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    As with most hyped up sales pages, Speedly starts with a headline that does not disappoint. Then a cute video with two beautiful women explaining how this is all as easy as toasting two pieces of bread in the morning but wait, it gets even better because Speedly will butter it for you. I can never understand how these sales pages can claim such definitive results and on the same page disclaim them with impunity.

Where do they get these arbitrary figures and timelines? You would think that if they could predict an amount and time-frame so exact they would also be able to tell you exactly how they did it. Of course, they claim they will tell exactly how they did it and they will do it in a 6-minute long video inside the course once you have purchased it. That is awesome in 6 minutes I can learn how to make $298.... and fifty cents a day online. Hey, I can go out and get that new Crosstrek I wanted now.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is this course is nothing but a quick excerpt on how to get a domain, build a website and blog, build a Facebook page and try to run some ads from it. That's it. I will show you Module by module what you will get and just how much it will teach you. Whatever it teaches you, it won't be even remotely close to a definitive plan to make you $298... and fifty cents a day on the internet.

Don't get me started on the OTO's (One Time Offers), these are the biggest ripoffs in all of IM. Never ever purchase OTO's. It's bad enough you spend $6, $10 or even $20 on a course let alone the hundreds they try to get from you in OTO's but here's the thing. They are usually never OTO's. You will almost always find them available in the member's area even though you have passed on them in the initial offering. Hence, make the term OTO another IM lie.

Oh, and another trick, once you land on the initial page, shut it down and see if they have a down sell on the original sales page. A fair percentage of the time they will and you will end up paying less for the original product. As you see in the video, I forgot to do this and I paid an extra 4 bucks or so, Arghhhh!

​Let's break down just a few of Speedly's initial claims!

Get Instant High-Quality Free Traffic

The free instant high-quality traffic they are referring to is traffic from running Facebook ads. Now I am not going to debate or opine on the quality of Facebook ad traffic, that is for another post but I am going to tell you that the bulk of this product focuses on paid ads not free traffic to your Facebook page. In any case, the methods for creating free traffic to your Facebook page are readily available and described in much more detail in free videos and blog posts that can be found anywhere you Google them.

tea time review

DOUBLE it in 5 Minutes

​​​​Again I love the 5 minutes. If you have been in this industry for more than 5 minutes, you have to know that there is not one thing you can do in the internet marketing space that only takes 5 minutes. Hey but it's got a cool little gauge next to it so it must be an accurate observation.

What this is referring to is re-targeting your ads and using your email list to build an initial audience. First of all, you have to have an email list to do this. I would venture to say that a large percentage of folks who but this course do not have a substantial email list if one at all. Secondly, re-targeting, arguably the most innovative and amazing tool we have at our disposal is both a skill and an art. You are not going to learn how to properly use it from this course and if you try, odds are you will end up spending a whole ton of money on re-targeting ads that will not convert because you don't have the skill. At some point in your IM career, you will come to the inevitable conclusion that getting traffic is easy, getting traffic that converts is the art.

Automated Once Set Up

Let's get this straight right now so you never have to learn it again. Systems can never be automated. Tasks within those systems can but you will always have to be involved with decisions, creative, technical or otherwise that will need your attention. I really despise this catchall phrase that preys upon the new people who believe it is possible to automate an entire system. Again all this is teaching you, actually, I should say describing to you, because unless you know this stuff you most likely will not be able to implement it by simply watching these videos and if you know it you don't need these videos to implement it in the first place... but I digress, is creating a Facebook ad, a re-targeting audience and setting it in motion with a funnel and opt-in page. If you don't understand any of this terminology, try this.

100% Newbie Friendly

This course is not even remotely close to newbie friendly. I am sorry but describing in 5 - 10-minute videos, how to get a domain, hosting space, re-target your DNS, create a Facebook page, re-targeting ad and landing page from scratch is newbie friendly, then my friends Speedly has come up with a whole new definition. Not only is it not newbie friendly, but it also doesn't even scratch the surface of these topics. Each one of these topics is a course in and of itself, which then would require additional study and practice to even begin to execute on an intermediate level, let alone master.

Easily Scalable

Again, yes it is scalable if you know what you are doing. However, scalable in this context means more cost for more ads. Yes, if you are a master at re-targeting and your conversions are killing it then add more investment. and the funnel will scale and you will make more money. However, if you are not converting then scaling is simply burning cash.

