How Much is the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

how much is the wealthy affiliate premium membership

This is a simple question that you would think could be answered in with a simple dollar amount of $49 a month but if you are wise and sagacious the question is never how much does it cost but how much is it worth. What is the value of the tools and information contained within the portal or sanctuary of the great WA?

I am being a little silly but not too far off. Some folks that have been there for a while, consider it to be a much more than a training or learning center for affiliate marketing. In fact, there are some that would go so far as to call it the mecca of learning online marketing and business building. So how much is the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership? In my opinion, the best deal in town.

Not One to Worship

There is nothing that will out in this real world of ours that I will put on the same level as any spiritual experiences I have had, In fact, I would not even begin to compare what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer anything more than what it is, which is fantastic training, tools, support, and hosting. But it is one amazing deal.

Comparisons are scarce except for maybe Afilorama and even that is a distant second. No, I don’t worship things of this world but I am very pragmatic and so I am just going to go through a list of things that the premium membership has that should impress upon you the value of its cost. If you feel I do not accomplish that in the following paragraphs, please, please, please comment below, I would so much enjoy the back and forth

First things first, Free vs. Free Trial

I realize we are talking asking, what is the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership about and what is its worth but in order to explain that I have to explain the importance of Free vs. Free Trial.

Free is Free. It means when you log in this starter kit or free membership, you will forever be able to log in and get whatever it is the free membership gives you. There is no cutoff or termination date where the massive steel upgrade wall comes slamming down on you after 7 days or some meaningless duration that is never enough time for you to investigate the product. It obviously will not be as complete to the premium membership, not even close but it will be forever.

The free trial method is sneaky and publishers feast on the folks who start a free trial, knowing that 99% of them will not research anywhere near enough in the free trial time frame, to see what it is they will be getting with their premium dollars. Instead, they are left with the sales copy to help make up their mind. Not a good place to be as much of this information is embellished at best, flat out lies at worst. It’s like movie marketing, they try to get revenue from you in the first month (opening weekend for a movie) before you find out their product is sub par.

By definition, if a product or subscription is offering and free membership they must know their product, service or subscription is superior to whatever else is out there that they are willing to let you investigate for as long as you want. They know the more time you spend with their product the more time you are going want to upgrade to a premium membership. This is the first sign of a great product and the only two companies in this industry that have it are Wealthy Affiliate and Affilorama.

Discounted First Month

It isn’t enough that they offer a free membership that is so fantastic you can literally learn how to and actually build up to two websites, learn how to market them and begin to develop your business right in front of your eyes before you even spend a dime, no. They go and discount the first month just to give you a little 30 more days to see the full premium membership in action. The average person that spends just a few hours investigating what the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership has to offer, upgrades within a few days.

How Much is the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership

We can now answer this question by explaining not how much but what is the value. Below is a list of features and ancillary assets that present the case for value vs. cost.

OK Now were in, Let’s Talk Hosting

First of all, when you become a premium member you have access to 50 free sites. These are sub domain sites to the hosting entity of WA called SiteRubix. However, they can be used effectively in a variety of different ways. Where can you even get 1 free site with any hosting service without paying $45 to $80 a month for hosting?
how much is the wealthy affiliate premium membershipThat in and of itself is a valuable asset but with a premium membership, you also have access to their hosting service. Yes there is an extra cost of $13.99 per year, per domain but look what you get with this:

  1. Domain name
  2. SSL Certificate (can’t be without this these days)
  3. Unlimited domain email addresses
  4. Email web client
  5. Site Speed (Proprietary tech to speed up all WordPress sites hosted)
  6. Site Protect (Spam blocker)

Try to get all that at Godaddy for under $100 a month. Let’s see $1200 – $13.99 = $1186.01 … good value. The support is 24/7 as well. You can create multiple niches or variations of the same niche for a mere fraction of the cost of doing it through normal hosting venues.

Installing WordPress is a snap. No, really you click once and it is completely installed for you. There is no file management necessary. When you register a domain the SSL certificate is added with a flick of a switch. On top of all that there is a site manager which gives you an at a glance view of all of your sites and allows you to see if there are any measures that need to be taken to keep your site running strong and fast.

