Wealthy Affiliate – How It Works

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Wealthy Affiliate is the premier affiliate marketing training university available on the internet today. It is so comprehensive and dynamic in its curriculum as well as its features, tools and community support, I wanted to share a quick, behind the scenes video to show you around a bit and then break down all the main aspects of how it works.

Wealthy affiliate – How it works

Certification Training

There are two main training modules included in your membership and both are step by step, go at your own pace and monitor your progress lesson modules. The certification training takes you from complete newbie to respected professional and everywhere in between. If you are new it will teach you the concept of how affiliate marketing works, how to set up your first website and how revenue is generated through authority websites. If you have been at this for a while, it will give you higher education concepts about online marketing and how to refine your skill as an affiliate marketer.

Most importantly, the way the training is designed it keeps you on track and moving forward. If you are willing to do the work, you will be on a fast track to getting your website built and ranked in the search engines for years to come. The certification focuses on building an authority website. This concept is drilled into you from day one and for good reason. There are so many “Shiny Objects” as they are accurately labeled, being promoted today. Wealthy Affiliate, how it works is through teaching you the fundamentals of building the foundation for a long-term and solid presence on the internet for years to come.

The certification course is the first step in understanding affiliate marketing. This is not a quick fix and like anything of value, it will take time to not only learn the skill but to get good at it. Don’t take any shortcuts, in fact, you will probably take a few of the courses over and over again until you get it down but it is worth the time and effort. Don’t shortchange yourself, get through it, absorb it and make it your own.

Bootcamp Training

Have you ever been a part of a program that you promote that not only has tremendous banners, links and custom landing pages but a whole 7 module (ten lessons per) developing your skill in promoting the product? I have never seen it before but please if you have, leave a link in the comments.

Bootcamp training is the most comprehensive course of any affiliate training course there is. It moves parallel with the certification course so you can do both at the same time and not be taken in too many directions. The general aspects of each course, although similar are designed specifically for building different types of authority niche websites.

I want to stress the word authority. By the end of the course, you will be well on your way to developing an authority website. One that ranks and is well-established among the search engines. This is not another shiny object. It is real training and there is a good amount of work asked of you to complete. It is this concept that has convinced me that there are no shortcuts in building a successful online business and the work is substantial but lasting. As taught by the Bootcamp, the more you build out the more authority you will have and more traffic you will generate and the more unique clicks you will get on your affiliate links. Conversions will be consistent as you will be a trusted source.

Jaaxy keyword research

This is a unique and efficient keyword tool and one that is a part of the Wealthy Affiliate premium membership (starter kit members have limited version they can use). The tool is unique in that it gives you information most other keyword tools do not. For instance, it will tell you how many websites are ranking for that competing term (search term described as a single term or string of terms) and if it will be difficult to do so.

However, I think the best feature is the way the data is reported, presented and organized. Within each search, you can immediately see the average search volume, how much traffic you can expect if you rank for that term and most importantly, how hard will it be to rank for that search term. It will also tell you if the domain is available for that term and in what extension (.com, .org, .net).

There is so much to this tool that I could not possibly present it all here, however, you can give it a test run above and see how it works for you.

Site Rubixsite rubix

This is grand central to everything, WordPress and website building. This is where all of your sites are managed, built, purchased and monitored. It is such a massive section and feature of Wealthy Affiliate and how it works I will only be able to touch on the main features here.

Site Manager is where all of your websites are listed. From here you can log in, view details, manage SSL certificates, view comments, and monitor your website’s performance and security.

Site Builder is where you can build out either a free site (starter kit members get two FREE WordPress Sites, premium members get 50) or from a domain that you own that you have not purchased through Wealthy Affiliate.

Site Domains are where you can search, find and purchase domain names. They are incredibly inexpensive and come with hosting, an SSL certificate, unlimited domain name email addresses and so much more. You cannot get a better deal anywhere on the planet.

Site Content is where you can write all of your content including a word processor which contains grammar, usage and spell checkers to help create solid, intelligent and readable content for your website. You can also create templates and set writing goals that keep you aware of how much content you are producing.

Site Support is 24/7 and is an email away.

