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Bust a Name Reviewhow do I find my domain name

Name: Bust a Name
Overall Rank:
10 out of 10

Bust a Name Overview

Just the name alone, reminds me of Young MC and that was enough for me, but when you see what this software has to offer and all for free you will bookmark this baby in your ultra favorites. Talk about the ultimate muse for domain name creation, this by far is the best thing I have ever seen. From creating an entire list of available domains from a bunch of random words you enter to giving it one word to start and it comes up with the rest. No seriously check out the demo below, you may not even last through it you will be so pumped to use it.

But take your time because, once you get to know this thing, you will be dangerous and there is so much too it, you’ll want to learn it all so you can get everything out of it.

Now Bust a Move is a great tool for discovering you domain name but it only offers the same old registrars that everyone else does. Once you have your name register it here where you can get hosting, SSL certificate, Telling the Truth email, support and backups all for just $13.99. I will talk more about this below the video but for now just check this out.

How do I find My Domain Name from The Educated Affiliate on Vimeo.

Was I Telling the Truth

I told you this stuff was amazing. Imagine never again having writer’s block when it comes to domain names. Think of all the cool names you can come up with for new niche ideas.

The Good and the Bad

What I like about Bust a Name – Everything, it gives me every avenue possible for creating original, professional and catchy domain names. It starts me from scratch if I can’t think of anything.

What I dislike about Bust a Name – You can only buy through all the regular registrars, but I have you covered there. I mentioned Wealthy Affiliate in the video and showed you a little about it. Now of course this is not reflection on Bust a Name but I wanted to make you aware of it since they make it so easy to purchase through these companies.

You can read more about it here on our site but I will just tell you some details. First of all the price and all you get registering your domain through WA is accurate. Not only is everything separate through places like GoDaddy and NameCheap but you have to learn how to manage each and every aspect from hosting to WordPress installation to email creation and trust me it is not that easy. With WA you are done in minutes and it is basically all installed for you. Not to mention You will not only pay around $40 or so the first year but once you start the purchase process with either of those companies they will try to up sell you for 5 minutes until you finally get to your cart where you total is now somewhere around $80 – $120 or more. Don’t worry that is just and introductory price, next year you will pay double. You remember how much it cost with WA correct from the video, if not look below. It won’t double next year.

how to find my domain name

Not only is it a simple install but you will get training from start to finish. Literally in one week you could go from a complete newbie to having a blog just like this one up and running. WA will teach you step by step for FREE!

Who is Bust a Name For

This software can be used by the greenest of newbies or the most professional domain name re sellers. It is fabulous for those just starting out on their journey of building a business online and it is efficient for those growing their companies and coming up with new niches to explore and create multiple sources of income.

My Opinion of Product_Name

I think it is clear how I feel about this free tool Bust a Name. You will be excited to see what you can come up with. I have used it several times, mostly when a domain I want is taken. I look for something close to it and the irony of it all is I usually come up with something I like better. It’s funny how that works.

Bust a Name at a glance

Name: Bust a Name
Overall Rank:
10 out of 10


Jump all over Bust A Name and be sure to use every aspect of what it has to offer. Don’t forget to go to Wealthy Affiliate to but the domain name and get the training to get you started, it’s FREE and you will not regret it.

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  1. Lakisha

    Hi thank you for this article. I found this article just in time. I have been actually pondering on a domain name for well over a week now. Why is choosing a domain name so hard? I don’t know maybe I am just overthinking it but, no longer do I have to overthink with this great tool that you have provided me with. I will definitely be jumping all over bust a name and see what cool names I can come up with now. And, the best part it is FREE…Free is always good to me…Thanks again!

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