What is ClickFunnels

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what is clickfunnels
To succeed online, you need to realize that a website is not enough. Funnels have become the thing, given their effectiveness, they will most likely be here for a long time to come. Funnels help you capture leads, build relationships and make direct sales. Many people struggled in the past to create funnels and to manage them until clickfunnels was introduced and it became a much easier task as it seemed to do just about everything you needed.

What is ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels has been the king for a while now, but with the entrance of Builderall as a Clickfunnels alternative, there is a lot of debate over which one is best. Builderall presents itself as having the ability to do all that clickfunnels does and a lot more. Some people say it is the modern software, while those who have used clickfunnels for long refuse to accept this. I have had a chance to use both of them and I will provide you with my honest opinion on the difference between the two.

Many people are drawn to the fact that Builderall is less expensive than Clickfunnels, while others imagine that cheaper means less quality, but before you make up your mind over which is better, I suggest you read this review that will give you all the information you need to know to make a decision.

What Clickfunnels Offers

First of all, Clickfunnels is well-known and has been tried and tested and it has proved that it can be used to make quality landing pages. However, when you compare Clickfunnels landing pages to Builderall, you will find that there is not much difference. There is only so much you can do with a basic landing page and all drag and drop, responsive builders pretty much offer the same features. Builderall does have a few bugs to work out but for the most part, operates every bit as efficient as Clickfunnels does.

Clickfunnels has been around longer and I would say on a whole performs better. These are the 2 issues that the company demonstrates over Builderall, The software is more reliable and they have a more responsive support team to help you when you get stuck. The software is more solid and has been tested in the industry for a longer period.

Its emphasis is on creating multiple funnels which is great for more complicated and dynamic sales funnels which usually are of no use whatsoever to the beginner or even intermediate funnel builder. If you are advanced to a certain degree and can offer different up-sales, then you will benefit from these features.

What is Builderall

Builderall is also quite effective at building landing pages, sales pages, blogs, bridge pages and so much more. This is where it capitalizes on the features Clickfunnels does not choose to pursue. They have chosen to stick to landing pages and sales funnels which they do very well. They are very reliable and have great support but they are over THREE times the price at $97 and do not offer half of the features.

Clickfunnels Pricing

You can see the Clickfunnels pricing for yourself but if you want to do more than just landing and sales pages, read on and find out some advantages of clickfunnels alternatives.

Builderall Pricing, Features Vs Clickfunnels Pricing, Features

The most obvious advantage is the price. Builderall is only $29.90 a month while Clickfunnels is $97 a month and if you like up sells then Clickfunnels has all the up sells you can purchase while Builderall has none. Everything listed below is included in that one price. Now because they are a newer company here in the states (they have been operating for 7 years in Brazil) they are warming up to the internet marketing community here. For the most part Americans want stuff to work while other countries are OK with half-finished software and Builderall is taking a hit for that here in the states but their core products work great, the additional products, which are many and amazing, work fine with a few bugs but I am willing to bet that soon all will be perfected and will still be available for that one low price of $29.90

Limited Vs Unlimited
What’s this about? Well, you see you are paying more to use Clickfunnels, yet it will have a number of restrictions while Builderall will give you unlimited access to quite a few important features. Here are some of them:

– Number of funnels: You will pay $97 and have access to build only 20 funnels with Clickfunnels yet Builderall will give you unlimited funnels at a reduced cost.

– Number of pages: Clickfunnels allows you 100 pages at that price, and yes they may be good quality but consider the fact that the Clickfunnels alternative gives you an unlimited number of pages that you can build at the cost of 29.90 dollars a month.

– Number of visitors: You will be restricted to under 20,000 visitors per month with Clickfunnels, but Builderall gives you unlimited visitors.
As a business, you would need to consider if you would like to pay more for less or less for more. I would go for getting more for less since I do not like restrictions on the number of pages I can build as well as the number of visitors. We, of course, will not make it seem like you cannot access these features on Clickfunnels, you can, only that you need to be ready to pay more, or as they call it, an upgrade.

Email Autoresponder
If you are busy and would like to save time by letting the software carry out some tasks, email autoresponder would come in handy, disappointingly though, you cannot have that with Clickfunnels. Builderall, however, will offer you this feature for as many as 10,000 subscribers.

Video Creator
Builderall has a video creator tool which comes at no extra cost, on the other hand, you cannot get this feature with Clickfunnels, even at the high $97 monthly cost

Website Creation
Builderall provides you with website creation feature at the same cost while you would have to upgrade on Clickfunnels and pay more in order to be able to create websites

There are no upgrades on Builderall, you will get all its features at the same level with the same monthly payment. Clickfunnels, however, provides you with upgrades if you want certain features and the level goes right up to enterprise level which will cost $297.

