What is Wealthy Affiliate All About

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There is really a simple formula and it goes like this. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, evolve into the wheel. The overview of the community and it’s training goes something like this:

what is wealthy affiliate all about

Choose an Interest, build a Website, Attract Visitors, Earn Revenue!

Nothing to it right? Well yes and no but we are going to break down each of these and let you know exactly what is entailed in creating success at each of those points. I will declare one thing at the beginning and that is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about is hard work and not cutting corners. For years many of us have looked for the next shiny tool and how to use it. Only to find out most of them are junk and just had a great marketing message. A few were gems and are used by millions today.

What is Wealthy Affiliate All About?

Choosing an Interest

There are many ways to go about this and most of the time this is not an issue because an interest in your niche is what probably drove you to build a blog or business online in the first place. However, the subject of your interest or niche doesn’t necessarily have to be one that you are passionate or even slightly interested in although when you get stuck, and you will, it helps that you have an interest in your subject that you are blogging about or building a business around. Your interest could be that you just want to generate a passive income online and if you do that with basket weaving, so be it.

Do You Need to be Passionate about your Niche

Many say absolutely not and I tend to agree. For many, the driving force is what an online business can offer you. No overhead, low startup, no employees and passive income. None of the aforementioned reasons infers an easy road, there will be tons of work but it is the kind of work that can be done today and will pay off tomorrow and the next day and so on. Unless it is something that you just absolutely dread doing, I don’t see an issue with moving forward on your best business interests, those interests that are more conducive to monetization as opposed to a niche that, although you find holds your interest and enthusiasm more, is much harder to generate revenue with.

This is what Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is all about. It breaks down the process in granular detail how to go about promoting the training itself. It also provides a tremendous amount of thought-provoking content to help you get started. Between that and the certification course, you are covered in building a business niche as well as a niche of your desire and you can pretty much do it simultaneously if you have the time.

Build a Website

what is wealthy affiliate all aboutOnce you get through the thought process of what you want to build your online business and website around, you then are tasked with actually doing it. The mechanics of building a website can be daunting at times, especially if you have no experience at all, but it can be done even by the most technology challenged individuals because of the tools that are available to you today. Wealthy Affiliate takes that to a whole other level with their hosting service and WordPress Installation process.

When you purchase a domain name through the Wealthy Affiliate, you can literally have a website up and running in a matter of minutes. If you are a complete newbie it could take a few days or even a week but if you make an honest effort to work on it consistently, you will see results very quickly. The tools coupled with the training in both the Certification and Bootcamp lessons take you step by step through the website building process and you are not left for wanting at any part of that process. A few concepts may seem daunting at first but if you keep at them and use the community to get other ancillary questions answered, you will have no problem getting through the website building process.

Attract Visitors

Now this is where we get into the art and skill of what it takes to be a success with your online business. It is nothing like opening a retail location with a ‘Grand Opening” in a high traffic retail location. It’s more like opening a retail location in Tibet 100 miles from the nearest human interaction and no cars or even roads to get those folks to your stores.

Don’t let this discourage you though. Building those roads and the cars in which people will travel to come and see you is not as hard as you think. At first, it’s like bicycles on dirt roads but before you know it you will have limousines driving on super highways to come see what it is you have to offer.

Content is King

That phrase never gets old. I mean it gets really old to hear it but it’s relevance is and always will be the staple of building an authority site. When it comes down to it this is what Wealthy Affiliate is really all about, building authority websites. Websites that answer any and all questions about your interest or niche. Content that is continually relevant and links that share ideas, helpful software or products that will bring more answer to more questions when regular folks search for those answers. This is and always will be the way in which you attract visitors.

There are other mechanical, paid and forced ways to promote traffic but you want to establish your content via attraction not promotion. This is not to say paid ads, Social Media and other techniques are good avenues and should not be used, they definitely should but good solid, interesting and relevant content is the only thing that will keep the search engines and your readers coming back.

