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We all know the key to ranking on any search engine if you are not Amazon or Wikipedia is your ability to research and use long tail keywords. Long Tail University sets out to teach you all you need to know to develop this skill. I think it does a great job. Although a bit pricey, it consolidates about as much information as you will ever get in one place to teach you a skill that you must have if you intend to build any business online. Certainly, a content marketing business (wa link) which is what we teach and support her at The Educated Affiliate in which long tail keywords are the foundation. A great keyword tool is of great benefit to start but you have to be able to know how to use it. This course shows you not only how to develop this skill but unique ways to use it and be creative in its execution.

This is a quick look inside the member’s area of Long Tail University and you will get a gist of just how much it has to offer. As you will see it is quite extensive and each section shares great information, giving you a ton of value.

I will be moving through a few of the sections in the course throughout this post giving you my highlights and why I feel long tail university will give you the valued training in keyword research that you are looking for.

I didn’t know there were a type of keywords

Evidently, there is a thing or two I have yet to learn about this business. Actually, I am learning something new every day in this business, not to be cliche. However, subtle the distinction made in this section, I believe to be an important one. I thought keywords were keywords and beyond the difference between broad and long tail, I didn’t realize there were more characteristics. Here they are:

1. SEO Keywords

2. Viral/social keywords

3. Google News keywords

4. Strong buying keywords

I always say if I can get one new thing out of a course, it was worth it for me. Given the price is reasonable (as stated above this one is a little pricey at $197). This section alone did that for me. It opened my eyes to an amazing world of discernment and perception among the different types and styles of keywords that made me look at my keyword research with a whole new perspective.

Criteria of a winning keyword

This course likes to break keywords down into primary and secondary keywords which they talk about in another video but for the purposes of this section, they are focused more on primary keywords. Also, this part of the course gets a bit technical with CPC %’s and the like and since we do not want to portend to do a better job of describing their premise better than they do we will tread lightly and in a general manner. Below is the basic criteria for a winning primary keyword.

1. Relevance to your site or niche

2. Local monthly search volume of 2000+

3. Good CPC if you are going that route

4. Low competition in Google (Jaaxy shows you the exact competition)(article review of Jaaxy)

5. Similar sites ranking

For me, relevance is an obvious one along with similar sites ranking combined with low competition. I have a colleague in the industry who has a great formula She finds a keyword she wants to rank for, finds out who is ranking for that site and as she puts it, “Outwrites” them. By that, she means more words, better internal links and use of the keyword. This usually combines the three criteria mentioned above, relevance, low competition, and similar sites. Only her whole goal is to produce a better post, with better SEO structure and more words. It seems to work for her as you can see in the success article she posted. The section talks about defining your competition in terms of the keyword and as you will see in the bracketed link above, I can show you a free tool that is great at deciphering competition.

Writing great content with your keywords

The key to writing great content or I should say the goal you want to achieve in order to be considered a great content writer is multifaceted. It requires both skill and art. It needs a focus and a consistent flow yet it needs to be engaging enough for folks to want to stay. It needs to rank, keep the reader’s attention and make them do something.

Great content will use your primary keywords effectively both technically so they are recognized by the search engine crawlers and indexed correctly as well as moving your point or story forward. I always like to look at it as telling a story. Sometimes the topics are boring and the characters are flaccid but any good content writer can still make the story compelling. If you do this you will kill the next two birds with one keyboard. You will get your readers to stay on your page and the more of your compelling story they read, the more your status will be magically elevated to that of an authority.

So now all you have to do is give them a call to action. There two different types of a call to action, one is passive, a link to another article or opt-in or an ad or request to give something up to get something in return. Usually an email address for a promise of future information. What makes them want to participate in this call to action? That’s right a compelling story. Now, this may take a few times so it’s a good thing to write all of your posts this way so that after they see a few they begin to not only like you but trust you and listen to you. Moral to the story… Don’t be boring!

The course goes beyond keyword research

I know I said this product was pricey but the value is there. Someone who is serious about building a business online could get a pretty good head start by just going through this course. A great example of that is all the extras. In lessons 11- 15 they go through everything from link building to guest posting to Infographics. They are truly throwing in everything and the kitchen sink into this product. Sometimes, that can be a bit overwhelming so if you are prone to that sort of overwhelm, this might not be the course for you. However, if you are one to methodically move through the material and not only read it but put it into practice and actually learn the skill you can’t go wrong with this course.

