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Wealthy Affiliate is a No-Brain-er

I realize this is one of the most over used statements in the English vernacular but nowhere does it apply more than here. Do you use Google? Dumb questions right? Why do you use Google? Because it is the simplest and most efficient way to discover information about any topic that exists in the human experience. As most of us are human, of us are human this is beneficial to us.  Wealthy Affiliate Home Page

Wealthy Affiliate works much the same way. WA is the Google equivalent resource for anyone who wants to blog, make money online, learn affiliate marketing, or just enjoy a passion or hobby online. Google is Free, Wealthy Affiliate is Free!

Google is a community, Wealthy Affiliate is a community

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If you have any aspirations of doing any of these things mentioned above or know anyone that does Wealthy Affiliate has to be on the short list of websites and training communities to check out.

There are only two ways to accomplish those aspirations. Purchase course, after course, after course or join a University type community which shares unbiased opinions on what has worked for them. Oh yea, and FREE course, after FREE course, after FREE course as well.

The History of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the brainchild of two amazing affiliate marketers Kyle and Carson. They started Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 from a small keyword business in Canada. Since then, it has grown to a mega affiliate community exceeding 500,000 members (is my guess no one really knows).

Kyle and Carson
This accomplishment is enough for anyone to realize they have something here but the best thing about these two gentlemen is their accessibility. From day one they both greeted me and have interacted with me, as well as everyone else in the community. You can tell this is their baby; almost 13 years later and they are still going strong, you can see why it is so successful.

What do you get with a FREE Wealthy Affiliate Registration

The question, “What don’t you get would be more apropos.” This could be a long list but I will just highlight a few.

  1. A 10 module course taking you from newbie to your first website created.
  2. A Free website to complete that course (actually you get 2 but whose counting).
  3. Complete access to the community to get any questions answered (you’ll be shocked how quickly you get answers).
  4. Free Affiliate Links to promote Wealthy Affiliate (you can earn even if you are not a premium member).
  5. A 10 module course on how to promote Wealthy Affiliate.
  6. Access to the Keyword Search tool (30 searches)…

And so much more ==> Take an In-Depth Tour of WA!

take a tour of wealthy affiliate

…and there are more bonuses coming  your way see below!

Along with the above mentioned affiliate courses Wealthy Affiliate gives you two WordPress websites to do with what you want. This is an amazing advantage to most if not all affiliate training communities online. Everyone tells you what you need, how to use it and where to get it but WA gives you all the tools you need to actually use the training.

Imagine being able to have access to a live WordPress website.

No hosting to secure or pay for.
No domain to purchase (until your ready to be on your own).
No Up-sells or extra courses to purchase once you register.

WA gives you the ability to learn and try all the skills you learn immediately on your new WordPress Website and get feedback immediately by a community that is pulling for your success. You just can’t find the combination of what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer anywhere because it offers such a vast array of opportunity for anyone who has ever wanted to start a business or hobby online.

Who Can Benefit From a Wealthy Affiliate Membership

This is a great question and one of the most important sections in this review because most people would like to create an online business but almost no one, once they have made that decision knows where to start. I am only going to mention a few here but the list is endless. Keep in mind that Wealthy Affiliate can help you make money doing almost anything online, you have the passion, they have the preparation.
Retirees or Semi – Retirees

I am starting to start with this one because this is me. When I began with Wealthy Affiliate I was semi-retired with one client and one grandchild and a bunch of time on my hands. I had various hobbies and my biggest problem was not trying to find a niche or topic to get to work on it was deciding which one I wanted to pursue. Wealthy Affiliate made that decision a simple one. Their training and affiliate program made it so that nothing else was as easy to get started and be successful at. The content was there from you to pick from to promote the program and the training what there to help you create your own. Starting a business in retirement has never been easier.

Teachers of all sorts

The best thing about building a business on the internet is it is accessible to everyone. Not everyone can be a college professor or even a Grammar School Teacher without years of education and experience, but in one afternoon you can be blogging about a subject that you have a tremendous amount of knowledge and a passion for. You can even figure out the knowledge part and evolve the passion for any topic if it can make you money. All you really need is an interest, and the right training to create revenue from your efforts.


This is an obvious segue. Blogging was made for writers, an outlet that everyone has access to. What WA teaches is how to present and promote that content to your audience.


