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start affiliate websiteSo you want to become an affiliate marketer. Well, it is a daunting task. Not an impossible or even improbable one but it will take time and effort and yes some money but not at first.

Start An Affiliate Website FREE!

If you want to know the initial steps to get started in your very own online business and do so completely free, get our “Initial Steps to Building a Successful Online Business” guide now and get started. Here is what you will get:

  1. 1. Getting started step by step instructions
  2. 2. Two FREE websites, hosting, email, and SSL certificates
  3. 3. 10 module course on using the right tools to launch your business

Great ideas need a place to start

So you have an idea, awesome, let’s explore your concept. First of all, do you think about it all the time? This is the passion detector. Now I am not saying your business has to be a passion of yours or even that only finding opportunities that you are passionate about is the only way to go. There is plenty of evidence to show the contrary. However, I think things you think about a lot are a good sign for moving forward with an attempt to create a business model with. Once you have figured that part out, let’s talk about getting started. First of all, there is the psychological side of getting started. That is the easy part, just get started. If you are reading a ton of articles like this one, researching until the cows come home and not taking any action, I am not sure how to help you except to say the Nike refrain, “Just Do It!” Keep life moving and things will come to you. Click this link and get our guide and get started or get somebody else’s guide but get started.

Finally, persist. It’s funny but that’s it. I speak mainly to folks who are new at this stuff or at least that is my target audience according to what I have tried to develop. I try to keep them away from the scammers and share some of my experience so that they may benefit from it but most of this stuff you will learn by doing. I will be honest. I didn’t very much feel like writing this article today. I am tired (I still work full time, 48 hours a week, in a job that is manual labor) when the weekend comes. I have moments of doubt and moments of hope. I choose to make the moments of hope outweigh the moments of doubt. I don’t debate whether what I am doing is going to be a waste of time or not because I don’t know. I do it, let the experience show me if it was a waste of time and learn from it. I can’t do that if I don’t do this. So here I am writing and learning.

The technical things are the easy part

Literally, I can build a website in minutes and so can you. if you can’t or you don’t think you can learn how to build a website, you can go to Fiverr and pay someone $25 to do it for you. Building a website is not your problem. What we teach and preach here at The Educated Affiliate is something called content and affiliate marketing. We write posts that inform and gain an audience and we promote products for those who want to do the same thing. It doesn’t matter what your idea or concept is, basically, you write, create videos about the information on your topic, whatever that may be (business, food, healthy, etc…) and you refer products that pertain or support that information for a commission. You can also create your own products to sell and keep all the profit. For instance, The Educated Affiliate offers all kinds of free information on building an online affiliate website and business as well as offering completely transparent, unbiased and objective reviews of Internet Marketing products, courses and so on. The only products we promote are the ones to the right of this post. We do this because we use them and we know they are of value. You can do the same and really the only thing you have to be able to do is write, spell and check your grammar. You do not have to be the next Pulitzer Prize winner, just get your ideas out there. There will be an audience for your voice, there are always folks that think like you and plenty of them so don’t think you have nothing to say, you do. The technical aspect of everything an affiliate marketer does is either easy enough to learn how to do or cheap enough to pay for it. Don’t let the technical aspect of this business be an excuse for you to quit or not even try. For one, if you get stuck you can email us with any questions we always respond. So there, no more excuses.

The simpler the better

Take a look at this post. Very simple. Logo or Image at the top (same every post), the image in the top of post corresponding with the article (sometimes there are multiple images if we need them). In most of our reviews there is a corresponding video from our YouTube Channel. You also must have your affiliate banners in place as you can see to the right which are the  programs we use every day and promote with banner ads as well as a way to join our email list. Finally, social posting capabilities and a footer. You do not have to complicate it beyond that which makes the whole process a technically efficient and simple one. In fact, I have a template set up so that I am simply researching and writing the post, checking for spelling and grammar and adding the social share component and that’s it. I do spend time adding internal and external links but all that entails is doing a once over after the article is finished and defining certain terms that can double as links for the post. K.I.S.S., Keep it stupid simple. It is easier and less distracting for the reader and much simpler for you to produce. Now anyone can do this. If this sounds complicated to you I would refer you to the link at the top of this post requesting the free guide or joing our email list in which you will get the same guide which goes into much more detail about how to do all this.

There are so many cool banners to promote

So my approach to this side of the business is less is more. I only promote the products and services I use to grow my business. I do not promote tons of products and if you join our email list you will never get an email a day promoting some new product or service. Most of the products out there are crap (see our reviews) and others are knock offs of products that are much better and already established. I also believe that The Educated Affiliate has a razor-sharp focus, we offer free information on how to build an online business through content marketing and we promote the tools that help us do that. Now you may have an affiliate site that promotes mystery novels or something like it, which I love by the way, you will be promoting all kinds of different novelsor varied products. That is different from what I am talking about. In my case, I don’t need to promote 6 different email clients or 5 different WordPress development platforms, only the one I use. The whole idea of content marketing is to gain trust so that you have some influence and it is genuine. In other words, this is what I did to succeed and if you want you can give it a try. It’s not, “Throw every product and method at the wall and see what sticks.” I don’t see how you can gain any credibility from that at all. Yet it happens all the time because most internet marketers are impulse buyers. Don’t be that marketer.

Finally just get to work and have fun

The way I started into this venture was to explore a couple of hobbies and see what I could do to contribute to them. Every post I wrote, every website I built was fun and exciting. It still is. I didn’t worry about the results because I had no clue what I was doing. Sometimes I still don’t, I just do it because I am simply focused on learning and getting better. The point is if you are just starting out and your expectations are to earn instead of learning, you might be headed for disaster. This is not a complicated industry and most anyone with a rational intellect and capable work ethic can succeed at it but it takes time and if that time is spent in frustration due to failed expectations, most quit. I am a firm believer that the only folks who quit are the ones who fail at this. There are far too many customers out there for there to be any kind of real saturation. All you have to do is refine your voice and folks will find you. See you are reading this right now and saying to yourself, yea this guy makes sense, or your not and that’s OK too.

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