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​Never will you meet a better group of people than the folks below. All of them are successful online marketers and are more than willing to help you. 

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​Kyle - The Man

  • ​Kyle is the co-founder, creator of Wealthy Affiliate. I have corresponded with him on many occasions. He is a man of the people - his people. 

​Since the inception of Wealthy Affiliate in Sept, 2005, I have a new found passion -- helping others succeed online. This is not an easiest of tasks, and everyone coming to WA comes from a different background, with a different story, but my (and Carson's) goal is to continue to work towards creating a system that will induce widespread success among the WA community members. read more...

​Carson - The Tech Partner

  • ​Carson is the co-founder, creator of Wealthy Affiliate and the technical genius behind the operation of the WA site.

​I got my first Computer in 1994, and since then technology has always sparked my interest. Kyle and I created Wealthy Affiliate to bridge the gap between education, social networking, and technology. We're a small tech company (in a sense) with big ideas! You have made a great decision to be part of our community, and I look forward to getting to know and work with you! great to have you here within the community :) read more...

​Damo - The Educated Affiliate

  • ​​Yes, this is me and I am an educated affiliate. I have learned almost everything from the two guys above me and you can too.

​I got my start in online marketing when I was laid off from a very lucrative position with a prominent visual effects company. It took me a while but I finally learned that most of the tools and information being sold were either useless or outright fraud. A huge portion of revenue generated in this business was sold on emotion of losing out or the newest shiny tool. Wealthy Affiliate allowed me to see the real path to success online. read more...

​​Grace - The Dynamo

  • ​This is Grace, an Ambassador and a 1st time Vegas trip winner. She has taught me inspiration and perseverance. She is always there to help.

​You just cannot find this kind of HELP & SUPPORT with any other training platform, system, or program and I know this because I've reviewed hundreds of programs on my website that got to my Vegas goal and there's simply nothing else better out there than WA! YES I'm bias because it's TRUE, I'm living proof the training works here and anyone who wants to work hard at this on a consistent basis could make this work. read more...

​Eddy - The Student and the Teacher

  • ​Eddy is a true student of the game and has become one of the best teachers because of it. There is nothing you can't learn about "Online Marketing" from Eddy.

​All and all I'm just a regular dude that has been very blessed because I have a positive mindset, positive folks around me, and more importantly I take action. I wasn't born knowing any of this stuff. I learned it by following what WA teaches and taking action until I succeeded. You can achieve anything if you have the right mindset, take action and don't give up on yourself. You need a lot of patience as well to see success. read more...

​Jerry - The ​Inspiration

  • Jerry is a fantastic story. A young kid with pure grit and determination has gone from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

​Personally, since I've built up my website, it's working for me 24/7. Even if I decide to take a break and go travel for a month, my website will still be there working for me. In fact, there are times when I receive Email notifications informing me that I've just made a commission even when I was sleeping, traveling or doing something else. That's definitely not gonna happen in traditional jobs, right? read more...

​Robert - The Professor

  • ​Robert has some of the most sensible and usable knowledge about Wealthy Affiliate but also about the online marketing industry as a whole. Get to know this guy.

​​It always starts with a dream to be financially successful and then the setting of goals to achieve along the way. There are a few online entrepreneurs that I admire for what they have accomplished. Other than Kyle and Carson I also admire Jeff Bezos of Amazon. When Wealthy Affiliate started it was far different than what it is now. It has dramatically changed from its beginnings and continues to grow and evolve. ​read more...​

​Kevin - The Professional

  • ​Kevin is one of those amazing guys who seems to accomplish everything he sets his mind to do. He has always been gracious and very forthcoming to me.

​​​I was always felt I was searching for something but I didn't know what it was at the time until I lost my job. That was the "wake up" call. Several years later I came across WA and I have now been here for over 3 years. In those 3 years, I have qualified for the WA Las Vegas conference three years in a row and in November 2016 I surpassed my initial monthly income goal of $5000. To make money in this industry takes time, effort and investment. read more...

​Nate - The Virtual Rockstar

  • ​I have just begun to learn from Nathaniell. He is as they say a "Rockstar" and I have so much more to get from his experience.

​​​I started internet marketing while living in China. The idea was that I could make American money while in China, and live like a King. I could make money in different time zones and, and essentially have cash flow 24/7. I didn't realize then how well it would work. There's still a lot I don't know about internet marketing, but I can say that I've achieved all the goals I set, and have surpassed them way beyond what I thought possible. read more...

​Alex - The Spiritual One

  • ​I ​love to read Alex's posts. Many speak of his trust in the universe and all that is blessed. He brings a diverse success journey and one worth getting to know.

​​​If you are just starting out don't panic just take things as they come, we can all do this for some of us it may take a little longer, but we will all get there that new lifestyle beckons and it will happen for you, all we really have to do is apply ourselves and put into practice what we can learn here and believe me the knowledge resources and support is huge. Best wishes for your journey to your success may it be exciting and full of joy. read more...


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