Ultimate Video Marketing Blueprint – A T.E.A. Time Review

ultimate video marketing blueprintThere is no doubt that in today’s online marketing world Video is king. Whether it is a video sales letter, infomercial, online advertisement or webinar, not much is being sold without video. The challenge is what videos to make and how to utilize them. How to use graphic images and voice overs, do I put my face onscreen or do I stay in the background? Do I hire a professional to do the copy writing and the production or do I just wing it and get to work? I found this clever little course by Content Samurai and found it pretty useful. There is so much talk of images and voice overs being the reason folks watch and stay watching videos online but I happen to agree with this course that the right content and copy writing is the key to the ultimate video marketing blueprint.

Did you know that the single biggest reason your videos are not getting any traffic have almost nothing to do with how they look? Most videos are destined to fail before they even get to the video editor. The reason is you must get the content right and most of us don’t. What you need is a script that not only makes sense and lays out a problem-solving solution to the audience but one that evokes emotion to the point of psychological enthusiasm for what is being presented. This course lays out 5 proven video scripts that create such emotion and will captivate audiences, drive traffic to your offers and convert them on a regular basis

In this video I give you an inside look to the 5 scripts and also give you a link below where you can pick them up for FREE! Content Samurai sells this package for $49 and although the value is there, I have the rights to give the course away and so I will. Simply subscribe to our email list to the right and you will get a link to download the course.

The five video scripts are concepts you might be familiar with but may not necessarily know how to execute them. These templates are designed to do just that, help you get the script right so that you able to drive traffic and convert offers.

These are the 5 templates in the course

1. Listicle – A listicle is an article that is a list. It gives you (usually) 5 reasons or ways to do something. It is a great way to get someone to get all the way through your video because human nature does not want to miss out on the one idea on the list that could change everything.

2. Curated Video Newsletter – This is just simple synopsis of the most important news of the day for your niche or industry. Much like a listicle but a more general presentation of current events.

3. Question and Answer Video – This is pretty straight forward. Produce a set of good keyword optimized questions and answer them. Usually, one at a time but you can do multiple questions of they are simple and concise enough.

4. Killer Content Video – This is much like the question and answers video except that in this case, you are dealing with concepts instead of direct questions. Broad Concepts that need to be explained in simpler terms, usually for a beginner’s audience.

5. Product Review Videos – We have saved the best for last because this is the easiest way to get some traction and traffic. It is straight forward and as you know with the T.E.A. Time reviews this is one we engage in all the time. In fact, this is one.

I love listicle because it sounds like popsicle

It is just as delicious too because it is one of the easiest and fun ways to engage in an audience. People love lists, it’s just that simple. We have the “Book of Lists” endless list websites, grocery lists, to-do lists, and the list goes on and on haha. The key to this type of video is the title. You have to have a compelling list to share and why it might be a good idea that the viewer takes even cares what’s on the list. It has to be original and my favorite a paradigm switch. You want to show and tell your viewer that I have a list of information that you are not aware of or one that you have not thought of from this perspective. For instance, “5 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website,” not that compelling but “5 Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website that Convert’s,” takes it a step further. Even better, “5 Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Website that Converts.” So the title is very important in disrupting what they are doing and make them want to pay attention.

The second part of the equation is the list itself. Most of the time thinking of a list of 5 things is easy, narrowing a list to 5 things is a more difficult task but narrowing the list the most compelling 5 things is the art form. The good news is that most folks are simply looking for a single tip or two. If you get just one or two items on the list that peak someone’s interest, you have them hooked.

Curated Video Newsletters are a soft sell

This is a great way to build authority and retention through content trust but it probably is the most technical of the 5. I know that the course talks about presentation not being as important as the script and content itself but it still has to be coherent and entertaining. Running down a list of topics on a video in written form is not exactly an exciting way to keep the suspense and enthusiasm of your viewer unless you are very skilled at doing so. Unlike the listicle which has the ability to capture your audience’s attention merely by the title of the list or the items on the list, the video newsletter has to make current events interesting. This can be tough to do, especially if you are doing this on a consistent basis. Keeping this up requires skill and attention to detail so that it doesn’t seem like a bunch of humdrum news of the day.

