A “PROCESS OPPORTUNITY” is an opportunity that does not require ANY SKILL AT ALL! You need no technical or artistic knowledge to be successful. All you need is persistence and a good work ethic, and you will succeed! Below is the  ONLY process opportunity I am aware of in the Internet Marketing industry today.


The Educated Affiliate has made it even easier for you by explaining the entire Cliqly Process so you can fully understand what this is all about before you take any action. However, ultimately you know you must take action, but all you have to do is register for a FREE Trial (no credit card…) and test the system out.

Below is my introductory video, explaining exactly what Cliqly is and how it works. If that interests you, there three more detailed video's explaining this one and only “PROCESS OPPORTUNITY”

Most importantly, I, Damo, will be your personal coach. I generate over $300 a day in revenue and I do it all with about 60 minutes of work a day and I will personally guide you to success. Remember, this is Process Work, not running ads, posting in social media, writing content… no no no, just sending emails. Emails that we write for you on a system that we give you to subscribers that you get from the system we built for you! 


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