Qualities Of The Best Affiliate Marketing Training

Below is my list of qualities of the best affiliate marketing training you will find on the Internet. Most of them are qualities you would come to expect in any product or service that you encounter and expect to spend your hard-earned cash on.
Some of them might surprise you as they did me. Let’s take a look at what they and see if you agree.

Daily cost vs. value

Of course this is on the top of the list but it is extremely important. I belong to an online affiliate community that has both a free and paid membership. In the free membership you get 20 affiliate marketing classes that range from what is affiliate marketing to learning how to build your own WordPress website, do keyword research and understand the fundamentals of SEO. It also gave you access to thousands of other marketers with all different levels of skill and experience to ask questions of, discuss topics with and get reviews and critiques from. Oh and it also gives you the ability to build tow free websites. That is pretty amazing value. The paid membership cost under a dollar a day and gives you a bunch more but you can remain free all you want (a great value because most beginners need time to get up to speed where they could even utilize the skills taught in the premium membership).

I found that community while I was researching another affiliate training that did not have a free membership, only a free trial that lasted a few days, no support from any community and training that was not updated very often yet it made you pay and ongoing fee. This program cost you $97 a month or $3.23 a day.

Yet another affiliate training focus 90% of its content on building a business only to sell through their network and not about building a business online by yourself with help at all. It cost over $350 and there is no free membership or trial. When it comes to value, for those who wanted to build a business or multiple affiliate products to be sold through this network it was great for everyone else it was a waste of money – I was one of those who wasted $350.

Focus or type of training

As I said above in the third example, affiliate marketing training can be very specific and in it’s specificity, not the focus you are looking for. In most cases if individuals are just starting out, they need to get a broad but basic lay of the land so that they can understand the industry and only then can they begin to decide what to specialize in. Do they want to develop a blog, become a YouTuber, sell affiliate products with paid advertising, only sell CPA offers?

There are so many ways to go which is great but until you understand what those ways are and how they fit with your personality and objectives you might end up paying for an affiliate marketing training you have no intention on using. No matter how great the training and technique is, if you have no desire to execute it, the whole idea is bumpkiss for you.

Communicate with other members

This has turned out to be the best quality of all in finding the best affiliate marketing training and I didn’t even know it was important to me until I experienced it. Many programs claim to have thousands of members they have helped, have benefited from and are flourishing from the training in the program, yet how often are these success stories accessible to the general membership? Unfortunately, not very often. The truth is most of these training programs have no transparency and do not want members talking to each other and comparing notes. There sales are based on marketing and a sense of urgency in which we all know is a powerful tool. Any program that is telling you get involved now or you will miss out because there will never be anything like this again should raise a very large red flag to you and create skepticism not excitement. Even the good programs should be scrutinized by anyone considering paying for their services. If a program gives you plenty of time to experience their membership and look around for free and even use some of the training, this is a good start towards knowing you might have the best affiliate marketing training for you.

Trust your own instincts

Most of us have to learn the hard way. I know I did. Spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to come to find out that most of the courses, software or reports I bought really didn’t amount too much and none of them even cam close to the claims they made. Now I know better. I work hard every day to create content that is honest, objective and always with my readers in mind. I let my mistakes be examples to others so they don’t have to make the same ones but don’t worry you will make some of them, it’s life’s way of saying see I told you so.

If you keep going, however, you will learn and you will get better, you just have to give yourself time.

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