Let’s Just Get Started

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Do some days just start out like this, upside down? Do most days just start out like this? Well at my age I am glad they just start out at all. But to tell you the truth, if you want to know the secret your days don’t start out, you start them out.

My mother used to always say if you are bored it’s because you are a boring person. Can you imaging Evel Kenievel ever being bored or George Lucas every saying, man I just don’t know what to do today. My God, Thank God that wasn’t the case or we never would have been thrilled by motorcycle jumps or ever seen Star Wars!

The Next Day Starts the Night Before

I am a fairly organized person but I am not a crazy Eurail on time like you can set your watch to me, kind of guy. However, I have learned one trick that is works like a charm. Routine has something to do with it but that is a whole other subject. What I am talking about here is have a list, plan or concept for the the first five things you plan to get done right when you awake.
Now this does not include, make the coffee, smoking a cigarette (folks still do that), go to the bathroom, get the newspaper, read the newspaper and whatever other domestic things you do. No, I am talking about accomplishments that are productive and healthy. They don’t have to be the same everyday but when you are starting out using this trick it is good to make them so, because they become habit. Also they can be cerebral, spiritual or physical but it has to be productive.

Here are my things I do:

  1. Pray
  2. Write in my journal
  3. Read anything spiritual or educational – not your favorite romance novel or murder mystery
  4. Answer questions in Wealthy Affiliate
  5. Tap, visualize or create momentum with some inspiration – affirmation – dream images or videos

That is what I do every morning. From there I usually have also planned out the priority of things I want to do with my business or other commitments and I am off and running. There are not too many mornings where 2 hours goes by and I didn’t even notice and I still drink my coffee (I set it up the night before), go the bathroom, I don’t smoke or read the paper but once I noticed 2 hours have gone by, I stop and eat breakfast and it’s only 8:00 am.

I once heard a mentor of mine say, talk to five clients before 9:00 am and you will be ahead of 98% of the sales people on this planet.
This can happen if you simply plan your morning the night before.

The $10,000 Rule – Finding Purpose is Step One

Why is it that we just can’t find the motivation to do certain things but we can for others? Like we can’t seem to get a simple errand list done the week before we take a trip but somehow we do it in 2 hours the day before or the morning of the day we leave. Why is it in college or high school we could not write a term paper for 30 to 45 days but in the last two or even one we can find the energy and purpose to get it done.

I have one of the best tools I used with my children growing up. It’s called the $10,000 rule.

It is the perfect judge to decide whether your reason for not doing something is legit or just an excuse. My daughter would say to me, dad, I just can’t get up that early. I would say if I
gave you $10,000 to get up that early could you do it then? See, that was just an excuse.

However, If she had no ride to practice and was stuck and couldn’t get there, giving here $10,000 to get there although possible (it was about 5 miles away and she was 14), it would
not be expected of her, so not an excuse.

We can use this rule on ourselves only with a slightly different perspective. Of course there would be no purpose in asking ourself the $10,000 because we know when we are making an excuse but if we could find purpose in the activity it would change our whole motivation.

Building Momentum Through Accomplishing Simple Tasks

I do believe in Goals and that is a whole other post but what I believe in even more is setting simple tasks you can accomplish every day and add ancillary ones as they come about. So we begin with the five things to start our day because it gives us purpose. Now that purpose, together with the activity has just created momentum for that day.

This momentum is compounded when the tasks you create become routine and you get used to doing them. They also create better habits because by nature we always are looking for more efficient ways to do them. Doing things more efficiently by way of simple tasks everyday turning into routine allows us to accomplish more tasks.

See I don’t set goals in the traditional sense. Sure I have all kinds of goals or dreams of things I want or hope to create but once I get the concept or framework for those creative visions, I go to work on what are the tasks I am going to have to perform and accomplish in order to get there. Then it is simple and I just start doing them.

Now the tasks will grow, evolve and change but this will create such a momentum you won’t be able to go back to just getting up and having coffee and reading the paper. You will be bored wth that. You will have to be getting something done. Sure there will be relax days but for the most part you will wake up with a plan, a purpose and momentum.

End Your Day as You Started It but with one Trick

So now you come to the end of the day and oh man what a day it was. You have been productive all day and you can’t believe how much you are getting done, simply becasue you planned the night before, began the day with purpose to start your daily tasks and the momentum you created from that just snowballed all day. What now?

End your day with gratitude, the habit will reap you untold rewards. If you spend just a few minutes thinking about what yo are grateful for you will be amazed before you are halfway through. I have a secret for your, Gratitude and negative feelings can’t operate in the same zip code. It is impossible to thing of things you are grateful for and be upset. Not only will it calm you down and change your whole perspective if you are genuinely upset, it will create the momentum with purpose to plan for tomorrow.


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