to do this and when is the right time to do it. First of all, if the service, product or tool is trying to create an urgency to purchase, run for the hills. A cheesy vendor will try to scare you into purchasing where a great vendor will allow you to use the product or service for free as long as you want because they know that the more you use it the more you will love it and eventually get to a level, when you are ready to purchase the premium version because need it. Not because of the price going up or it being taken off the market. Why would anyone take a product off the market if it was a good seller just to get you to buy it know? If that is not a red flag, I don’t know what is. Incentives are different from scare tactics and good vendors will give you incentives to purchase not create scarcity. If you take the approach I have described here you will always get great value out of your purchase because you will be well versed on how to use it and you will be ready to take that tool or service to the next level.

There is no free lunch

This is certainly true. All free offers are loss-leaders in a sense to get you to purchase at a later date. The good vendors build products that sell themselves with value built into your experience with that product or service and will be worth the purchase. The bad vendors try to hype a product that they know, if evaluated properly, will never sell and so they have to use unsavory and unethical tactics. It is rampant in this industry, just go look at a few of our reviews. If you narrow it down there are very few products that are worth the purchase in this industry but the ones that are worth it can make you a very nice income. The next level is to get to a point where you have so much experience that you can begin to build your own product but that is for another day. All in all, trust your gut, try new things and learn from your experience. You will find success if you are honestly looking for it and acting on it.

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