My older sister is one of the most creative people I know and has been a collector of sorts her whole life. She sells mainly on eBay because there was never anything out there that taught individuals like her to conceptualize, build and sell on her own website. If this sounds like you, sounds like you there is no better place to start than Wealthy affiliate. Get rid of all those Auction style storefronts and the fees that come with them. Learn how to create interest by blogging and gaining free traffic to your site on the search engines from that great content that you create.


Many great businesses came from the humble beginnings of a hobby. The main reason is the passion that is behind what you do. Now I am one that believes I can get passionate about anything that can generate revenue, heck when I was waiting tables I really wasn’t passionate about that but I made great money with it because I knew how to treat people. The advantage a hobbyist has it the passion about what they do. Wealthy Affiliate teaches them how to harness that passion into generation revenue out of it without compromising the quality of what they do.

Register a Starter Membership when you do you will be inline for Bonuses

When you join the FREE Starter Account, I am going to offer you a few bonuses. Below  you can see the difference between the two memberships but the best way to experience it is to get going and see what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. Explore at your own pace, you have nothing to lose because it is FREE!

Bonuses *****

However, if you do decide to upgrade to a premium membership in the first 7 days (which is plenty of time to explore and make and educated decision) I will offer you an added incentive. Only $19 your first month, that is a 59% discount on the membership and now you have 30 days to figure out if it is worth it or not. However, that is not it. As soon as you register as a starter I will be contacting you inside Wealthy Affiliate and sending you the Diamond Traffic Program instantly so you can begin to see all the amazing support and training you will have once yo are a member.

Bonuses *****

If you test me on this offer and you are serious about building a business of some sort online, you and I will become friends, it is inevitable. Everyone who registers with me gets my personal email and my cell# so you will be able to ask me questions right off the bat. Trust me I am all in on this deal. But that won’t matter because you will meet so many brilliant people who are willing to give you their time for free you will be blown away.

I hope I have answered the question, How does Wealthy Affiliate work? I think it is obvious that whether you are a serious professional creating multiple online businesses or just starting out as an online hobbyist, a FREE Wealthy Affiliate membership is indispensable.
I will just start off with showing you a chart of the difference in value between the Free and Premium memberships.

And so much more ==> Take an In-Depth Tour of WA!

wealthy affiliate membership breakdown

As you can see the difference is phenomenal and offers tremendous value but is something that you can gravitate to at your own pace. The one best quality about Wealthy Affiliate is that you are allowed to take your time, research what is offered and make your own decision on your own schedule.

There are countdown timers or sales pitches that are trying to create a sense of urgency to upgrade to a premium membership, only a vast community there to answer your questions so you may make a very informed decision.

I will say that upgrading to a premium membership only costs you about $1.63 a day and if you buy the annual membership it is only .98 cents a day. Coupled with the Affiliate Bootcamp training which outlines and exact process to promote WA and earn affiliate commissions, this fee can be paid for almost immediately.

In-fact for me it has been exclusive to my marketing efforts because of the ease and cost in which we can promote the program and the value it offers.

How does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

It works real well. This community is not only a technical giant in terms of your training but a support behemoth that shows you how to build an online presence and master the skills necessary to promote it. WA is a community where questions get answered problems get solved and people come together to support each other’s success. I hope you take it for a ride.

And so much more ==> Take an In-Depth Tour of WA!

6 comments on “How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work

  1. Stephen

    Hello friend,

    There are three (3) things that I have learned from this post of yours – about Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. When I join Wealthy Affiliate I will; be able to get help from the real owners of this amazing community. That is great.

    2. Secondly you also mentioned that Wealthy Affiliate will help me to build my own TWO (2) FREE websites. That is so incredible if what you’rte saying is really true.

    3. Thirdly, I can join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE without paying anything. Wow! I really like this training program, I’m going to sign up now and see how Wealthy Affiliate work myself as you’re saying.

  2. Roy

    In theory, Wealthy Affiliate is a great programme, community, money earning platform, social platform etc etc. In practice, it’s a little different in that your time and effort become huge factors. I am and have been a premium member of WA for some 10 months now and I can tell you that yes, all the steps and coaching (brilliant) are in place, but you are going to have to be prepared to put in the time. And it doesn’t happen for you over night. Only those with determination and perseverance will succeed. So what I’m saying is, Time + Tremendous Effort = Satisfaction + Success.

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