How to Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate

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how to make money with wealthy affiliateBefore we begin to discuss how to make money with Wealthy Affiliate we need to understand what Wealthy Affiliate is and to a more broad discussion what affiliate marketing is and what it isn’t. Affiliate marketing is a practice by where you can promote products, services, subscriptions, almost anything over the internet, and receive a commission for your efforts if the person who clicks on your link makes a purchase.

In most cases, the product or service you are promoting will offer a link that is unique to you and that is about it. If the company who offers the link for affiliate marketing purposes is fairly comprehensive and established, they will have media to accompany their links in the form of banners and other forms of display. Beyond that, you are basically on your own. 99.9% of affiliate programs that are out there assume you know how and where to market the links they provide and they leave you to it.

Wealthy Affiliate takes the idea of affiliate marketing to a whole other level. They have what is called the “Bootcamp.” This is a seven-module course on how to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Each module has 10 lessons and an exercise to complete. It is not for the faint of heart. It is so comprehensive that only real serious affiliate marketers, who know what they are doing and believe in the mission of Wealthy Affiliate, will take it on. It takes weeks, not days and you will be writing upwards of 25,000 words on your blog once you have completed the Bootcamp. However, when you are done you will have the working foundation of an unbelievable authority website which is ranking in Google and on its way to generating revenue on a passive basis.

What is Wealthy Affiliate all About

This community and training mecca is all about learning a traditional method of building an authority website with good, solid fundamentals in any niche. It is not about finding the next shiny object that is going to make you a millionaire overnight. In fact, if you are looking for any kind of quick fix solution to your online marketing efforts, this is not the site or training for you. Along with the two main courses, Bootcamp and Certification, the community offers a ton of support in the form of member tutorials, training and blog posts to help you along on your journey to create a full time income online. Each week they host a “Live Video Class Webinar” by their main trainer on various subjects and if you can’t make the scheduled 5:00 pm Friday night scheduled time, they stream it on demand for premium members.

There is a free and premium membership. Again what sets Wealthy affiliate apart from all of its counterparts is they type of free membership they offer. It’s FREE haha. Seriously though, I mean it is not a free trial or an extremely watered down version of the premium membership. By the time you have exhausted all the training, there is in the free membership, you will have a website built and you will be proficient in WordPress to the level of producing a professional product, you will have grasped the concept of keyword research and you will be on your way to developing and growing your first authority website and creating revenue from your efforts online. Below is an image of all ten lessons in the first module of the certification course which is available to all free or what they call starter memberships.

certification course 1
However, the most important feature of this free membership is the fact that it never runs out. You can be a free member for as long as you want, giving you all the time you need to go at your own pace and learn at a level you are comfortable with. This is important because each lesson builds on the previous one and you need to spend as much time as it takes to get an understanding of what is being taught before you go on to the next lesson. This allows you to build confidence and knowledge at the same time and is the main reason why 1 out of every 8 folks who start an account eventually upgrade to a premium membership.

How To Make Money with Wealthy Affiliate

There are Many Ways to Create Revenue with Wealthy Affiliate

The first and the most obvious is to generate referrals which will upgrade to the premium membership. There are two facets as to why this is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Training and support from the other members. I spoke of the training above and but what I have not mentioned is the support of the community. Once you join you will hear from all kinds of folks that are trying to do and doing exactly what you came here to do, build a website and create income with it. They offer testimonials, training, blog posts and inspiration for anyone who wants to take advantage of it. One of the biggest motivators is watching someone else achieve something you know you can do yourself. You can’t help but get caught up in the training and the community.

This means that anyone else who makes an honest effort to start an account and build their site will get the same attention and encouragement. The system is so supportive it basically promotes itself. All you have to do is refer folks to your registration link.

You can even make commissions if you are not a premium member. When you first register a starter kit you have access to the certification training I mentioned above but you also can actually earn commissions without even paying for anything. The commission structure is such that you only get half as much which is an incentive to go premium but you could basically stay free, register and register a number of people and when the commissions equal the amount of the premium membership you can then join and your membership is paid for.

I don’t recommend this path if you can afford the premium membership because the starter memberships are fairly limited but in this instance, still, allow you to create an income until it can be paid for with your efforts.

