How To Earn Money Through Email Marketing Affiliate

Becoming an email marketing affiliate is a great way to generate passive income. You set up an email and gathering system once, automate it, and then watch profits roll in.

Passive Income Requires Patience

Generating sales as an affiliate marketer requires due diligence upfront including building a website and seeding it with content that attracts new customers.

Once you have decided what to sell, you must familiarize yourself with a dedicated affiliate tracking dashboard and other marketing tools and widgets.

Next steps include creating content for both landing pages and emails. This content should be unique to a chosen niche, and include the right affiliate links as well as customer incentives.

Of course, your email marketing platform and landing pages will need maintenance and possibly, additional social media marketing. To learn more about how to make a passive income using affiliate email marketing programs, keep reading.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is based on a commission structure. A company pays you a percentage of the sales you make using an affiliate link.

The link is a lead to a URL that has a code in it representing your affiliate ID. Every time a lead buys something from you, you get paid. You can add affiliate links to other emails or web copy.

You can find affiliate marketing programs for thousands of products and services online. Look for a marketing affiliate with a dedicated account manager and an automated email marketing service.

Find A Niche Market

Running an affiliate email marketing campaign should not feel like a chore. Choose an affiliate program that interests you and motivates you to sell. Do research to see if the market is glutted with affiliate marketers selling the same thing.

The old saying is “Find the niche that makes you rich.” A niche is a subset of a broader subject area that can be defined as your expert area.

For instance, the topic of women's makeup is very broad. If used, it will pit you against thousands of competitors. However, if your affiliate campaign is a glow-in-the dark night club eye shadow then you have found a true niche.

Try to find a topic that is easy for you to write about with some enthusiasm, and that seems to have a broad, yet unexplored market. Standing behind your product is crucial to being part of an email marketing affiliate program.

Find Affiliate Marketing Programs

Once you have an idea of what you want to sell, your next move is to find out which companies pay affiliates for your niche.

Good places to start looking are the affiliate marketplaces like Clickbank, Amazon, and shareasale, that have thousands of available email marketing affiliate opportunities.

Affiliate networks, such as CJ Affiliate, Flex Offers, More Niche, and Wealthy Affiliate also offer programs.

Brand Affiliate Programs

If you can't find a suitable content marketing program then check out the websites of your favorite brands.

Many big companies these days have their own email marketing affiliate programs. Some offer a media kit, free promotional materials and subscription forms.

Examples of big brands that have their own affiliate programs include Adidas, Target, and Trip Advisor.

Business-to-business affiliate opportunities such as Get Response, are quite lucrative, paying 33% on each sale. In this situation you make money as an affiliate, as well by marketing to other would-be affiliates.

Build An Audience

Once you have found the affiliate program that is right for you, start building an audience.

You can send marketing emails from a web page article, a blog, or a broadcast channel on YouTube. It could also be a widget that pops up a single landing page, such as Samcart.

A marketing automation platform is a useful digital tool that handles several affiliate email marketing campaigns at once. Constant Contact is an email marketing platform that helps you store captured emails as well as deploy personalized subject lines.

Email Content Should Solve A Problem

One of the best ways to create quality content for your affiliate email marketing program is to create a customer need and fulfill it. Showing subscribers that you have a go-to solution for them builds loyalty and trust, which in turn, generates affiliate marketing sales.

Although it is perfectly acceptable to have more than one affiliate link in each email, it is not a good idea to spam links within your content. If people feel pushed to buy they may opt-out.

Powerful Email Marketing Tools

The more affiliate links that you send out, the more money you are going to make. This is why you want to automate your affiliate marketing campaign quickly.

Automated affiliate marketing tools work 24/7 to send out emails. Marketing automation enables you to become a global business entity that is not limited by a time zone.

If you intend to go big, then automated business tools can help send things in motion. Your customers will also appreciate the consistency and speed of any interactions that they have with you.

A free account with a landing page builder is also a must have tool. Both Wix and Hubspot are landing page builders that help maximize your affiliate efforts.

Your online business is only as good as your affiliate links. A broken link checker crawls your copy looking for malfunctioning affiliate links Page Check Up is a tool that audits your pages for missing links and tags so that your passive income streams can keep flowing.

The Ways Affiliate Marketing Pays

There are several ways that you can be paid through an affiliate email marketing campaign.

CPA networks offer to pay you when someone clicks on any type of link that leads to an action. You can be paid for a video view, a download, or an outright sale. You can also be paid for a lead.

Be aware that in most cases you will not be able to be paid for your affiliate marketing efforts unless you have a paypal account. Some affiliate partners will not pay you until you have reached their payment threshold, which often is in the $25 to $100 range.


Making an affiliate income requires patience, because it does require quite a bit of effort to get an affiliate dashboard and other email marketing solutions up and running.

Break down your goals, such as building the website, finding an email solution and writing landing pages and make them happen step-by step. Soon you will start to see results.

Automate everything. that you possibly can earn a smart passive income as a digital marketer of affiliate products. Popular email service providers include MailChimp, SendinBlue, and Aweber.

Look for email marketing providers that offer a 24/7 support team, dedicated support team free email marketing software.

If you are willing to invest time and effort into the best email marketing affiliate then you are looking at a marketing strategy that can provides a passive income for many years.