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free keyword tool softwareAnswer the Public Review

Name: Answer the Public
Price: Free
Overall Rank: XX out of 100

Answer the Public Overview

Absolutely fantastic tool that can be used for many purposes and would be an amazing precursor to the free domain name tool we review just the other day. In the video you are going to see a quick demonstration but there is so much to this tool. In fact if you register, the give you an email class that frankly blew my mind in showing me the power of this tool. Our video only scratches the suffice.

Free Keyword Tool Software from The Educated Affiliate on Vimeo.

Who is Answer the Public for

Anyone creating content on the web. Searching for target audiences, creating original and relevant domain names and infusing keyword ideas you never would have thought of.
As you saw in the video you are simply typing in “Snow Blowers” and this is what you get:

Answer the Public Training

Well it is a free tool but as I mentioned but if you register they send you a free email course on how to use the tool.

Why use Jaaxy with ATP

Once you have figured out what keywords you would like to use with ATP then you have to decide which keywords are the best for ranking your articles and getting the most out of your SEO. Above this post you can test out the power of Jaaxy and what it can do for your keyword research.

I am not aware of a keyword tool that tells you not only what your search volume is on a particular keyword but how many posts are actually competing for that keyword and actually ranking on Google. It also lets you know if the domain name extension is available for the keyword as well.

Can I Learn More about Keyword Research

You absolutely can learn all about keyword research in a fantastic community called Wealthy Affiliate. There is a great starter registration and of course it is free to use. There is no trial time frame or credit card and certainly no obligation to become apart from the community. However, if you want the most in depth online marketing training you are ever going to get and a community of thousands of members who are there to support your efforts, there is no other.

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