Really cool tool to check your site in all Browsers

So I found this site called, it seems there are all kinds of goodies for really techie folks but I only plan, at least at this stage in the game, to use the browser compare free tool it offers. It’s called Browser Sandbox. Now some of you may not like it because it requires a download to your desktop. I know I have become spoiled with all the products in the cloud, however, this install is simple and free. Once it’s all done you really get a complete picture of what your site, page or post looks like in virtually every browser.

Check your post, page or website on every browser

So once you download and install the shell you will then download image installs of each of the browsers you would like to check. As you can see I have downloaded the Firefox Base and Opera 35 image installs. There are many more installs you can download but once  you have done it once they are on your machine locally and you can check any content you want.

So for instance I wanted to check what my site looked like on Firefox Base so I download the image, once it’s local I can check it again and again with whatever URL I choose. I also downloaded Opera 35 and now as you can see they are in my applications locally on my desktop.

Not only does / browser sandbox give you access to all the popular browsers but they give you access to multiple versions as well which gives you a vast array of browsers to check to make sure your stuff is showing up nicely all over the Internet.

For most of us using WordPress it more than we need

WordPress sites and more specifically, WordPress blogs are put together to work with all of the most popular browsers that are used by a large percentage of the general public for obvious reasons. Since WordPress is the most widely used website development tool there is, unless your are developing database and dynamic sites most every browser will be presenting your information just as you think it should be. It doesn’t hurt though, to have that extra bit of assurance Browser Sandbox gives you.

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