Site Comments and Site Feedback are features of the community that are based on a pay it forward concept. You can write comments and feedback for others within the community and accumulate points for comments and feedback on your own site. This system is phenomenal, because not only do you get to read and learn and comment on a bunch of websites and posts that you would not normally investigate, but once requested you get feedback and comments on your website almost immediately.

Live Chat

This is another 24/7 feature and because the community is worldwide the conversations are up and running all the time. The good thing about this is that yes you get a bit of gossip and personal conversation but not much. For the most part it is question and answer and responses come rather quickly. It is also good for spreading good news or warnings quickly.

Re-search engine window

As you can see in the dashboard, there is what I call a re-search engine window. I call it this because it is basically Wealthy Affiliate’s search engine. This is where you can research any and all information on literally any topic in the community. It searches through courses, classrooms, personal profiles posts, and training. You can even search for an individual in the community by their profile name and find them too.

Great tool for finding answers before you pose questions to the community and you can tag all the information you find into your own personal tagging/filing system so you can go back and reference it again when you want to. This is really one of the most valuable tools on the site, You can get so many specific answers just by searching the site.
search bar

Ask a Question

After you have exhausted or at least made an effort to search for an answer you are looking for in the above mentioned re-search bar, you can pose a question to the community. It is a forum type format but it takes it a step further. When you pose a question you are asked to classify it into what Wealthy affiliate calls, “classrooms” and even though it may fall into a specific topic initially the question will go out to everyone in the community for them to answer and believe me, answer they do. I have never waited for more than a few minutes to get an answer every time I asked a question. It is almost as good as the live chat but better because initially you will get a quick answer but after the question is then filed into a classroom you will get further discussion on it later on as other members discover the topic. It truly is an ingenious system. Also, you can always go back to your questions at a later date and refer to the feedback discussion if you need to.

Live Video Classes

Without fail, there is a live video class on Friday nights at 5:00 pm PST. I mean you can set your watch to it. The training classes range from local SEO to daily task breakdowns to getting visitors to click on your links. Anything and everything you can imagine that pertains to the online and affiliate marketing industry.

If you cannot make the live session they are almost always available via streaming technology in less than 24 hours. There is one person who does the training but sometimes one of the owners will step on and do a training himself.


These are the filed questions and posts I mentioned earlier. These consist mainly of posts and questions that are offered up by other members. They can be found in the re-search bar I mentioned earlier or on the left sidebar under, you guessed it, “classrooms.” They vary from simple WordPress subjects to complicated coding and keyword research. Everything found here is displayed in the middle of the dashboard as are all courses, blog posts etc., and contain a discussion area for commenting. Sometimes most of the learning goes on there when the discussion becomes much more granular and specific.

Personal Profile

I want to take some time to expand upon your personal profile just a bit here because there is so much to it and many ways to utilize it. First of all you have your basic profile description. Doesn’t have to be long but it is a way for you to present yourself to the community the way you want others to have perspective on you here. Some write novels, some just have a few paragraphs but as this is a network or community and we have to ability to follow others, you might want to put a little effort into letting folks know who you are, where you come from and why you are here.

The second important component of the personal profile affords us is our ability to blog. Why is this a big deal, well it is a way to spark discussion as well as garner information you might me looking for that may need more than just one question to explain or discuss in the “Ask a question” section. However, the most useful tool ever built into any affiliate system I have ever seen is the way Wealthy Affiliate allows you to use your blog posts as affiliate links. The URL for every blog post you publish is automatically an affiliate link when you share it. It does not have to be converted or shortened, it just becomes an affiliate link and this is amazing. Coupled with the fact that each link carries a lifetime cookie, you could not ask for better tools to spread the word about a training community as prolific as this one.

In Short It has Everything You Need

You really would be hard-pressed to find a more inclusive training community that is growing and evolving with each passing year. For a company that has been around for 15 years they are continually updating and finding new ways to push the training and the tools for you to create a successful business online.

One of the biggest struggles within the industry is the integrity of the folks we looked to for training and inspiration to follow in their footsteps and create a genuine and solid income online. Often times those who are unethical prey upon our naive and trusting enthusiasm. How it works at Wealthy Affiliate is with transparency and community. The training is open to us all and so is the forum to comment on it. There are no trust issues because everyone is held accountable by everyone else. It is a pure learning community and always will be. That is how it will always work.

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