Become a Super Affiliate

What is a Super Affiliate?

A Super Affiliate is person or a business that establishes enough authority with as many digital assets as they can so that when a new product or service becomes available to promote with an amazing ROI, they can promote it with a push of a button.

Most Super Affiliates got their start by building a list. From their they could then choose to go in many different directions but they all started pretty much with a list.

This is what we do and this is what we share with others who aspire to build an online business.

We build our list with MLGS – A system that credits you with 100 fresh new leads every day to send any affiliate offers of your choosing.

We also work directly with Cliqly – We use their impressive online business, tap into their advertising and sales team and they sell packages for us and pay us a commission of each sale.

This is only the beginning. We do a good business with these two offers but there are going to me many more offers coming down pipe on our road to becoming a Super Affiliate and we would love for you to join us.

We suggest you get started with MLGS first and get your feet wet building your list. It is inexpensive and you will start to see results right away. Online Academy is a bit more advanced and requires a bigger investment or you can certainly do both just like we do.

Whichever you choose to do at least do something. You have to get started and  you can do that so easily with either one of these programs. If  you have any questions you can always email me at