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Below is the process I go through every time I write a post for one of my blogs. Subject matter only depends on what blog I am writing for, of course, that will dictate the content but the process is always the same. It does evolve over time and morphs into the trends of the period but ultimately the process I go through and the structure I use stays consistent. Here are the content marketing tips I live by.

Jaaxy is my Friend

For those of you who don’t know what Jaaxy is, it is my keyword research tool it is awesome. In fact, a free search is on every post, just go to the top of this post and try it out. It gives me all the content topics I want. So I don’t say what do I want to write about today. I start fooling around with Jaaxy and it gives me many options for what to write about today

Above are the results from Jaaxy when I typed in “Content Marketing.” The information in the individual columns helps me decide what to write about. The “Avg” and “Traffic” columns are self-explanatory and those values are monthly values. “QSR” stands for Quoted Research Results and in my opinion what sets Jaaxy apart from most all other keyword research tools. It lets you know how the number of competing websites ranked in Google (real-time) for this exact keyword. If it is over 100, it will be a tough road to hoe to rank for. The “KQI” stands for Keyword Quality Indicator which is simply a color-coded perspective on the QSR. Telling you by a stoplight configuration (Green – easy, Yellow – normal, or Red – hard) the degree of difficulty for ranking in Google with this term. The SEO column is a 1 – 100 scale. The higher the number the easier it will be to rank for that term. Finally, the Domains is just that are there any domains for that term. As you can see I chose “Content Marketing Tips” even though it is going to be much tougher to rank than most of the others but you get the idea. Most of the time I look for an “Avg around 100, “Traffic comparable, QSR around 100 and the rest should all fall into place. This combined with the rest of my process will get you to rank for a good amount of these terms.

Google and Listly are Fantastic Tools

An obvious move once you have used Jaaxy or whatever keyword research tool you use to decide what you are going to write about, it is time to google your search term and see what comes up. Now, this next tip comes from a fellow member of Wealthy Affiliate who has an amazingly successful blog called Work Anywhere Now. She says after she performs a search on the term she is writing about, simply reads the top five and as she puts it, “Outwrite them.” It actually works. Our program teaches us to consistently write 1000 – 1200 word articles and it seems to make the difference because most of the ranking articles I find from this search average about 600 – 800 words. In other words, it is easy to create more content.

I have implemented this strategy but have taken it a step further. I use a social media tool called Listly. It is a great tool where members create lists of all types. Most of the time you find things like my top five content marketing blogs or articles and you can cherry pick information, of course rewriting it with your own spin on the concepts. These two tools alone will forever keep you full up with ideas and great content to produce for your blog.

Create at least 3 – 5 Topics

If you follow this structure, which will be very easy to do, you will never have a problem writing 100- word articles. In fact most of the time you will find yourself at 1000 words way before you are finished with the idea you are trying to convey. A simple reason for this is if you have at least 3 topics, you will always have an introduction and a conclusion paragraph as well and you will only have to write 250 words per paragraph. Now anyone can write 250 words on any topic. Psychologically, it makes it so much easier not to feel that dread and overwhelm of writing 1000 words which could be daunting for anyone let alone those of you just starting out.

Use Video to Recap and Explain the Blog Post

This might not be for everyone, especially those of you who are just starting out but I feel it is an invaluable technique if you can become proficient at it. It also allows you to create two types of content with virtually using the same content and most importantly, not being penalized for it. What I do is simple. I have a YouTube channel and I have episodes I call “5 Minutes with the Educated Affiliate.” They are always informative and quick enough to get through for even the busiest of schedules. I always embed it in the post (see above and so I am getting additional media juice to my post as well as building my rankings on YouTube. I create SEO around the video using the same keyword as the post and I upload them both to my Facebook page and the training I produce on Wealthy Affiliate. This is actually the real coup because not only do I get amazing authority from the Wealthy Affiliate site but my regular link for that training doubles as an affiliate link.

What it comes down to is “Just Do It.”

Not only the best advertising slogan ever invented but also the best advice as well. Really, folks, I have seen some unbelievably horrible blogs become amazingly successful because they just cranked out the work. Now I am not advocating just through crap down on paper or spinning articles and such but if you are worried about what you write and that is stopping you from getting the job done, you need to get over that right away. First of all what you have to understand is that 99% of folks will not read your whole post anyway. They will peruse it and maybe click a link or two if they find it interesting enough or near to the information they are looking for. Let’s be honest Blog posts, although are here to inform, are really here to get rankings so you can get more exposure to the products you promote. If I want to learn something, I read a blog post not necessarily to learn it but to see if they can lead me to a more in-depth program that will teach me what I really want to learn. They are all teasers if you will. This is why we do this for free. I am confident you will come away with concepts here that you may implement but at the very least will be informative but my real objective is to get you to learn from the program I promote. So keep that in mind and freely give of yourself as much as you can and your readers will see the genuine intention behind what you write and it will pay off forever.

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