The Best Affiliate Link Cookies in all of Affiliate Marketing

affiliate link cookiesThere are affiliate programs for everything. For products and service for subscriptions to online education programs, heck there are affiliate programs for rehab. All of them give you a link or multiple links in textual form or the form of a banner. These links allow you to promote their program. They are called “Affiliate Links.”

Most of the time included are affiliate link cookies. These cookies are a simple code that is activated when the potential customer clicks on the link so that if the person does not purchase at that time but comes back at a later time and purchases, you will still get the commission.

As I am sure you are aware, the process is simple, you put your affiliate link that you received from the company in a blog or ad or wherever you choose to promote and when someone clicks on that link and purchases the product, service or subscription, you get paid a commission.

These Cookies Play a Huge Role

As you might or might not expect, different affiliate programs have different links with different types of cookies. Amazon cookies, for example, survive a period of 24 hours. So if your customer does not purchase within that time frame you lose the sale. Some affiliate programs, not many, have lifetime cookies. Most have 30-day cookies.

Now to be fair at any time an individual can clear their cookies manually on their machine and you have no control over that but most folks don’t even know how to do it let alone do it manually. Below is a video that explains the lifetime cookies of Wealthy Affiliate and why they are so important in any product or service you are promoting through affiliate marketing.

The Best Affiliate Link Cookies in all of Affiliate Marketing from The Educated Affiliate on Vimeo.

There was an Bonus if You Watched the Entire Video

This bonus was the explanation of the way Wealthy Affiliate handles blog posts within the community. Personal posts or posts from other members and how they turn them into affiliate links with lifetime cookies for you to promote.

Most of the time when you are promoting an affiliate link it is usually in the form of a banner or text link that lands on a sales or opt-in landing page once it has been clicked. Folks these days are savvy and they know when they are being sold. If what you are offering is what they are looking for then chances are they will listen if the pitch is effective, professional and brief. However, they will always know it is a pitch and they’re skepticism will perk up.

With the blog posts links from Wealthy Affiliate, that is not the case because Wealth Affiliate automatically turns your personal posts into affiliate links when you share them. They do it in such an innocuous way that it seems like just a harmless blog post that is giving you the information you were looking for. The beauty is you are sharing a post with the information they are looking for, it just happens to be in the form of an affiliate link.

I will show you right now what I mean. I have created a post on a task app that I love in my personal blog on Wealthy Affiliate. It is an amazing app, it’s free and I tell you all about it in my post. If you click on the linked text in this paragraph it will take you to read it. It will also be an affiliate link that just might get you to register a free starter kit.

The best thing about this whole process is when you go to share the link anywhere, social media especially, it shares a blog post link which is accepted universally. Many social media venues now put blocks in place for sharing affiliate links to stop major spam artists but this link is a simple blog post link. It only activates as an affiliate link after it has been clicked.

Not Only Your Posts but Everyone’s can be Used

This is really where the rubber really meets the road. There are thousands of incredibly smart and successful affiliate marketers throughout Wealthy Affiliate. They do tutorials and blog posts all day long teaching and advising on making money on the internet. Wealthy Affiliate allows you to use their posts too. Share anything you want. I mean talk about Curration, not only can you use anyone’s stuff, it is encouraged and if someone clicks on the link you share, you get the commission.

Lifetime Cookies All

That’s right, all of these links you create and send out to your following and email lists, contain lifetime cookies. As you saw in the video, in the span of a week, I had over 1100 clicks on my promoted links. In normal affiliate marketing that would not mean all that much but here it is huge. In fact, I have seen folks join as much as 244 days after they were referred by another member.

I wish all affiliate programs had lifetime cookies and the ability to share blog posts as affiliate links but they just don’t. When I first was shown this capability, my jaw dropped. I am sure yours is too and if you are new to this whole concept, ask a friend or mentor how important this feature is. I am confident you will get a hearty positive response.

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