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Fagin was one of my favorite of all the Charles Dickens characters. He was a sympathetic kind of crook. He was a crook but in a crazy sort of way he took care of all those boys, that he also turned into crooks, oh well so much for Fagin. However, he sings a great song in Oliver Twist called, “Reviewing the Situation,”
and it is exactly what we have to do as Internet Marketers.

He contemplates getting out of a life of crime but with each verse he is convinced he has no choice but to stay exactly how he is. Thankful for us we do have a choice. However, we have to choose to do the research so we make the right choice. Below are reviews of a product that no longer exists. Let’s review the reviewers and see what they told us now that we have 20/20 vision.

What Happened to Domainer Elite Pro

Jamie Lewis is a self-proclaimed domain flipping Guru – There’s that title again. He claims to have sold over $500,000 worth of domain names on Flippa (a domain, app and website marketplace) and also claims to have students who make over $1,000,000.00. Now I am not here to dispute these figures but if that really was the case, Why would it be that Domainer has not lasted very long? I was considering this product back earlier this year and I guess I am glad that I didn’t but Let’s see what other sites said in their review of Domainer Elite.

Work at Home Jobs Gave it 2 of 5 Stars

Work At Home Jobs Review -These folks seem to be confused. They only gave Domainer Elite 2 out of 5 stars but in the same screenshot said that the program was legit. Even the URL to the post infers that the product is a scam. I can’t make heads or tales of this review.

It seems they would like to be all for it but somehow they just can’t get past the fact that they are not quite convinced. This review would have me asking more questions rather than getting them answered.

I’ve been doing Internet Marketing for Years now

Nano Magazine’s Review – This was updated only 2 months ago raving about “Some Pretty Cool Updates.” Yea like the product doesn’t exist anymore. This person claims to have been “doing Internet Marketing for years now.”

They also claim, “In case you are unfamiliar with Jamie Lewis, he’s been around the Internet Marketing world forever.” Well not anymore I guess, at least not with this product.

I Could Go On and On says:

Crown Reviews says:

… but I am sure you don’t want to read through it all you can google it for yourself and see what I am talking about.

So What is the Answer

The answer is simple but not one most really want to hear. Find a good training program that gives you great value for you money and that teaches you the basics first, preaches no replacement for hard work and allows full access, or at least enough of a free version to experience the product for as long as you need to do your due diligence.

I still believe in reading reviews, heck I write them myself but I do not do so on a whim just trying to promote or debunk a product. A very large percentage of the industry does just that and you have to be careful. So you have to trust your own instinct. This is why we only promote Wealthy Affiliate as our training platform. Google, wealthy affiliate and see how many bad reviews come up. I think I have seen one. But don’t take the reviewers word for it, try it out. You can stay FREE for as long as you want and you will learn more in WA’s free versions than in most training platform’s paid versions.

Internet Marketing will be Here Forever

This industry is not going anywhere. I have been around for 6 years, researching, developing and finally this year I started working full time at it. I did that, made that leap because I was able to finally see that this is all possible but only with hard work, trusting your ability and not looking for short cuts.

This doesn’t mean you don’t try to do things the most efficient way that you can. I certainly do and have found many tools that I use full time that help me tremendously (check out all of our reviews). However, I have fallen for the Gurus pitch time and time again and finally I realized their is not shortcut, that the shortcut is actually the hard work. All the best.

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  1. JT

    You’ve heard of PRODUCT LAUNCHES before, being that you’ve been involved in Affiliate Marketing for so long right?

    If so – then you’d KNOW that most product LAUNCHES just last for a week or so…



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