No Big Budget Required

This is a relative statement. In the course, they speak of $10 a day as a starter Facebook ad budget. If you run this for a week you will spend $70. Relatively speaking not a large amount but if you are not converting (odds are if you are new you won't until you learn what converts which takes time) you are throwing this money away. Look the concept is easy, run an ad, create a landing page, convert email list opt-ins and make sales. No problem right. PeeWee golf is no problem even for little kids. Now go play on the PGA, because that is what you are up against.

Where do we go from here?

Well, we go to the place where we change our paradigm. We throw up our hands and surrender and say Okay, Okay, I know I am going to have to do the work so why not just get started. I read this today and I think it applies here.

"When we start something and do not complete it, or make a resolution and do not keep it, we are forming the habit of failure; absolute, ignominious failure." - Charles Haanel.

Don't we all do this sometime? I know for a fact that this is the one habit I have resolved to crush and this is don't start something unless I am absolutely going to finish it. 

Is all hope lost?

No, it's not but you have to get off this quick fix, shiny tool merry-go-round. Look, at the time I am writing this, it is almost the end of 2018. In fact, it is New Year's Eve. I am starting to gain authority with The Educated Affiliate and it's because I have taken the time to develop an idea that serves people like you. It gives you a foundation of learning so that you can go out and discover for yourself what works for you. Believe it or not, there is so much that works, you just have to find it, learn all you can about it, cultivate it, put it into practice and finally master it. If you take those steps then the world or at least the Internet world will by your Oyster as they say. If you continually look for shortcuts and ways to get around doing the hard work and taking the road less traveled you will inevitably fail. Learn from the best, the folks that are making it happen the right way and take your time in doing it. This is not a sprint. If you need to make money right now to survive, get a job and do this as a side hustle. I can almost guarantee 99.9% of all successful online marketers or entrepreneurs of any kind started the same way.

How can we help?

We can't unless you let us into your computers and your internet marketing lives. Get your FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP with Wealthy Affiliate now by clicking on any of the banners you see or click here and join our email list which will guide you step by step on how to get started. It is absolutely free and unlike Speedly we will take you through the process in detail with no unsubstantiated promises of immediate wealth and shortcuts on how to get there. You will be shown the process that has made many folks successful on many levels of Internet Marketing. Look you may not want to make a million dollars. You may find success in a few thousand dollars a month. It doesn't matter, what matters is that you understand the process, know that it will take time and hard work and commit to doing just that.

​We are by your side

​However, if you choose to look further into taking the road less traveled we will take it with you. We are taking it right now and the only hard part is making the decision and getting started. Once you commit to doing the work and being creative and following through, it becomes an adventure. One that you will have multiple partners to help you see it through, the least of all being us here at The Educated Affiliate.

So take a shot and see what your potential could be. We won't let you down if you don't let yourself down.

The Educated Affiliate reviews internet marketing products and services first hand (we purchase all the products we review) and without hype or unsubstantiated claims. In fact, part of our review process is to asses whether or not the offer's claims are valid. We do not promote anything we review with affiliate links.

We do not recommend or discourage purchase, although we will share our opinion about the value of the product. For the most part, we simply let you know what the product has to offer.

Experience has shown us that most of internet marketing products sold on a daily basis are over-hyped and of little or no value. We sometimes get tidbits here and there from our purchases, and we share those with you, but nowhere near the grand claims that are made by their creators.

We believe in the concept of content marketing, providing valuable information while promoting the services that teach you how to be successful and the tools that help you to be more efficient and effective at it. The products we use on a daily basis and promote can be found on the right panel. If you have direct questions, feel free to subscribe to our review updates and you can ask us directly.  

4 comments on “Speedly Review – A T.E.A. Time Review

  1. Norman Richards

    What I find so amazing is how these systems have all of this hype just to get people to buy into their product. We know that the only way this kind of money can be made is to be in this online business for a while even a few years. If making money was this easy at the beginner level then everyone would be doing it. thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Damian Wader Post author

      So True Norman, I am on a mission to expose and educate as much as I can. This stuff, although may have some good insight, will never live up to its claims, certainly not for the newbie!

    1. Damian Wader Post author

      So something that is scalable (an American made up word haha) is something that can be done in small increments and then if it is successful can be “scaled” if you will to larger proportions. In this context, the strategy talks about running Facebook ads. The idea is to start with a small investment to see if the ad works and if it does, “Scale” it to a bigger investment so that you can get and even bigger return on that investment. Hope that helps.

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