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I am in a quandary here as to why so many folks think they need some kind of Guru. Now I have never been of the mindset that one person has all the answers or even most of them to any one subject let alone multiple ones but yet this system of Guruism seems to prevail in the online marketing industry.

Let’s start with the definition. We are of course not referring to the Hinduism perspective or definition as it is a true and real status in that religion. So for our discussion purposes we are talking about the modern cultural definition which is, “An influential teacher or popular expert.”

Influential and Popular

So modern culture has taken a sacred and learned position in the Hindu religion and turned it into what amounts to a celebrity here. This is a very scary realization that basically tells the whole story of the Guru as we know it in the Internet Marketing world. It tells us flat out, be Popular and Influence people. Substance of what it is you are sharing, selling or teaching is not what is the most important factor if you would like to be labeled as a Guru. Marketing is what must be mastered first and foremost.

We wonder why everyone is so concerned with their image. This is how the world operates. Even if the substance of that which we teach is fantastic, how successful can we be if we can’t market it correctly?

You Must Learn to Multi-task

Along with this precondition to popular influence our culture has also taught us that if you are not going mach 5 with your hair on fire doing 20 things at once, well you just can’t keep up. You will never amount to anything because the competition is just too much out there.

It’s no wonder we are captivated and convinced by 30 second commercials, we don’t have time to research any further than that. I know this because not once, twice or fewer times than I care to count, have I purchased a product on a 5-minute demo, only to be disappointed when I finally took the time to evaluate or use it. It was popular, well marketed and I had to have it now.

Disclaimers are the Norm

Why is it every product will lead with a one line title that claims “Make $1000 a day with this guru method” and then spend 3 paragraphs telling you in the disclaimer that the odds of you doing this are worse than playing the Powerball Lottery? I realize there are legalities to protecting your business but by simply having these disclaimers in the fine print at the bottom of hell’s fire, they can basically claim whatever they want in the pitch line. What is worse is we believe them… why do we believe them?

Why do Gurus Thrive on Urgency

Beside the occasional sale, do established retailers ever launch a new product with a countdown timer alerting customers they are only going to sell this product for a few days or hours and then you will never be able to get it again and you will be the only one without it.

Why do Gurus, or the Internet Marketing industry as a whole do this? Don’t you think if they had a great tool or course, they would want to sell it for as long as they could to make as much money as they could. I would think so. Could you imagine Mr. Coffee or Crockpots only being sold for a few days and then that is it. They have been selling those items for years as well they should, they are good products.

They work on the same model as the movie business, an industry I know well and worked in for over 10 years. Did you realize that all feature films basically know they have two weeks to make the money back on their movie. That’s right, two weeks. Why do you think you see trailer after trailer and remakes and movies with these start studded casts? Because they have a very little time to make an impression and make a sale on you buying in the first two weeks.

Internet Marketing Gurus, same thing. They have a very short amount of time to splash their fancy marketing and push their shoddy product on to you before the jig is up and everyone realizes it is not such a great product. But they offer refunds you say? Well that is selling psychology 101, they offer time frame refunds because they know the percentages and the percentages tell them most people are too lazy to even use the product before that time frame, let alone try it, figure out it’s not worth it and ask for a refund.

Cheap Buy Ins – Huge Up-sells

I know everyone has experienced this. A guru is selling his stuff and marketing the s#*t our of it. It’s got all this and it only costs this. Awesome sauce, I’m in I’m buying. Then you spend the next 15 minutes getting through the up-sells. If you are lucky you get through them without spending a dime, if your not, you start buying a product that was $37 and 15 minutes later your PayPal account just dished out over $300. Been there, done that. Thank God it only took one experience like that for it never to happen again.

How do You Find Your Guru

That is a simple answer look for any product course or software that doesn’t do any of that stuff. Look for a training course that doesn’t have a free trial but a free version, which has enough substance for you to grow into the premium membership. Look for a product or service who’s claims are logical and rational not outlandish only to be disclaimed later on in the page. Look for marketing that is descriptive of the product not promotional. I have virtually laughed at some marketing which did nothing but claim the world in the promo video and told you absolutely nothing about what the product will do for you. This would be funny if it were not so tragic. These folks make thousands, heck millions from selling you crap because they know how to be Influential and Popular.

Take your time when you evaluate anything online. If it sounds too good to be true it is, if it tells you to buy this now or you will never have another chance to buy it, you will and for God’s sake, don’t spend more money after the initial purpose until you try using it first. I learned a great way to check new products out before I bought them was to read a bunch of reviews. Now you have to be careful with those as well because most of them are just affiliates trying to accomplish the same goal of separating you and your money but there are usually a few good honest ones out there. You can tell which ones they are.

There are good products and courses out there. The one you see promoted all over this site is one of those products and there are others. They want to get what they want by helping you get what you want. That is the sign of a true Guru!

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