A “PROCESS OPPORTUNITY” is an opportunity that does not require ANY SKILL at all! You need no technical or artistic knowledge to be successful. All you need is persistence and a good work ethic, and you will succeed! Below are THREE process opportunities for each budget, small, medium, and big. All you have to do is match your budget with the process opportunity and get started. You will be making money online, maybe for the first time! The Educated Affiliate utilizes all three opportunities below. They all generate revenue and are cash positive each month. We are constantly looking for more; CONFIDENT, we will find them.

Process Opportunity #1
MLGS Lead Generator

This little effective lead generator will give you up to 200 leads a day for only $30 a month. An amazing price for any budget but you also receive an email system to send the leads. Build this offer or any offer you wish. You get paid a residual income so the $30 fee could be free within a month! You can also export every lead they generate for you and use it wherever you want! For lead generation, you cannot beat the price!
Sml Budget

Process Opportunity #2

This Process Opportunity system is amazing and it is FREE to try out. You are guaranteed to make money in the first few days with this system. There is no more simpler system on the planet and no faster way to earn revenue. You send emails on a platform they provide - Cliqly Pro, to subscribers they give you - 5000 of them to start. Every time they open an email - you get a new subscriber. Every time they click on a link, YOU MAKE MONEY!
med budget

Process Opportunity #3
Fast Start Side Hustle

Would you like to piggy back on a $100,000+ monthly ad campaign to get your leads, then have a professional sales team follow-up, call and close those leads while you sit back and let the commissions roll in? Welcome to FSSH where you can build an income through buying ad campaigns starting at $1000. Even if you don't make any direct sales there is a share a sale program so you will generate revenue! Talk about Mailbox Money!
BIG Budget


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