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best affiliate marketing educationI am not even going to be shy about this but if you have spent any time at all with The Educated Affiliate, you know what I am about to say.

Wealthy Affiliate is by far…

The Best Affiliate Marketing Education

Some of the components of a great affiliate marketing education

I will discuss many components to a good online affiliate marketing education throughout this post but I want to be sure I make it clear that the most important component of all is structure and support. I think most who have tried their hand at affiliate marketing, whether they succeeded or not will agree, overwhelm is the biggest killer of this dream. Some just fight through it naturally and create their own discipline and structure and eventually, everyone will have to get to that level to see success in this business but most of us need help getting started in that arena. Structure is so important in the beginning. Not only because there is so much to learn but because each style or method you learn can take you in an entirely different direction and at some point, you have to focus on one strategy at a time to get a foundation of skills that will propel your success to the next level. Also, the structure on an affiliate education or any education for that matter should be such that each lesson builds upon the lesson before. However, an emphasis should be put on going at your own pace. Some folks just pick up stuff faster than others. This has no bearing on their success percentage or capability, it simply means everyone learns in a different way at a different pace. So if you find yourself experiencing too much too soon on your journey, a good education course or membership will allow you to take things as you need to. There should be no pressure to upgrade or spend more money on tools or products if you are not there yet. There are necessities such as a website, hosting space and email should all be included in your initial subscription or even free as is with the case of Wealthy Affiliate.

The second most important component is support. You need to get your questions answered timely and by that I mean NOW! The only way to have that type of support to be there to answer any question from the simplest and greenest of members to the most complicated and accomplished is to have a community where everyone is all in. A community that loves to give back and one is not afraid to share answers and techniques that helped them move on. For instance today I discovered a very simple fix on something that has been alluding me regarding social media posting from my blog. When I am done with this post I am going to create another one in the Wealthy Affiliate community, describing my challenge and how I resolved it. I guarantee you that there will be more than one person appreciative of that post so they won’t have to struggle with finding the answer as I did. Not to mention the free traffic I get from the authority juice of posting in the community. So we can help others while helping ourselves because every post in the community doubles as an affiliate link and many of them rank because of the authority of the Wealthy Affiliate website. I contend that you could build a business on community posts alone if you so chose. Finally, the company support is there 24/7 for the technical questions need answering for their hosting, domain, SSL and other products. Make sure your affiliate marketing education has you covered as much as I just described because you can’t get very far without that structure and support.

Content Marketing vs. email list building

To be honest you really need to become skilled at both of these techniques as they both play a very important role in affiliate marketing, however, there is a stark and distinct difference between those who build lists to sell an those who build lists to provide content, educate and inform and sell. The list builder is one that targets anyone who is hungry for information on anything that will help them make money online. Their sole cause is to get as many folks as they can to subscribe to their list and sell to that list on a daily basis. With no concern about the value of what they are selling they simply play a numbers game and a percentage of subscribers will buy and a percentage will opt out. It does not matter to them because every day they are adding more subscribers. I don’t fault this method, I don’t doubt that it works, I just don’t want to sell anything that is not of value in my opinion. There is a ton of money to be made with this method but it is not how I choose to make money online. I have several websites and each site as a content marketing focus and I only sell a few evergreen type products that I use or at the very least, believe in. For instance, I have an addiction recovery site and I promote a rehab that I have never used but I believe in (yes I am in recovery so this is not a business on a whim). Don’t get me wrong I don’t think you have to use the product or even need the product to see its value for your potential customers but you have to see the value in it for them. This form of affiliate marketing is called content marketing. You offer free information and build trust with your readers while promoting only the products you use or believe in. I find this type of affiliate marketing the most rewarding. A great affiliate marketing education will promote content marketing and help you develop your skill in accomplishing a professional and comprehensive website and business using this technique.

Fundamentals stay the same but affiliate marketing is always evolving

The basics of affiliate marketing are fundamental and stay the same. You promote a product via whatever method you choose in order to drive traffic, sell a product and get a commission for it. That most likely will never change. However, the key to that process is two words, “Drive Traffic.” More specifically convert the traffic but that is a discussion for a later date. So the high-level concepts of content marketing and email list build are solid institutions in the affiliate marketing arena, however, how you achieve traffic with these methods are always evolving. Your affiliate marketing education should never be stagnant. So along with your basic training and community support, a great education will offer ongoing training on a consistent basis. In this training, the topics will usually include contemporary techniques and products that will help grow your knowledge and consequently, your business. Now I do not mean showing off the newest shiny tool. This is not about getting the newest automating content creator into your hands before anyone else gets it. No, what I am talking about is changes in trends and styles. For instance, web development has come along way. It doesn’t mean it was bad 10 years ago but it was very different. The technical as well as the aesthetic standards were just as effective back then but have evolved and you need to stay aware of those trends. Much like the short shorts, the NBA used to wear back in the day. They were great back then but put them on today and you will get some strange looks. Again this type of ongoing training is not like the email list marketer trying to sell you the latest and greatest. It is more about subtle but ongoing and definitive and emerging technologies and strategies you must keep up with.

Most of all you have to be comfortable with your training

Bringing this full circle, we all learn in different ways and at different speeds. There are many training websites and memberships that have been shared with me and some I have tried, others I have not. First of all, it took time to even know what I was looking for. Before I realized what I wanted to do with my online business, I was trying everything. It wasn’t until I came to Wealthy affiliate that I finally discovered what it was I wanted out of this gig. Since then, I have found focus and have progressed tremendously on my journey with affiliate marketing. I am far from my aspirations but I found a comfort level of learning and growing that suits my needs and my personality. I found strategies, tools, and techniques that coincide with how I would like to build this business and most of all I found a community that is all in and fully composed, focused and determined to move this dream of theirs alone and help others along the way. When you find the training that gives you all these things, you will stick with it and you will succeed. You will have found the best affiliate marketing training.

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