How to Post on all Social Media at Once – One Click Only

how to post on all social media at onceI use Social Media in all my online activity. In fact, if you are building a business online it’s pretty much like having and office and no sign on the door. Everyone interacts through social media these days, you cannot get around it whether you like it or not. This article is going to show you how to article on all social media at once with just one click.

What do I mean all social media, well just look up right under the title of this article. See all the different ways you can share this article. Now I am not a huge proponent of endless social media accounts but there are a few. If you are new, I would focus on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you want to push it a bit more, Pinterest but that is it.

Social Media Extends Your Web Presence

The reason we engage in social media is that everyone is there. However, because everyone is there it makes it very easy for us to tell everyone we are here. it’s like everyone is down at the park and all we need to do is go down to the park and let them know what we have to offer them. So we build social media accounts and we do this for two reasons.

1. We are able to pitch them right at the time of following (Twitter, Instagram).
2. We create and begin to develop a relationship of trust that grows as our business does.

As we do this, you will find that the work gets a bit time-consuming and tedious. To an extent we really can’t get away from this entirely because there will always be a necessity for human interaction and decision-making. This is a whole other article but if you want to build a solid and responsive social media following, then using bots and software that just follows and likes everyone indiscriminately will give you a cesspool of folks from all walks of life with every kind of interest. To an extent you can’t really help this, you are going to get folks and companies with different interests and the diversity is good but you want to have a general handle and direction of your audience and software just doesn’t do that.

We can use Software

I know, I know, I just spent a whole paragraph telling you how software cannot get the job done for us but it that was talking about building your social media audience. Where software can help is on the article side of things. So once you get up and running, you have built your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and you have created a small following. The way to cultivate that following is through timely, informative and interesting content. You have heard that content is king, well in social media it is as well. For the simple reason of distinguishing yourself from all the sales and promotion that these platforms are bludgeoned with, good content will allow you to attract a quality audience that is looking for what you have to offer.

If you notice I do not have a ton of banners. In fact, I have three and any links that you see in my posts are either to other posts or to one of the three companies I promote. I promote them because I believe in them and use them in my daily business.

Social Pilot is one of these products and I use it every day to get out up to 200 social media posts with literally a few clicks of a button.

tons of social mediaI Write one article and Post it Multiple Times

When I am done with this article I will share it around al the different social media accounts I have, some that are in the same niche but tell a story in a different fashion.

As I build out my site I gain authority. This is good for the search engines and yes, I utilize keyword research, internal linking and other SEO techniques so that you might find my article but using my social media network is like having free money. I will article this article many times over the coming weeks and then again later on in the year. In some instances I have found articles I have written years ago but the content is still very relevant so I will send it out again. How can I do this, with Social Pilot.

Social Media Posting Software

There are many services on the market, Google it, you will have no shortage of choices. So why did I choose Social Pilot? I look for value. I saw many other fancy tools and some not so fancy. All of them were pricing their product as if it was the only one on the market. I remember getting a bit frustrated and a little angry because it was like they were all colluding to charge the same thing.

Then I found this little Ol software program called Social Pilot and I could not believe my eyes. They allowed 100 connected profiles there was not one other company that allowed more than 30. They allowed 200 posts a day, not one other company allowed more than 100. All for $20 a month. $16 if you paid annually. This blew my mind. I started with them and have not looked back. I am just about to go up to the next level of 200 connected profiles and 500 posts a day and guess what, it’s only $10 more.

Post Away

Social Pilot gives you the freedom you need and a newbies expense level. Trust me when I say social media is here to stay and will be a huge benefit to any marketing you do online. Now you can take some of the load off of your shoulders, save some time and have the incredible power of posting to all of your social media at once with Social Pilot.

10 comments on “How to Post on all Social Media at Once – One Click Only

  1. Claudette

    This sounds like a great product, and one I will be willing to try when I get to the point in my business of utilizing social media. I am in the very early stages of an online affiliate business and have not experimented with social media yet. I noticed you suggested Facebook, twitter, and instagram as the networks to focus on initially. Why did you pick those three? Thanks for the information.

    1. Damian Wader Post author

      Hi Claudette, I chose those for some obvious reasons, they are biggest and most widely used of course but also because they are very simple to get up and running. I am going to follow up on this post and talk about how I get each one of these accounts started and developed. Thanks for the comment. Damo

  2. Noah

    Hi Damian, like Claudette I am also in the early stages in creating my website and creating content. I’m not a big social media guy so this may be one of the hardest task to tackle yet. I will definitely give Social Pilot a try. I thought social media had to be very time consuming with posting the same articles on every social media platform I have, but this has shown me it doesn’t have to be that way. I know you said Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a great place to start, but what are your suggestions for where to go from there? Thank you for your article and your time.

    1. Damian Wader Post author

      Hi Noah, first of all thanks for the comments. I think you will find Social Pilot a big help. You know, Noah, I really don’t do anything besides those three and some pinterest. It is just too much and I concentrate on the quality of my following on those venues.

  3. Tibor

    Hi this looks like a very useful software for affiliate marketing. I am still on the very beginning with my business but can’t wait until I reach point Social Media and I will definitly try this software .

  4. Furkan

    I actually lose a lot of time while I post on social media and I will actually try Social Pilot. I think when I think for the long term it can literally save me days.

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