Think of your content as always being helpful. Everything post your write needs to be answering a question or solving a dilemma to some extent. If someone read this post that didn’t know anything about Wealthy Affiliate, my first goal and hope would be that when they are done they now do know more about it. If they choose to register that is always my second alternative goal. Think of it this way. If you worked in retail and someone came up to you to ask you a question you would either answer it or direct them to find the product they are looking for or both. You would not follow them, hound them, look over their shoulder until they purchase the product. Just be helpful in your content and your visitor traffic will reflect that.

Earn Revenue

what is wealthy affiliate all aboutIf you follow the concept of the previous section, this part is only a matter of then matching up the right products with the types of folks who come to visit your website. There are so many opportunities for generating revenue. It is far more important to establish the concept and audience focus of your website and as it evolves so will selling opportunities. Listed below are some different types of opportunities you may want to consider.

Straight Affiliate Sales – This can be for a product (digital or physical) or a service. Links and banner ads are the typical way this method is executed but it can also be done through a mailing list if your website is set up to collect email addresses.

Recurring Affiliate Sales – These are basically the same as above in terms of execution but may require more time and education to get your readers to purchase or subscribe to since they will be paying on a monthly basis (monthly is the most prevalent time frame for recurring sales). However, whatever time you put into this type of sale it is worth it. I am sure you have heard the expression, “The gift that keeps on Giving,” recurring affiliate sales are the epitome of that statement.

Email List Affiliate Sales – This is an iteration of the straight or recurring affiliate sales except it is a tailored audience. It allows you to get razor sharp with your promotions because your lists can be as specific as you want them to be and once you develop what is called a, “Buyers List,” it truly is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Creating Your Own Product – Have you ever wanted to write a book, tell a story or just help out with a life hack that you have discovered works very well in your experience? Well, it is as easy as developing a great method of presenting that experience (writing, video, images, .etc) and then building an authority site around it. Seriously, we buy books all the time, fictional books that we read just for fun. We pay $20 or more for them (I love hardbound books) and we do it multiple times a year. If you could put together a presentation that helps folks to get rid of procrastination or fix their putting stroke or whatever and it is filled with vital information and actual exercises to produce the effect, your readers will buy it. All you do is go back to step three and remember that content and organization of that content is king.

You Can Do it All Night Long

Did you see, “The Water Boy?” Some of the best advice was given in that movie. Do you know why the franchises that are successful are successful? It’s simple really, they find or create a formula that works and duplicate it. This is what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. Find and interest, build your site, attract visitors, earn revenue, rinse and repeat. McDonalds made this process famous. They didn’t have the best burgers but they had the best distribution and they sure knew how to duplicate it.

In your journey you will find some duds, be willing to let them go. If you begin with what you thought was a great idea and after a year or so you have no traction, be willing to say this is not working. Unless it is a great passion of yours and you are on a mission to get the information out in the world there will be no purpose for you to continue. Drop it and move on.
It only takes one. You may think you need thousands of websites and products to be successful online but that is not the case. So many fortunes were made from one product and one idea. On your journey you will be astounded to find different products that will support your efforts that are simple, easy to use, yet fulfill a need so great it is making a fortune for the creator of that product. Remember to keep it simple yourself and great ideas will come.

Simple, Methodical, Consistent

They key to this whole crazy online world is to keep it simple and create, test and use methods that work consistently. Don’t ever give up and in time, actually before you even realize time has passed you will be progressing and having success. I call it cognitive momentum. Know that each effort you make, every post or book you read, all failures you make, keep you in the know about your momentum. It is easy to see, just look back to a few days weeks or years and you will have your answer. If you are not further along in your quest than you have quit and you need to recommit. However, more often than not you are further ahead and how much is of no matter to you, just that your are. If that is the case you have momentum and you can build on that momentum and you know that you are doing just that. This is cognitive momentum and That is also what Wealthy Affiliate is all about. It was designed in such a way that the most important training it offers is not training at all. It is a system of direction and motivation that keeps you moving forward. If you plug into what Wealthy affiliate is all about then you can’t help but move forward and succeed.

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