No Skills Required: Earn Money Today With This Simple System

Simplicity is where you start

Making money online is an attractive prospect for many people, especially those who want to supplement their income or work from home. However, it can often feel overwhelming and intimidating, with many opportunities requiring specialized skills or knowledge. But what if there was a way to earn money today without any prior experience or expertise? That's where a simple system comes in.

In this blog post, we will explore how to start making money online with a simple system that requires no skills or experience. We will discuss what a simple system is, the benefits of using one, and how to find the right one for you. Let's get started!

There are many ways to skin a cat as they say but who wants to do that. I am talking about only engaging in opportunity that you have the stomach and aptitude for. The problem is there is so much opportunity out there, and so many ways to get involved, that we then have to contend with what is known in the industry as, “Shiny Tool Syndrome.”

So, you have to keep it simple.

Find what you Like and what You're Good at

First of all, you have to find what you like. Unfortunately most folks do not know what they like and therefore can't make that decision until they try a few things.In some cases many things and it might take many months to go on that journey.

In my case it took years. I started with content marketing, and got Google slapped and said no that is no for me. Now you might say, well isn't “The Educated Affiliate” content marketing, and yes it is but it is used as a secondary way to drive traffic. I don't depend on this site or blog for my main source of traffic and revenue, but it does produce nicely, and I don't feel pressured to have to add content every day. I virtually share my experience on this site, and so it becomes more of a personal journey than anything else. However, the experience is real and the results are not hyped.

So, you have to do the same. Initially you will be able to rule out a few things. For instance I had no interest in selling products or services directly because that would require customer service, and I am just not the “Customer is Always Right,” kind of guy. So It was affiliate marketing for me, but that was only the beginning of the journey.

You may love dealing with people and helping them with their stupid questions. I do not. Nevertheless, this step is imperative. One word of advice; do not chase the money. The first thing you have to do is find what you enjoy doing every day. It will be subtle, it will be nuanced but it is the most important discovery of this journey.

After that, you have to find out if you are good at it or not. However, there is a caveat. If you really love something but you are not good at it, you can learn, so don't let anyone tell you not to go for it. It might take longer but if you dig it learn it and do it. 

What are your Deal Breakers?

This should be fairly easy to decide, and you shouldn't have to explore too much to know exactly what these are. As I said above, for me it was clients, and customer service. I was never going to do that. It was also not content marketing because I was not going to spend the rest of my earning life keeping up on every SEO trend and being a bitch to the Google Gods.

Looked like is was direct affiliate marketing for me. I still have not ruled out developing courses but at this point my knowledge and expertise is what you will find in these posts, in my personal experience. I am a believer that you need to read about others, and then decide for yourself what works for your. If Steph Curry taught you how to shoot the perfect Three-Point Shot, it would not me you be in the NBA tomorrow.

Do what you know you can or at least learn to do and don't be afraid to say no to opportunities that sound great or even are great, but that you know you won't pursue. This is smart, it keeps you away from the shiny tool syndrome and focused and what will work for you.

I decided on direct email marketing. This covered all my basis. No clients, no Google, no customer service, and not content marketing. I could just build a list and run offers to them. But therein lies the rub; Subscribers, and how was I going to get them?

The first two ways that came to mind, were, creating and running ads and the second was solo ads, a form of direct email that piggybacks off someone else's already established list. However, both of these require substantial investment to make them work, but at the time I had no choice. I began to build my list slowly but surely and as I did that I discovered that the numbers, in terms of conversion rates that where being branded about where way higher than  what I was experiencing. I needed to get the cost of building a list way down.

Cliqly Introduction

I was in a group for affiliate marketers called, “Partner With Anthony.” I still am today. Anthony Morrison is a good guy, and teaches so much good stuff, but sometimes he can be all over the map. This time I am glad he was. Out of the blue, in a webinar, he introduced us to a guy named Bobby Jones and a system named Cliqly. It was my dream come true.

I could bypass all lead generation and simply siphon subscribers from Bobby's list of multi millions and begin to create a list of my own for a fraction of the cost. Not only that, but I could send them offers and choose to get paid if they click instead of if they buy. It was an open system and I can choose every day when I send out my offers which revenue generating way to go.

About a year later they created an affiliate program for the members so now I could send offers that sold, clicks, sold products or recruited subscribers. Google can't touch me, Facebook can't shut me down and no one every refunds anything.

It was my dream come true (Any of these banners you see on this post will get you a free trial to Cliqly). In the image at the top of this post you can see where I was in the early months of 2023. Depending on when you are reading this I could much further along. It's real and I work it for about 30 minutes a day to get consistent revenue.

Am I Pushing this Program

I guess you could surmise that I am but only because it is what I love doing, what I am good at and it alleviates all my deal breakers. Much like what I am talking about in this post. I may not for you, and in that I case I would say keep searching.

The online business opportunity has been a long journey for me but I am a slow learner, and nowhere near a workaholic. I value the balance I have in my life and am willing to accept a slower growth and success curve in order to maintain that balance. It's also why I choose not to follow the money of any particular opportunity, unless it coincides with my enjoyment of its process.

We all have choices to make and actions to take but the one thing I would implore is to make them and take them. Don't sit on the sideline waiting for them to come to you.