What is Target Email Marketing? Everything You Should Know

Targeted email marketing is a strategy utilizing demographic information and search engine optimized keywords to identify potential customers. The goal of targeted email marketing campaigns is to group together the most likely buyers of a company's service or product, and market only to them.

Targeted email marketing campaigns can be time-consuming to set up, but they can save you time, energy and money. They prevent you from chasing dead leads that may visit , but never, ever buy.

The Benefits of Targeted Email Marketing

Aside from the obvious benefit of attracting more customers, a targeted email marketing campaign that deploys a data gathering email marketing tool has many benefits.

Predicting Business Outcomes

Once you know how to predict business outcomes using email marketing technology, your email marketing efforts are bound to pay off.

Analytics software takes the guesswork out of creating targeted email campaigns by helping you to market to those most interested in your product. Gathered data about subscribers tells you how to appeal to them.

You can develop your business with the wisdom of AI, which can also help you brainstorm a product name, create content with important keywords for your targeted email copy, and even help you tweak your product so that it results in more sales.

Automation of Email Marketing Tasks

An email platform with automation tools help you group, gather and send relevant content to the right subscribers based on their data.

This type of targeted email campaign spares your time and energy so it can be freed up to focus on your business's bigger picture.

Target With Relevant Offers

When both old and new customers receive a targeted email from you, you want them to feel like you are reading their mind.This means querying the specific circumstances that urge your subscribers to buy.

Digital tools with AI can help you tailor your email marketing list by analyzing your customer's purchase history, buying preferences, age, location and other factors. It also helps to create targeted content for your promotional emails.

Optimize Your Targeted Messages

Email marketing software helps to create personalized emails as well as optimize content creation for email campaigns. An automated email marketing service can also help you weed out duplicate, problematic or returned emails.

Defining Your Initial Target Markets

Advanced analytics can help you gather initial data about selling goods and services. Part of increasing sales is using artificial intelligence (AI) to segment subscribers into groups, and decide who gets a targeted email.

Machine learning software “learns” from input data and helps generate results. This type of digital marketing tool can answer queries about which particular segment of your customer base is likely to buy your latest offer.

This targeted email technology that helps to predict trends to generate more revenue. It also utilizes email segmentation to weed out inactive subscribers.

Microsoft has a product called Azure that is tailored for the individuals that have no knowledge of coding yet would like to use analytic data to discover the target audience.

You can learn more about predictive data analytics at Alteryx. This company sells a user-friendly program that can classify and cluster data into the groups needed to create a targeted customer database.

Segmenting The Market

Dividing a target market into segmented customer groups can help you pinpoint those subscribers that are worth the expenditure of resources and energy.

Segments identify consumers with similar tastes, which helps to narrow down your list of potential customers.

Common segmented data groups include:

  1. Preferences and behaviors that indicate a benefit of your product or service to the subscriber.

  2. Geographic location.

  3. Demographics such as gender, relationship status, income, renter or owner, number of children.

  4. Psychographics such as life style, class, personality type, personal taste, or social media user.

Keep in mind that small business owners can have several target markets. A business analytics program as they can often handle several batches of customer data at once.

Segmenting your subscribers also helps to filter out irrelevant emails, which discourages customers who receive an errant email from opting out.

The 3 Kinds of Market Segmentation

Once you have gathered an email from a pop up opt-in form on your website, there are three common ways that a smart email targeting program can use segmentation to identify groups from within your existing customers.

The three types of rudimentary sorting functions fall under the criteria of:

  1. Homogeneity: the shared similar need for the product that you are email marketing

  2. Distinction: the shared unique qualities, tastes and interests of individual in a group

  3. Reaction:  the gauge of how likely an existing customer will have a similar reaction to a previously purchased marketed product.

You can even more queries to define your groups even more. This can help to boost click through rates as well as increase sales.

Creating a Targeted Email Marketing Strategy

Here the steps to developing a targeted email marketing strategy.

1. Identifying a Customer Group

Your first step is to put yourself in your customer's shoes and ask what you would respond to if sent a targeted email.

This is where any AI data gathering tools can also be of value for determining the exact relevant message that should be sent to your customer base. Business analytics can help you send your targeted content at just the right time.

You can also visit social media groups that have the same interests as your potential buyers and collect customer information from what they like to chat about online.


2. Create A Website or Landing Page

Once your target subscribers have been convinced to click on your affiliate link, they need a place to peruse the details of your offer.

This eCommerce platform can be a blog page, landing page or a website page, where your product or service is listed, along with a payment system of some kind.

3. Determine Your Unique Niche

The best way to persuade your customers to buy from you is to identify yourself as being in a class apart from the rest. You can express your uniqueness in every promotional email, in your subject lines and with loyalty programs.

This personalized content is one of the best ways to use targeted marketing campaigns to lure in potential customers and increase conversion rates.


Knowing who your targeted market is crucial for any company that wants to repeat a cycle of successful selling. Today's set-and-forget style technology can help you send relevant messages to your targeted subscribers, earning you a hefty passive income.

Developing a targeted email marketing campaign takes some time, but it is well worth the effort. It is hard to put an exact price on customer retention, but creating targeted emails with a personalized message creates lifetime repeat customers.