What Does An Email Marketing Coordinator Do?

An email marketing coordinator holds one of the most dynamic jobs in the marketing domain. From coordinating with other members of the marketing team to implementing email campaigns and related automation, they are the functional heads of a marketing team. 

So, if have a keen eye on this job and want to know what it takes to fulfill the position, look no further. We have listed everything you need to know about it! 

What Does A Coordinator Of Email Marketing Do?

An email marketing coordinator is the backbone of the email marketing system. They are responsible for coordinating the activities of the content team, design team, and communication team and implementing the output within the agreed-upon timeline. 

They also ensure that the recipients receive the email within the expected timeframe and, at times, are assigned to track engagement and responses. They track the performance of the emails and ascertain which emails were opened and how many times they were forwarded. 


Since an email marketing coordinator is not restricted to any field, there is a lot of flexibility in the position.

Email Marketing Coordinator Responsibilities

An email marketing coordinator is the head of a body that efficiently coordinates all actions of the teams. Even though there may be variations in the responsibilities, most email marketing coordinators have the same job outline.

A prominent and deciding factor in any job alert, an email marketing coordinator is expected to have excellent leadership skills. They should have the ability to translate the vision to other members of the team and develop email campaigns that align with marketing trends.

Specifically, they work closely with HTML coders and digital artists for the execution and deployment of emails within the stipulated time. Therefore, a coordinator requires the tenacity to manage and assist various teams working on the email marketing programs. They also need to distribute emails through the use of automation software.


An email marketing coordinator should be well-versed in marketing trends and constantly up-to-date on them. They should also be informed on technology news and best practices in the changing industry. 

They have to conduct market research frequently to understand prevailing consumer behaviors in the field. To effectively create email marketing campaigns for lead generation, coordinators need to be updated on the latest trends and review previous marketing campaigns. 



The email marketing coordinator is responsible for creating email campaign templates, lists, data feeds, and interfaces. The email content should be engaging and relevant to the target audience.  


As a creator, they need to conceptualize ideas for the email marketing programs that resonate with the marketing and sales goals and changing marketing trends. Lastly, they need to write newsletters along with all the company updates.


An analyzer reviews previous data and maintains a database of subscribers. An email marketing coordinator also performs the role of an analyst. One of the key roles of an analyst is to monitor the performance of email campaigns and determine whether they are generating engagement from recipients. Reviewing open email rates and customer conversion rates, assessing what strategies work in an email campaign, and thereby, implementing them to increase campaign performance in the future.  

Email Marketing Coordinator Job Requirements

If you are interested in becoming an email coordinator, it is crucial to assess how much education you need. According to statistics, 83.7% of email coordinators have at least a bachelor's degree in marketing, communications, or a related field. 

Few email marketing coordinator jobs prefer candidates with a master's degree in marketing or any related degree. Keep in mind that it is impossible to become an email marketing coordinator if you have only a high school diploma or a GED. 

Some employers look for candidates who have experience in the marketing field. Some even offer on-the-job training to understand their role and learn specific software. The training usually lasts a few weeks to a month, depending on the company and role. 

In the marketing field, professional certifications allow candidates to gain additional knowledge and skills that help them stand out against competitors.

Email Marketing Coordinator Skills

Since the position of an email marketing coordinator is extremely dynamic, job alerts will usually enlist multiple skills for this position. Some of the skills that will prepare you for the role are listed below.  

Digital Marketing Skills

As most of the job duties revolve around the digital marketing domain, it is quite obvious that you will be tested based on them. As an email marketing coordinator, you will have to play multiple roles all at the same time. You have to be updated on the latest trends and create email campaigns that align with the company’s goals.  


Hence, requisite knowledge of the digital marketing domain will help you gain leverage against other candidates. 

Digital Marketing Skills

Marketing campaigns often require a coordinator to input information into a database. With technology advancements, marketing companies usually rely on automation to send emails and store data.  


Although most companies give you time to get used to the software, your job becomes easy if you already have basic data management and automation skills. Some prominent marketing automation companies include salesforce marketing cloud and Hubspot marketing hub.  

Communication Skills

As the name suggests, the role of an email coordinator revolves around project management and the execution of email marketing programs. To efficiently coordinate email campaign development, you need good communication skills to connect with your sales team.

Organizational Skills

An email marketing coordinator is directly involved with different functions of a marketing company. They need to create, assist, manage, review, and analyze constantly, which compels the need for excellent organizational skills.  


The entire process can be overwhelming; therefore, they need to organize everything methodically to avoid chaos.

Final Words

To conclude, the position of an email marketing coordinator is perfect for someone who can adapt to change quickly and confidently lead a whole team.  


We hope this article gave you an intrinsic overview of the role of an email marketing coordinator and helped you make an informed decision.