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Google Search Results Vary

In case you have not noticed there is no possible way on the planet that there are half a million websites using every search term you ever type into a Google Search Bar, yet sure enough Google always says there is. What you discover if you click through a couple of the listing pages is that you will come to the end of the relevant search for the exact search term you type in and it is usually within 3 or 400 listings.

What is happening is Google is including everything and the kitchen sink. However, there is a way to verify this and it is a pretty simple albeit tedious process. Simply click on “Next” until you get to the search page result that says this.

However, even these are fake Google Search Results because if you click on the OfferVault link, nowhere on that page are the five words “How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work!” In fact the only word that is on that page is that is prominent in any way is affiliate, wealthy does not exist.
I will also verify that the last real accurate listing for that search term is around page 13.

How do I know this?

I know this because I created a blog post entitled, “How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work.” I created this post because I used the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool and decided to do my review post about WA using this search term as my title. I did that because our awesome keyword tool told me that search term had a QSR of 124. The QSR is basically how many pages are trying to rank for any given search term. Now according to Google it is 296 but we already know it is not because we saw that OfferVault did not have the search term anywhere on the linked page.

That is good proof but it gets even better!

When I went looking for my link to see where I was ranked a day after I created the post I was nowhere to be found. So I searched the link itself and sure enough it was in fact not indexed. I did not fret, I simply employed a simple trick to get my post indexed right away and in 30 seconds I was indexed on page 13 (not a great place to be but I am making a point). The Wealthy Affiliate Keyword tool had a QSR of 124 and around 130 is where I landed 30 seconds after I was indexed. Meaning that is about how many relevant pages contain the search term, “How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work.”
Notice I did beat out a post that has been around since 2015 haha.

So yes there are fake Google search results and Google results vary to a huge degree. Keep this in mind the next time you try to rank in the biggest playground of the Internet.

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