As a Premium Member, You also Get

There are many perks as a premium member and one of them is getting paid for just having referrals set up an account with a few simple steps. If a referral of yours (a person who registered for a starter kit through your link) decides t add an image and write a description in their profile you get paid $1 for that. I realize that is not much but if you think about it, Wealthy Affiliate is paying that out of their pocket because they believe it is such an important step. At this point, you have not generated any revenue but they are willing to pay you a commission for getting someone to accomplish at least this much.

Once you have been with the community for more than three months you can also get paid for creating a training. You can create as many training sessions as you wish and if there are enough folks who appreciate and use the training, this is endless and can be a source of income for you.

Referring folks to purchase domain names through Wealthy Affiliate is also a source of income. Again not much but it is a way of offering the best domain value on the planet, at the same time grabbing a new referral for the premium subscription. When you purchase a domain you don’t just get the domain. For $13.99 you get the domain, hosting, WordPress, SSL Certificate, unlimited domain email addresses and so much more. Also, the price does not go up after the first year. It will stay at $13.99 (or thereabouts given typical inflation but not the huge jump to hundreds of dollars like every other registrar in the industry) for every year after that.
Hosting perks
Finally, another great tool for not only building your websites but building your income is the resident keyword research tool Jaaxy. Above this post and in fact, all posts on The Educated Affiliate, you will find a keyword tool that you can try out for free. When you are a Wealthy Affiliate premium member you get a version of this tool for free. A version that would normally cost you $49 a month. That in and of itself is a tremendous value but when you couple that with the fact that you can also promote this tool with the ability to earn commissions from it, you can beat the value. There are great aspects to this keyword tool and once you begin to use it you will see the unique features and value it will bring to your keyword research and SEO efforts.

The Most Comprehensive Affiliate Program Going

When you put this all together you can’t deny the support of the affiliate program and the value of its products and services. Just the Bootcamp alone is a great example of how much support there is to create success with this program. At every step of the way if you are confused about any part of the program there are folks there ready and willing to help you out.

The Final Step

There are multiple reasons why you might receive help in the community. The main reason is simple, people who are working towards the same goals, experiencing the same struggles and have figured out ways to get through them have an innate desire to share that information with someone who needs help. It’s called relating to their fellow or fellowship and it is rampant in Wealthy Affiliate. You can ask a question and it will usually get answered in a few minutes or you can search for an answer in the thousands of tutorials, training or blog posts that other members have been provided.

The second reason for the all the help you may receive is a less altruistic one but nevertheless, a very valid and commendable reason is the Ambassador Program. The owners of the community, Kyle, and Carson have claimed that they have a budget for the top 100 folks in the community which will be used for those who have been the top contributors. This is evidently even more prestigious for those who have reached the top twenty-five or Ambassadorship. They are considered the top helpers, producers of content and currently have to most activity within the community. No one knows what these perks are or exactly how to achieve them so it behooves you to help in any way that you can.

I want to be Clear about Ambassadorship

This activity is not required in any way to maintain your premium membership. Some folks, because of its mystery both in achieving the enigmatic status and what its compensation is, do not make a huge effort towards its station in the community but it is another way of producing and being compensated for if that is what you enjoy doing.

Viva Las Vegas

I wanted to leave this for last because it is one of the unique perks I have ever seen in an affiliate program. If you achieve 300 premium sales in a calendar year (January 1 to December 31) you are invited to an all expenses paid conference in Las Vegas. Instead of doing conferences throughout the year, Wealthy Affiliate simply gathers the folks who have had the most success in that year and takes them to Las Vegas for fun and training that obviously is very exclusive. On top of all the income, you will be earning form selling 300 premium memberships in a calendar year, you are recognized with an amazing weekend with the cream of the crop.

If you can’t Make Money here…

I really hate when folks use this line but it does kind of apply. If you have read to this point I am quite sure you are amazed that the many ways you can make money with this affiliate program. I know I was and that is why I made the decision to do it full time. Not only because of the income but I knew the training would give me the foundation to go on and build many websites generating the amount of revenue my goals were set for. If you are still on the fence about this community, it costs you absolutely nothing but a bit of time to research it more thoroughly and see for yourself. Give it a shot.

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