How to Build a Twitter Following with Quality Followers – Three Easy Steps

You know how they say content is king in your blogs, I like to say it is prince on Twitter. Building quality followers is really the king. If you want to get some ideas on how to build a Twitter following with quality followers, here are a few steps I take to get that done.

It is simple but it’s not easy. Most folks are looking for a way to shortcut the system, I know I did for years. I thought all you have to do is have thousands follow you and post a bunch of money links and your done. Close but not quite.

There are only a few things I do to grow my twitter account and they can be time-consuming but they are worth every minute spent cultivating a quality following that in the long run will allow you to collect dividends for years to come.

Getting Twitter Followers is Like Free Traffic – Here are the Three Steps

This statement is absolutely true but as you know their is traffic and then their is traffic. When I first started building my Twitter following many years ago. I would follow anyone and everything. It didn’t matter to me. A follower was a follower and back then everyone would follow you back. Now, not so much. What I didn’t realize is after we had this first following session it was like a one night stand. I didn’t care about they’re content and they didn’t care about mine. All they cared about was how big my following was.

Now size does matter to a degree in terms of influence but not if you are talking about golf and they are talking about body art. Of course the body art person could love to play golf and visa versa but not usually. So your first consideration is are our topics similar. They don’t have to be the same but they should be close.

Step 1. I #-search my topic to find potential followers of the same ilk. I choose to follow by image and profile snippets. They must have an image and they’re profile must reflect a similar topic. No image, no follow. If I find and follow someone with a large following. I click on they’re followers and I poach their peeps. This is the one place where poaching is allowed.

Step 2. 7 days later, I use a free app called UnfollowSpy to unfollow anyone not following me. I follow those who followed me first and I unfollow anyone not active within 6 months. After I am finished with that task, I go back into the Twitter app and retweet, like and comment @ followers and then repeat Step 1 following more folks every seven days.
*retweeting, liking and commenting can be done everyday but give your new followers at least 7 days to follow back*

Step 3. I post my own or curated content multiple times a day using Social Pilot. I always use image posts with links, no one reads everyone ogles.

No One Wants to do This

You have to do the work if you want to get the return. It’s just a few minutes once a week. This is not too much work for what you get out of it in the long run. The Audience is captive, engaged and on topic with what you are sharing and not only will they see and like what they see if this is the case, they will share it in the form of retweeting. As long as you do a good job in Step 3.

It sounds so easy to just go out and buy 800 gazillion followers and it looks like you are a pro. It does not work. The whole idea of followers is the idea of free traffic. If you are not finding others like yourself that are engaged on the platform then you have no traffic no matter how many followers it says you have.

Did you know that you can audit your followers. Yes it is a free service and you can tell how many real followers you have. Go check yours now and see what you have. Especially if you have purchased followers, go see how many are fake and therefore useless.

Content Posts are Invaluable

You only get one shot at making a good impression correct. If you look around the T.E.A. site you don’t see much advertising. That is because all I do is promote three main products. They are in the sidebar and at the beginning and end of each post. Everything else on my site is free and relevant content. I do the same with my social media. Most if not all of my posts are free content. My links in my profile are my money links.

The one advantage I have is that many of the blog posts that I use come from Wealthy Affiliate members and my personal posts their. As you can see throughout this site, I promote Wealthy Affiliate. The brilliance in that is that the blog posts double as affiliate links. So my whole approach is to offer nothing but free content and build authority. This will in turn get folks to trust my banners. It will also get them to trust my Twitter content and retweet and like it.

Make Sure You Share the Love

In Step 2 I refer to liking and retweeting. This is very important. It doesn’t mean that you have to share material just for the sake of sharing it. If you have followed folks the way I have instructed, their will be plenty of content that you will want to share and do so gladly. In this step I always have to stop myself from sharing on and on because I follow so many great folks their is more than enough for me to retweet.

This gives you a good mix of your content, curated content and retweeted content. There is a balance that is necessary for your followers to see that you are both real and not only about promotion of your own product or service.

Your Followers will Multiply

Before long, when you go into to unfollow folks you will notice that you are now getting followers that came to your first. That is when it gets exciting. When you log on to clean up your account and all of a sudden you have 20, 30, even 50 new followers that came out of nowhere, you will be fired up. If you are consistent about this process this will begin to happen.

Two things to remember when this starts happening. 1. Follow everyone who you feel is pertinent to your niche or topic. 2. Don’t be afraid to follow those that seem shady or way off topic. I do not follow anyone without and image and I don’t follow folks that whose Twitter account is not in English, for the simple reason that I am quite sure 90% of their following most likely does not understand me or what I am sharing. It just doesn’t make sense and most of the time you will see these accounts just follow anyone and yo somehow got mixed up in their quest for more followers.

Your Twitter Account will Grow

You will see your Twitter account grow if you do these things but you will need to be consistent and committed. It truly is one of the easiest practices you can utilize to get traffic to your products and services. It takes time but if done correctly it never goes away. It is like building an authority site, once you build the foundation your reap the rewards for ever.

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