Both Builderall and Clickfunnels are responsive but what we noticed is that as you build your website, Clickfunnels tends to be more responsive. Clickfunnels has auto responsiveness while Builderall needs to be prompted, you need to adapt it to different screen sizes which in a way is time-consuming. In this case, Clickfunnels would be a better option.

More stuff from Builderall

Price aside, we noticed that Builderall provides a lot more features which is probably why they have such a name, many of the features are designed to help you have more freedom to do more and to meet the modern needs of an online based business. The features as you will see are also intended to make carrying out tasks a lot easier so that even a person who is not tech inclined can still find their way through and create something they will find useful. Here are some features that do that.

Drag & Drop Builder: This is a feature that makes getting tasks done easy. In just minutes you can create beautiful pages by simply choosing the templates you want and then drop them where you want them to be. Any beginner would find this easy to use. This feature gives you more freedom to decide what goes where you can decide how beautiful or how eye-catching the pages look by putting things wherever you find them most effective. Below is a quick video showing how easy it is for you to build a simple landing page with Builderall.

Responsive websites and blogs: You can optimize sites and pages in just minutes so that they will look good on any device, right from PC to mobile phone. With this, you have more hands-on control over how the page will appear on particular devices

Email Marketing Platform: You can easily manage up to 10,000 subscribers by setting the autoresponder which will boost conversion rates. Set up behavioral triggers and attend to other aspects of your enterprise while the autoresponder handles your campaigns and decides which subscriber needs what information and who seems to have more interest in whatever you are offering.

Animated Video creator: More and more internet users are attracted to video animations, with this Clickfunnels alternative you can quickly and easily create animated videos to mesmerize visitors to your website or download them and post on Facebook and YouTube to attract followers and views. It is amazingly easy to create such animations using this software and there is no limit to the number of animated videos you can make.

Floating Videos: These seem to be even more mesmerizing than the animated videos, you can attract more people to your site and draw more attention to the floating videos created using this tool. You save a lot of money using Builderall because software like this purchased separately would cost a lot more or you would have to hire a professional to do this.

Presentation builder: You do not have to be very creative and skilled to make eye-catching presentations. With this builder, you can increase your brand authority by coming up with compelling presentations which wow and convince prospects. The entire process is a lot faster than it would have taken using other software you may find online

Design Studio Mockup: It gives you access to an exclusive design studio which will increase conversions using mock-ups designed in this studio. You do not have to be a professional to design mock-ups as this will do all the technical work for you and you just make a choice of what you think suits you best.

SEO report tool: This provides you with all the information you need to make your pages SEO perfect and boosts the number of visitors to your site.

Lead Capture tools: Use various platforms including Facebook to capture leads. This tool uses smart capture tools to help subscribers opt in and out of particular messages or to sign up for services and products. It can be used as part of your email automation to manage the interaction with clients after their first purchase.

Facebook Integration Apps: with this one you can create strong bonds with your leads and have relevant and intelligent posts appearing at the right time to the right audience with minimal effort on your part. You may find it hard to decide who to send what information and when, but with this feature the software will determine when is the right time to post what and who should be able to see that information. It helps you have a more effective Facebook presence which should translate into more conversions.

Browser Notification: You will be able to notify your prospects once they are online about particular offers, information or events which will ensure a closer tie to these prospects. You can set up notifications to appear in users browsers whenever they are online and there is something new to share with them.

Heat Map: This provides you with information about the most clicked pages which will help you make informed decisions about where to place ads and other information to increase conversions. Heat maps help you keep track of the activities on your website or blog, they let you know what people seem to be more interested in and you can decide what needs to be changed and what should be promoted most.


If you have used Clickfunnels already, you may be thinking, you have been able to do a number of these things and probably you do not see why you should switch to a Clickfunnels alternative. Well from our research of both of these, we are able to point out that the main reason would be that you would be paying less for more.

You may also find that Builderall is much more user friendly for both beginners and experts. I personally have found that it takes a lot less time using this builder. It also has new tools that you may not have access to with Clickfunnels like the floating video creator and much better ways to integrate social media into your website and business activity to bring about more conversions.

It is my opinion therefore that Builderall is a much better Clickfunnels alternative unless you do not mind spending more and you already have your own automated processes, then you can opt for Clickfunnels. Builderall offers itself as a software that can actually build anything from websites to Apps, to creating videos and so on, it is a one stop for all your creative needs.


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