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instant contentWe are in the age of instant gratification. I thought my generation had it bad but each one since has evolved the art form to where it is today. Let me tell you… or do I even have too. Instagram, Snap Chat, On Demand and now Instant Content. Even the names of these things leave nothing to the imagination and they certainly tell the tale. It is the sign of the times… wait did I leave any cliche’s out?

In all seriousness, it is going to get worse. AI is on the horizon and at this point, everyone has at least experienced it, if not tried to develop or exploit it themselves. I would expect that Artificial Intelligence is going to yield some great technological advances as well as some devastating unintended consequences. The Terminator is the worst case scenario but a close second is spintex and instant content creators.

This post is more about why these types of programs are useless and non effectual. I do not go into specifics regarding Instant Content itself in my prose. However, watch the video below and you will see everything it has to offer.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The long and short of it is computer intelligence. Programs or applications that can learn from their experiences or technically their operations. There are many forms of this that are in our lives right now. At this very moment, I am using Grammarly. It is able to basically understand my syntax so that it can make an informed decision as to what would be the correct spelling grammar and usage of a particular word or phrase. It is awesome and I love it because I am the worlds worst speller. However, it makes mistakes or rather it’s operation is not always in complete sync with what I am trying to say or how I am trying to say it and it will give me the wrong advice. I guess that is more like a human being than I care to admit, but I digress.

On a classic scale of 1- 10 Grammarly is a 9 in my book, great help, and very few incorrect interpretations. On the same scale for Instant Content, how far negative can I go? No matter how intelligent this artificial stuff gets, It doesn’t ever seem to rise to the level of the ability to create something new and unique from the ideas of a well-written article. It cannot create personality or style. It will never give something soul because it doesn’t have one. Only human beings can achieve that. I am glad that it doesn’t. Who wants an internet with a bunch of regurgitated material that has no soul or voice. I get that there really aren’t purely original ideas for the most part being espoused in the affiliate marketing niche or anywhere for that matter, but at least there are different personalities doing things a bit different for all the different minds who absorb this information. We all learn differently, teach differently and certainly present differently. If all we did was cleverly replace, subvert and manage individual content what would it all become? I have seen the same topics presented by many folks and most of the time, because of the personality, style, and take of the presenter, I learn something new. At least I get a different perspective.

Why are we always looking for the shortcut?

There is definitely something to be said for being efficient. I am always looking for a more productive way to get something done. However, never at the expense of the execution of it. I don’t need to work 10 times faster if it diminishes any of the quality of my product by even a small percentage. If you want to have long-lasting success in this industry you need to create not only quality information but you have to do it in a personal and unique voice that folks will resonate with and come back to time and again. Quantity has never been quality’s paramount champion.

The key to quality is attention to your work.

“The possibilities of attention when properly directed are so startling that they would hardly appear credible to the uninitiated,” Charles Haanel.

This strikes me as one of the most important and least understood attribute or skill a person could have. If we all just stop multitasking and retain focus on the one thing we were trying to accomplish how much would we get done and how much better would it be? However, the second part of that quote is what needs to be addressed more severely and that is the realization that it is even important. The 98%er’s, as my folks liked to call them, unfortunately, miss this whole boat. Software like Instant Contact certainly obliterates the idea of even having any kind of attention on any subject.

The only way to become a writer is to write

Most people don’t think they can write and most people are right. I would bet that most writers learn, practice, develop and evolve their craft. Most were not born with the skill of writing coherent and meaningful prose. They simply had a love for it or they had something to say and wanted to share it with others. Get past, who am I to think I can write something someone else will actually take the time to read. In fact, don’t even think about it. In fact, write as if you definitely know that no one will care much less read what you have to say. Because then you will get to the core of why you do it. You do it for you and no one else. You are focused on learning a skill and building a living and a legacy with it. If you will practice and get better and better and even good at it someday, the rewards will be untold. This is not brain surgery as they say. Anyone can learn and even get good at writing but the only way you do that is to write and write with abandon. If you know no one is going to read it then you won’t care what you write or how you write it and you will explore all kinds of stories and voices and styles. All this work can lead to nothing but getting really good at it. I have noticed in my life I have the ability to get good at most anything I put my mind to. I have also noticed that anyone can do the same thing. I have experienced it in myself and seen it in others. So write and don’t be afraid, no one will really care if they don’t like it they just won’t read the rest but some will love it and it is for those folks that you do it.

