Ways to Spot Great Website Training Online

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Never built a website? Never started a business online but you have something inside of you telling you to give it a try. That’s fantastic. It is the one opportunity in the universe where you can start on a wing and a prayer and create a business out of thin air.

How do you start? There is an endless amount of training online that will teach you how to get started. However, much of it is incomplete, bad, or just plain fraudulent. I am going to who you ways to spot great website training online and what to avoid.

First Things First

If you are new to this whole idea of an online business than I want to clarify the notion that just building a website is not all there is to it. In-fact it is only the starting point. However, it is one of the more challenging parts of the journey, especially if you are not technically inclined. It is also one of the most important parts of your development, because if you get discouraged right up front, chances are you are never going to move on from that point.

Here are some key elements of a good training venue that will make this part a little easier.

  1. Hosting space must be provided.
  2. Must have access to WordPress.
  3. Must be able to create a domain or sub domain.
  4. Must have complete training to teach you what all that means and how to use it, even if you are brand new.

When looking at registering for a free or especially a paid training product, you need to ask those questions above. Does it have all 4 of those features? If it does, it passes the first test. If all of this is free for an indefinite period then it is a great start.

Once You get Comfortable with the Basics

Now that you have built your website or you well on your way to, it is time to learn about how things work on the internet. How to people see your website? When they see it how do you make money with it? The best way to learn the answers to these questions are to read about those who have done it before. Study what they did and then put into practice yourself. For this you need a community. One that participates in the following ways:

  1. Develops training and blog posts from their experience so you can learn from it.
  2. Gives you feedback to your ideas, posts and websites.
  3. Gives you moral support to keep moving forward with your online business.
  4. Allows you to give it all back in return.

Such a community should have parameters so as to only be there to support each other and not sell or scam anyone who chooses to participate and be a part of the association.

Specific and directed Training

If you are new to this whole idea or even if you were like me, experienced but going in the completely wrong direction, you need to have training that is specific and organized in a step by step linear format. One where each lesson builds of the previous one.

This not only gives you a sense of accomplishment but an understanding of why you are learning what you are being taught. Being able to see the progression of your education builds enthusiasm, confidence and inspiration to keep moving forward. A line to follow and know you’re making progress.

A Place to Grow

Finally, once you begin to master the skills to building and online business, you need to be able to scale and to grow. I know that in the beginning of this article I mentioned free and no time constraints and that is a must for new people to be able to learn at their own pace but at some point yo will move past that level of training and need good value training that takes you to the next level.

If you are serious about this venture and make a concerted effort to complete all the preliminary or free level training, you are going to outgrow it. You are going to begin to generate revenue and this will no longer be a hobby to you. At that point you are going to need your training to offer you more than just the basics and you will be willing to invest in good value. A great training program will offer continued training for your growth and potential and won’t just leave you standing to figure out the rest. It will keep up with what the newest trends are without losing sight of the fundamentals of it’s teaching.

Red Flags

Here are some red flags for you to look out for right off the bat. If anyone of these practices occurs, I would seriously reconsider getting involved.

  1. Free registration only for a period.
    1. You want look for a free level of training not free for a week so you can grow at your own pace.
  2. Up-sells on a large scale.
    1. A big practice now is to sell a product for a low entry price $37 or so and then charge $100’s for the complete package.
  3. Monthly pricing with no ongoing value.
    1. Make sure if you are paying a monthly fee you are getting new value each month not just a fee to be a part of.

These are just a few but they are the ones that should automatically steer you away from any program who practices them.

It Took Me Six Years

If you are reading this and you are just starting out on your online journey, consider yourself lucky. As you can see if you look around “The Educated Affiliate” I promote one program and one program only and that is because it has all the qualities mentioned in this article and so, so much more.

It took me six years of spending money chasing down all the promises of the marketing other products work so hard to produce. Wealthy Affiliate does not even have a marketing video if you can believe that. They believe in attraction rather than promotion. I’m actually upset they don’t if they had I probably would have found it a lot earlier.

If you are so inclined you can register for free, in fact you can even take a tour of the sight before you make one move. You will see there is nothing like it.

Remember Your Training

If you choose to call this training and some of it sticks in your head, remember what to look for. You will know when something is a smoke screen and when it is real. If it is real it will be on display for you to examine. If it is fake, it will make promises that you will have to pay to see.

This online business thing is real, I am real but there are many who are not. Learning to navigate this industry is the biggest training you will have to master but it can be done if you get if from the right place.

1 comment on “Ways to Spot Great Website Training Online

  1. Stephen

    Hello friend,

    Your article is very informative. You have really opened my eyes to see that not all online training programs are legitimate.

    I like your points on how to chose a fine and better training, especially your first four list.And among them, I really like point on the training program providing a FREE training and also not providing upsells.

    Most training programs are not effective and good to pay your money and waste it. All they do is to sell their products to you. given you more upsells.

    Thanks a lot for opening my eyes to which training program is the best.

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