This is not a video I create as of now because I really believe you have to do this long term for it to be of any effect. However, if you are a commentator on all kinds of current affair niche’s then this is your type of video. They are also a great tool for soft selling your audience. Most of the time the content is informational and will drive traffic out of interest and not sales tactics.

Ask the right Questions and Get the Right Answers

The questions and answer video is another fairly simple concept to get your creative juices around much like the listicle. The challenge with his script is to make sure you are asking the right question. The course explains a very simple way to get to the right questions that folks are searching for. In this process, this is the key step and should be an SEO keyword in the question so that you are getting the most from your post (hey I just made that rhyme up). Next is to explain the answer in three different steps and then have a call to action. Much like this video does in this post. I am offering this course for FREE if you subscribe to our email list. Now, this is a product review but you will see that all of these videos have a call to action at the end, otherwise what would be the purpose of the video?

Killer Content is King

Most folks know Content is king. What makes this post interesting and the video fantastic is I am giving you great information that you can utilize in your business right now. It’s free and if you want to hear more of this stuff on a regular basis you can subscribe to our list. All of which is FREE! That is killer content with a twist but a valuable one. As marketers, we learn we do and we share. Most of us do it in a way that gives away more value than we ask for in return. For instance, the cost of what I promote, “Wealthy Affiliate,” and two essential tools to help me execute my business is not even close to the value of what I give away freely. I do this because I learned it somewhere and most likely for free, I also purchased a few products along the way and I am now sharing it with you here and in turn, some folks will follow in my footsteps and make a living online the same what that I do. Believe it or not, it is a cycle and it always demands that you give away far more than you get back. The amazing reality is getting only a portion back of what you freely give will bring you all you are looking for in terms of an online business.

So Killer content is just that, Killer. Make it killer, kill it, be a baller, however you want to describe excellence, do that. Don’t be afraid to give away all kinds of things that you learn. Create content that supports the product you promote, even enhances them and do it for free. You will build untold trust, you will truly help others and you will take your kids and grand kids to Disneyland in Style any time you want.

Review the Products with transparency and honesty

If you know or have experienced any T.E.A. Time reviews, you know we do them without trying to sell you a thing. We have no affiliate links, we provide no bonuses to entice you, only content to enhance your experience and we let you know right up front on The Educated Affiliate, the three products we do promote and why. We do this because we are fed up with all the crap that is sold on the internet today, promising untold riches and lavish lifestyles. We are even giving you this product away for free if you subscribe to our email list so you can go through the entire course on your own and it won’t cost you $49.00. We bought the rights to do this because we feel that doing our best to support the industry we are trying to thrive in will do well for all. A rising tide helps all ships right? I actually like this product. I am not sure that it is worth $49 but if you are trying to develop content to build traffic as we teach at the Wealthy Affiliate then this course helps you define that video content in a very useful and productive way.

As usual, you need to try it out with your own style

All products, courses, and tools are there to help you grow your business and understanding of your industry. It is always up to you to choose if and how you are going to use them. Knowledge is power but its kryptonite is inaction. The only way we truly learn and progress is to get out there and give it a try. See what you can create and fail and learn. It works and believe it or not it’s fun. I am most happy when I am productive and moving in a direction that I can conclude as progress. You can only do that if you are trying new things and perfecting old skills. Be a kid in the sandbox and you will soon develop not only the skills you need but the confidence to see them through.

​​​The Educated Affiliate reviews internet marketing products and services first hand (we purchase all the products we review) and without hype or unsubstantiated claims. In fact, part of our review process is to asses whether or not the offer's claims are valid. We do not promote anything we review with affiliate links.

We do not recommend or discourage purchase, although we will share our opinion about the value of the product. For the most part, we simply let you know what the product has to offer.

Experience has shown us that most of internet marketing products sold on a daily basis are over-hyped and of little or no value. We sometimes get tidbits here and there from our purchases, and we share those with you, but nowhere near the grand claims that are made by their creators.

We believe in the concept of content marketing, providing valuable information while promoting the services that teach you how to be successful and the tools that help you to be more efficient and effective at it. The products we use on a daily basis and promote can be found on the right panel. If you have direct questions, feel free to subscribe to our review updates and you can ask us directly.

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