Here at The Educated Affiliate, we are big on content marketing to the point of obsession. We believe creating great content with common SEO practices will get you where you want to go with your online business. We are not saying it is the only model but it is one of the best and Long Tail University goes a long way to share with you all they can about building this type of business online. Take for instance their 26-minute video on White Hat Link building. There is no reason why any course on long tail keywords should also include an in-depth video on link building. First of all, it is about a gazillion steps past lone tail keyword research and has nothing to do with the content you create once you choose your keyword. However, it is a part of the process of building and authority content marketing site. They might as well have named the course Building an Authority Blog with an emphasis on long tail keywords because that is what it is.

Are you willing to pay $197?

This is a relative question so one should never ask it just like I did to remain in eternity on my blog. One should ask are you willing to exchange money for value. In other words, will the $197 give you the information you glean from this purchase to create more than $197 in revenue? Again, a relative question because the information alone will never ever, I don’t care how valuable it is, generate revenue for you, you have to take the information and generate revenue for you. Herein lies the rub. Can you take this information, run with it and create revenue and how long will it take for you to do that? I will state here emphatically, that this information if studied, practice and executed will more generate more than $197 in revenue in time. I had to throw that, “in time” in there, didn’t I? Well yes, I did because everything and everyone has their own time frame. The one biggest reason people fail at anything is that they quit and they quit because they compare and that comparison delusionally brings them to the conclusion that since I cannot do it like that person or as good or as fast, then I can’t do it at all. This premise is absurd as it sounds and yet it is practiced every day by all sorts of folks.

There is an alternative

Like I said and will continue to say, Long Tail University has more than enough value and can be absolutely wonderful in the right hands. In the wrong hands, it would be a waste of a great meal at a fancy restaurant with a person in your life you would really enjoy that with.

What if I could show you a program that takes things a bit slower? What if I showed you a program that has a free version that is a microcosm of what the premium version offers? Not only could you take your time, learn and even practice on this information but you would be under no obligation to pay for it or even participate in it until you were ready to do so.

I know we live in this day and age of, “Buy it now before it goes away in the next 20 seconds and everyone on the planet will have it but you won’t.”(affiliate marketing reviews) It is hard to believe that someone will offer you an opportunity to completely check out their course or program for as long as you wish in order to make sure it is the right one for you. It is even harder to believe they will do this before you even give them a credit card let alone charge it. However, there is just such a program. If you look to the right at the top of this blog you will see a banner ad for Wealthy Affiliate! Click on it and register for your starter account. Everything I talked about in this post and reviewed for you in Long Tail University is also included in a Wealthy Affiliate membership and you do not have to even give them your credit card to check it out.

If you like what you have seen in the video and in this post, by all means, purchase LTU but don’t pass up on what could be one of the best free memberships you will ever come across. The thousands of members alone who are willing to help you at every turn are worth the price of admission, which is free.

This is great stuff

Building an online business is not easy but it isn’t brain surgery either. It’s not putting folks on the moon or building a skyscraper or even as much work as selling on eBay. If you have a passion, heck if you even have an interest in any topic, this new world of our has given anyone the opportunity to not only capitalize on it but help a bunch of folks along the way. To this day, I am grateful for all the mentors I have had and the funniest thing about them is most don’t even know they helped me. So many folks I learned from that I will never be able to thank or even mention their influence in my journey. Just think you could be that person for someone else.

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We do not recommend or discourage purchase, although we will share our opinion about the value of the product. For the most part, we simply let you know what the product has to offer.

Experience has shown us that most of internet marketing products sold on a daily basis are over-hyped and of little or no value. We sometimes get tidbits here and there from our purchases, and we share those with you, but nowhere near the grand claims that are made by their creators.

We believe in the concept of content marketing, providing valuable information while promoting the services that teach you how to be successful and the tools that help you to be more efficient and effective at it. The products we use on a daily basis and promote can be found on the right panel. If you have direct questions, feel free to subscribe to our review updates and you can ask us directly.

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