I Don’t Need to Make A Million Dollars To Live My Dream

I love that line, “Just Livin the Dream.” It cracks me up every time I hear it as it does for most who hear me say it. Why? Because human beings are awesome sauce and we get to do this thing called relating. For a world full of disconnectedness, on a one-to-one basis we usually tend to connect. We smile and smile back, we ask others how their day is. I for one do not see this interaction as spurious or forged human interaction. I know when I smile and greet someone, I enjoy it and I am genuine about it. I thing most people are.

But we relate eh? No I am not Canadian but I love that too and aboat haha. Anyway, everyone loves the phrase “Livin the Dream” because we can all relate to our plot in life, human nature. We work hard, we love, we argue, we grieve, we rejoice. And yes we are living the dream when it comes to being human.

I Don’t Need to Make a Million Dollars

This is a true statement and I am going to go out on a limb, I think it is for most people. In fact, I think most people don’t even think about it much like they don’t think about becoming President of the United States, playing in the NBA or even building their own business. They are content with working hard at whatever they do, loving their friends and families and staying healthy. They have a name for these folks, “The Salt of the Earth.”

I am not sure I can label myself as such but I know one thing, these are my most admired and loved kind of people. It seems they have things in perspective and they love to just be themselves and do what they do. My ambitions, although I clearly have financial ones, are more along the lines of what is depicted in this image. Slippers, hot cup of something and a fire at the end of the day or more accurately at the end of a life. If I end up and this is my final compilation of what I accomplished, I’ll be happy.

Back to the million dollar heading. My goals and aspirations are decided by four simple questions.

  1. Do I love what I do?
  2. Do I love who I am doing it with?
  3. Does it serve a greater purpose?
  4. Am I in service to others?

The question of can I make money at it, does not even factor into this decision. It’s more like, OK I figured out what I want to do based on the above criteria, now how can I make a buck doing it? A kind of after thought.

This has served me well because I usually end up in work or a business that I really enjoy. … And hears the kicker, At my stage of life, a few thousand dollars a month will do me just fine, if I am doing what I want to.

Imagine right now this very moment I had a magic wand and could allow you to do whatever you chose to do and I would grant you $5000 a month to do it. Would you feel like a millionaire? I would. If you were doing what you loved and you were making $5000 a month, do you think the odds of becoming a millionaire just rose about 800 gazillion percent because of your passion for doing whatever it was you chose to? I thing so.

There is an Awesome Game that Teaches You The Concept of Passive Income

Have you ever hear of Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki? Well if you haven’t, search it up. Robert Kiyosaki is one of the foremost investment teachers of our time. His initial push was real estate but he really just talks about passive income replacing your active income and when that happens you are truly free. He invented a game called cash flow.

Cash Flow teaches this concept of, “Increasing your passive income to escape the Rat Race,” as Robert puts it. It is a fantastic game and you can either but the board game for around $60 or just download the free app. The Free app allows you to play by yourself, with friends online or off or just random folks using the app out in the world. I usually play by myself but just the process of learning how to play the game what works in finances in the game works in your life and so it is a life lesson in creating your own financial future just by playing the game. Oh, and it’s a lot of fun. You don’t need to play with anyone much like golf because it is you against your own decisions.

Playing Cash Flow will Teach You that Replacing Your Income with Passive Income will make You a Millionaire

Not exactly but the point is If you are doing what you love to do and you figure out a way to make sell one product or service and continue to get paid on it (passive income) you are going to do that over and over again until the cows come home and eventually you will make $2740.00 a day or a MILLION BUCKS!

The second point is to achieve that you only have to replace your income now, not the income of a millionaire. You can work on that after you are doing what you love to do and making the same income.

How do you create Passive Income

There are many ways to do this most of which I am not good at so I am not going to pretend I am and talk about them here. However, the one way to create passive income that I fully understand and don’t even need to be good at to be successful at is selling a product that has recurring commissions. Right now I focus on two of them. One is the primary program and the other is the secondary program. The primary program is a training community that has helped me build my business from scratch, the secondary is a software tool I used to build this primary program. They are both prominently bannered up here so I am pretty sure you can figure which one is which.

With these programs I am replacing my J.ust O.ver B.roke with what I love to do and then the sky will be the limit. With my job, I work, I get paid and I love my job don’t get me wrong. With my programs I work and I get paid then next month I get paid and the next month I get paid again and so on. Oh, and all the while I am adding new work to my programs and I get paid on them too.

Bottom Line

I need to make a certain amount of income per month to be free from any job. I know exactly how many folks I have to sponsor into my programs to achieve that amount of income. My programs train, and support my efforts in sponsoring these folks and I do it almost solely through this blog but also a few online techniques I utilized that I have actually learned for the training of the programs themselves. Now that I have started I can see what it takes for me to sponsor someone and I am getting better at it every day.

You see it is just a matter of time before I am a millionaire or rather I have my dream without being one.

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