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sucessful affiliate marketingThe timing could not be better. There is so much opportunity to run a successful affiliate marketing website. If you haven’t already begun the process of learning more about affiliate marketing and how it can benefit your business, then it is time to do so now.

The first theory of affiliate market that I consider my cornerstone to any successful affiliate marketing website is, “Attraction not Promotion.” Put yourself in the place of folks who are reading what you are producing and ask a simple question. Would I read this and would I come back to read more?

Don’t Try to Sell Your Content

There is this guy in this community I belong too (hint: look at my banners) and he is absolutely amazing in the sense that he does nothing but give and give some more. On a regular basis I wake up, check in with the community and he has some new insightful tool or post to help us all out. I have no doubt this person has a tremendous following on his blog or website simply because of the stuff he offers.

You can never give enough but the paradox that is so important in life, and even more important affiliate marketing is the one that says, “The more you give the more you get.” I know this because it is still hard for me. Each day I have to balance needing to make a living with making sure I am giving folks quality information or products that will help them do the same. If you can tap into this concept your websites will grow exponentially. Make sure the value of what it is your giving far exceeds the cost and you will be attracting not promoting.

As you can see or maybe you have not noticed. I do not place affiliate links in most if any of my blog posts. If you see linked text it is an internal link to another page. Now there are some review posts where I will place affiliate links but for the most part, my idea of running a successful affiliate marketing website consists of great content and easy navigation. If you are interested in what you are reading here then you will be interested in the few banners I have on my sidebar. I don’t bludgeon you with ads.

The Money is in the List

successful affliate marketingI am sure you have heard this quote before and to be honest I don’t know if it is or not. I have tried to build email lists in the past and have never been successful. Mainly because in my opinion, to get folks to sign up for an email list you have to bribe them with a bunch of useless free stuff. I see that as an utter waste of time. Not because it does not work, it clearly does but because that is not why I am here creating revenue online. If I am going to sell something it is going to be of value and if my content is well-thought-out, informative and interesting, you will not need an email to bring you back.

Not to mention I don’t want to spend my time writing and sending out sales emails every day. I am not a salesman. Through my community, I have learned how to research and write good content. I have learned how to rank that content in the search engines and share it on social media. From there I am able to passively promote products that have tremendous value, ethical substance and allow you to make a decision for yourself, not get hurried along by countdown timers or scarcity tactics.

Paid vs. Organic Traffic – Yes

There is so much speculation around which is better. My take is both are invaluable. Eventually, if you want to be successful with affiliate marketing you will have to master them both. However, take your time and learn the skill from the bottom up. Get help if you can afford it. I have hired a company to boost my SER (search engine rankings) via SEO services. Ironically this is paying for free traffic if you will. However, the value is there and my ROI bears that out or I would not do it. They as a company and a team do a much better job than I can do personally, I create revenue as a result of their efforts and therefore their service ads value.

Paid ads from Adwords and Bing advertising is a whole other animal. It is a skill that I would tread lightly on until you learn it. No doubt when mastered, it is an outstanding way to create traffic and revenue for your affiliate website but it is a skill and one that has a fairly large learning curve. Be careful but by all means, learn it and implement it.

No New Shiny Objects

There are tools you need in this business and then there are the latest shiny objects. The shiny objects are usually the gimmicks that advertise bypassing all the hard work that has to be done. The tools simply make the hard work more efficient. I do not promote anything I do not use on a daily or regular basis. This is why I only promote a few tools and subscriptions. They bring great value and I use them.

Now of course if your affiliate marketing site promotes individual goods and services for normal daily use, you will have many affiliate links but in my line of work which is to educate affiliates, I only promote the ones I trust and use.

It can be a Rewarding Venture

You will have to find out for yourself. Many folks get into this business because they have a hobby or a passion for something they are good at and it just evolves into an online business. It does not have to be that way though. I made a conscious effort to build a business online because of the freedom and scalability it afforded me. After I made that decision, finding the path and product was secondary.

It doesn’t matter, there are so many ways to succeed online, but it is a ton of work. Work I happen to love and look forward to doing every day. I really hope you find the same value I have in affiliate marketing because there is no other lifestyle that can match it. Unless of course your Steph Curry or something.


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