Well-written stuff stays around forever

Have you ever heard of this title, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?” If not, you were a deprived child. This is one of the greatest child stories of all time and the author, Roald Dahl, who also wrote “Matilda” and “The BFG” died in 1990. Whoever is his heir is raking in big time from those stories. Now I am not saying this is something you can accomplish but I’m not saying you can’t either. This man was a genius when it came to children’s stories but it doesn’t mean that you can’t write something on maybe a smaller scale that will continue to generate revenue long after you have written it. In effect, that is what content creators or bloggers do. They create content that hopefully will be relevant over the years. So writing principled and original thought content is so important. Nothing I have said here today is not going to be true 5, 10, 20 years from now. 2 + 2 will always equal 4. However, at some point in someone’s life, they will have to learn that for the first time and why not from you? You will not be able to achieve this type of legacy if all you are producing is mechanical duplicated content originating from somebody else’s brain.

It doesn’t have to be perfect

Don’t sweat the small stuff as they say. Folks get tied up with the details for what they are trying to convey instead of just getting it done. My objective is to get 2000 words down on a subject of interest to me in a somewhat timely manner. I don’t want it to be incoherent or discombobulated (I think that is the first time I ever wrote that word in a blog and Grammarly said I spelled it correctly, well I’ll be), but I am not going after a Pulitzer either. Don’t be afraid to write in your own style with your own personality, within the confines of decent grammar and correct spelling but not imprisoned by it. You will have a few run-on sentences, so what. It is much easier to cut a sentence down then try to make it longer by filling it with unoriginal thoughts.

We do this blog stuff for a reason

If you want to use a tool like Instant Content then what do you really want? I think most of us really want to produce original and unique content that folks read and get something out of for their own self-improvement or for that of their fellow man. For some reason, we don’t think we can do it and that it will take to long to learn how or to develop the patience and skill to get through the learning curve. So we go back to thinking that all we really want to do is make money with the content marketing strategy that says create tons of content, rank for some of it and sell stuff. What that strategy doesn’t talk about is what I am trying to convey here and that is folks follow or listen to other folks that think along the same lines. They don’t follow articles or posts. If you are using a robotic tool that simply spins other peoples stuff then you are never going to capture your personality or style and consequently readers or followers of what you have to say. It’s funny I write many of these reviews and many of them come from products referred to me by affiliates that I follow or am on their list. Most send me the same crap and I unsubscribe to many of them. Even though they all send the same stuff a few of them intrigue me. I like their personality and I stay subscribed to them because there is something about them that I relate too. Don’t ask me why I will listen to them instead of someone else about the same crappy product but I do. Its human nature to gravitate to folks in this matter and if you write with your own personality folks will gravitate to you. So many teachers tell us to write to an audience you think is out there. I don’t agree. I say write the way you write but be consistent in your style and execution and they will come to you. They will find you and find you in droves they will.

This is bigger than you and you are bigger than this.

If you are reading this then you are coming from a part of you, deep inside that says there is more out there. It is calling to you and you have to seek it out and satisfy at least your curiosity, at most your destiny. So whatever it was that brought you to this point brings all creation to their points. It is made up of a connection to a gazillion you’s that have the same knot in their stomach and choose to seek it out, learn more and share it as a part of their journey. No robot thingy can fit into that equation. No true achievement comes from shortcuts that deny you the pleasure of hard work and accomplishment. You are bigger than this and all you need to do is prove it to yourself. Affirmations are great but the execution is what does the trick. Once you get started, like with anything else you will begin to see that it isn’t as hard as you thought it might be. Each day you will get better at it and soon it will become routine. Then you will begin to develop your style, your personality, and your confidence. Trust me, when you look back you will always say, what was I so worried about.

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5 comments on “Instant Content – A T.E.A. Time Review

  1. Norman Richards

    You are so right with what you have said the only way to become a writer is to write. This was so painful for me to except but I had to jump in and get my feet wet, it was not easy but as you work at it day in and day out you discover that it is not as hard as you thought. I have made so many mistakes along the way and I am still trying to get better at it. NO, it may not be perfect but at least I have faced my fears and have conquered it.

    1. Damian Wader Post author

      Good for you Norman. I feel the same. When I decided that I was going to produce the type of content that was important to me or furthered my goals and ideas and didn’t care who or if anyone read it, that’s when I started producing my best material. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Marshall Adler

    I love what you wrote about AI and the insane amounts of new technology that has suddenly emerged. We truly are in a Generation Z world where people get of bed with an idea or roll down the stairs at a Bachelor party (me) and on they jump up with some crazy idea of what could work online, and then it does, and the next thing you know you’ve created a whole new technology for doing something.

    1. Damian Wader Post author

      Yes, technology has it’s attributes and its detractors. Unfortunately, strides are not being made in this field of automatic content and I am a little bit happy that they are not. I like to see and read all the different personalities that come from original thinking.

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