Find the Best Keywords for Your Website or Blog Posts

find the best keywords for your websiteThere are so many ways you can do this but I am going to show you how to do it with the tool I use. Jaaxy is far an away the tool to use to find the best keywords for your website, blog post or landing pages.

It’s not so much about coming up with great keyword phrases but being able to assess their value is what Jaaxy brings to the table and no other keyword tool can come close to evaluating which keywords are going to work best on your website and specific blog posts.

What You Need to Know About Your Keywords

To begin let’s use this blog post as an example and look at the pertinent information Jaaxy gives you when deciding on what keywords to us.

find the best keywords for your website

In the picture above you can see seven column headings, I will explain them here.

  1. Keyword – obvious
  2. Avg – Average searches per month.
  3. Traffic – Average amount of traffic you can expect if you rank on the first page of Google for this keyword.
  4. QSR – Quoted Search Results – the number of compelling websites ranked in Google for this exact keyword (phrase).
  5. KQI – Keyword Quality Indicator – Green – great Yellow – OK, Red poor.
  6. SEO – score from 1 to 100. Score base on traffic and competition, the higher the score the more likely you will rank.
  7. Domains – Are the term(s) available in for use in a domain.

From the image, you can see that we have chosen a great keyword in terms of us being able to rank for it fairly easy. We call this low hanging fruit and I run my business on it. Why would I do such a thing for such a small amount of searches per month (i.e. 13)?

Let me ask you what you would rather have. No ranking at all for a keyword that gets 100,000 searches a month or #1 first page ranking for a keyword that gets 13 searches a month?

The answer is a simple one, you would take the 13 searches because no clicks from 100,000 searches are still no clicks. Let’s face it not many of us just starting out are going to be able to compete with any company that can rank for a keyword that has 5000 searches let alone 100,000.

Where is Your Keyword in the Buying Cycle

Here is another little known simple fact that most folks do not even consider. When you are searching for, let’s say a toaster oven. You begin your search with “Toaster Oven” or something close, simply because you don’t really know where to start. From there you get a few ideas, I want one with a one with a digital timer, with convection-style cooking, that holds up to six slices and is stainless steel. Maybe you want a certain brand like Black & Decker.

The point is the longer the keyword the more specific the search and the farther they buyer is in the buying cycle. By the time they search for “Black & Decker 6 slice digital convection toaster oven stainless steel,” that is the keyword you want to be ranking for and that’s when you want them landing on your page.

find the best keywords for your website
What folks forget is that the authority of your site as it grows will determine so much about what ranks with your domain attached to it. I have seen pages rank without the keyword or phrase itself anywhere in the actual article. However, the site had so much authority and the basic concept of the post matched up with the keyword phrase being searched for so it ranked. You may think you are not ranking for much when you rank for these smaller search term phrases but when you have 20 – 30 – 100 pages ranking from your site, it is going to be a big deal. Yo will begin to rank for terms you did not even consider in the post.

How to Use Your Keywords Once You Have Them

After that, it really just comes down to how you use the keywords once you find the ones that will work the best, especially if you are working towards creating an authority website. There are so many opinions surrounding the usage of keywords but I just keep it simple and consistent.

I use the keyword in the title, in any image alt tags and somewhere in a paragraph above the fold where it fits in naturally with my other prose. No keyword stuffing, no awkward phrasing so that I can squeeze the keyword in, just content written from the heart as clear and concise as I can make it as if I was going to read it myself.

Give it a Try Right Now

Look above this post you can give Jaaxy a try for free. There is a very limited version of the tool but there is also a way to get a professional version of the tool for Free.

Keyword research can be very overwhelming and confusing which unfortunately keeps so many folks from giving it a try. This is why I keep it simple and this tool really gives me all the information I need to move forward and build out my keyword driven blog posts and website. If you use the simple process I have shown you here you will begin to rank your pages. When you start to do that, it is a whole new day on the Internet.

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