Community Support, Tutorials, and Training

The minute you become even a free member of this community, you are greeted by the owners and many individuals in the community. Everyone there lends a helping hand when they can but this in no way promotes dependency. It is a very self-directed program and that is a part of its genius. If you are stuck and not sure which way to go or what to write for the day or week, just simply take another lesson in the course for your certification. It will almost always have a task for you to do and that task generally directs you to write another post or page.

There is a search bar at the top of the dashboard page and it is the lifeline of Wealthy Affiliate. There you can search for blog posts, tutorials and training that anyone in the community has created and posted. There is also a great tagging system which allows you to organize your priorities for learning and staying on track.

There are email reminders for those who would like to know when certain folks that they follow in the community have posted a new blog or training. This feature is invaluable given the breadth of knowledge that is present. If there is someone you like in terms of their content or the way that they present their training, simply follow them and you will be notified every time they create new content.

Finally, you can ask a question and pose it to the entire community. Questions are generally answered in minutes time and by multiple people. However, with the search bar at your disposal, you will not need to actually put a question out to the community because a search more times than not will lead you to the answers you are seeking.

Live Video Classes

Every Friday at 5:00 pm sharp, pacific standard time, there is a live video training by the head trainer. These usually last 70-90 with Q & A at the end and range from subjects Like Local SEO to Hosting Your Own Webinars. All are very informative and are streamed for replay just a day after the actual training. There is a huge library of training online for premium members and this is above and beyond the Certification and Bootcamp courses.

Access to Jaaxy

Jaaxy is the brainchild of the tow owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle, and Carson. In fact, it was the original keyword tool they built years ago when they first ventured into affiliate marketing. It was so successful for them and their clients, they decided to create a community to teach affiliate marketing and all its various skills and Wealthy Affiliate was born. For a time they sold it separately as a tool and premium members were given and membership price, however, just recently they have included it in the premium membership. It is a tremendous tool to evaluate and execute keyword research and now you get it as a part of the package.

Your Personal Blog

Each profile comes with a personal blog. You can write pretty much about anything as long as it is not inappropriate and folks do. There are posts about dieting, exercise and even how to bake a cake. Some are inspirational and many share tools that are free and very effective to use in your business. There is no selling going on, which is the best thing about it. Only sharing of information freely to help anyone who wants to use it. You can link out but it is used sparingly and only for reference.

Road to Ambassadorship

This is a clever way to incentivize the helping of others in the community. Although it is extremely vague as to what the incentives are, public recognition seems to be the driving force of this program. There is a public ranking which is supposedly an algorithm that calculates how much you help and create as well as your general activity within the community. You get points and from these points, a personal rank is attributed. There is a certain amount of respect it seems for those with a higher rank, assuming more time and knowledge, however, learning from those who rank very low can be just as common. It is a double edge sword that can cut both ways. On one hand, it compels you to want to be even more helpful than a natural amount but it also can get you fixated on your rank and forget the real reason why you subscribed to a premium membership in the first place and that is to create a site, drive traffic to it and generate income.

how much is the welathy affiliate premium membership

You Simply Can’t Beat $1.63 a Day

There are many ways to look at the premium membership. What it cost is certainly one way and what its worth is another. However, no one can really get past $1.63 a day, unless you do not use it.

There are many valuable tools, training sites and courses offered in this industry. Unfortunately, wading through those that are sub par is a herculean effort. However, an even more detrimental and personal problem is will you get the value out of it? I can send a slacker to Harvard and an overachiever to a community college and the latter is going to create more success every time. The point is will you use $1.63 worth of value every day? If you do not, it simply means you are just not showing up to do the work. Remember 99% of life is just showing up and doing the work. That is the hardest part.

If you do show up and do the work even on a consistent weekly basis, not even every day, you will more than get the value out of Wealthy Affiliate. It would be impossible not to. Between the certifications, web tools, live video training, community support and member posts and tutorials, you would never be able to learn and certainly not implement it all.

If you are there consistently, you will learn and specialize, grow and achieve exactly what you came here to do. Your Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership will not cost you a dime compared to the dividends it will pay. The value is there without a doubt, the toughest part of this whole equation is on you.

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