Find Out What Are The Best Shopify Email Marketing Apps

If you are conducting a targeted email campaign, then try the Shopify email marketing apps that are sold in the Shopify App Store. Amplify sales using marketing automation, email templates and customer segmentation.

Continue reading to find out about Shopify app offers and how their marketing features simplify and streamline email marketing campaigns.

The Best Email Marketing Apps For Shopify

Here are the best choices on Shopify for designing and managing customized emails

Shopify Email

Shopify Email is the free email marketing platform that has direct integration with your Shopify admin dashboard. This shopify email marketing app allows store owners to create, send and track personalized emails.

The Shopify Email marketing platform creates customized emails from templates. A drag and drop editor helps you build your brand using your own images or ones taken from Shopify's library of unlimited stock images.

There are templates for every type of email: sales, product descriptions, newsletters, discounts and special offers.

Shopify email marketing is a smart app, applying filters to segment your subscribers into groups. This prevents you from sending marketing emails to disinterested subscribers.

This email marketing service also allows you to import customer lists into an integrated Shopify email customer base.Repetitive online chores are eliminated as the use of  automated email sequences decreases the necessity to perform repetitive tasks.

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is an all-in-one automated email platform that integrates nicely with Shopify. It boasts easy-to-install integrated web push notifications that send messages from your website to your subscriber's web screen.

Despite its ability to send unlimited emails, email automation service has a low impact on your website or email provider and won't slow it down.

Mail Chimp also features an automated welcome email, and email sequences that attend to your customers during all stages of their shopping.

This user-friendly app also provides real-time analytics. These AI powered insights help to drive sales and boost engagement. Real time reports are generated so that you can review customer data, and determine what's working to increase sales, and what causing customers to opt-out.

Mail Chimp also has A/B testing that allows you to compare the response of one email marketing campaign to another. The data that MailChimp gathers about your customers is fed into a content optimizer that then suggests improvements for your copy, layout and imagery.

This email marketing platform helps you to capture leads and grow a subscribers list with pre-built pop up forms. These landing pages are ready to send at the click of a mouse.

Email Marketing and SMS

Here are some of the email marketing apps that also include automated SMS features.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing app that has all the features needed to practice ecommerce, including digital marketing activities for customer growth These include drag and drop email design and email templates. analytics that help you optimize every advertising message sent out.

This email marketing platform allows you to build your list with ease. You can also use this email marketing software to send your subscribers a series of emails.

Existing customers can be segmented into different groups and be sent personalized messages, such as post purchase emails that say thank you. New customers are sent a series of welcome emails.

Constant Contact meshes easily with Shopify. You sync email lists and import lists of all of your products from your Shopify store. Customers that abandon their shopping carts are sent follow up emails or sms marketing texts.

Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

Klaviyo mail marketing and SMS syncs all of your customer data to one platform. This targeted email platform takes the guesswork out of what might make subscribers click on your embedded URL.

It works seamlessly with Shopify to send emails and SMS based on your website visitors' shopping behaviours.Customers are sent automated abandoned cart emails to remind them that they still need to cash out. Customers feel seen, and understood which builds faith in your brand.

Klaviyo specializes in segmentation, which is the process AI uses to sort and gather similar data and group your subscribers. You can send relevant emails at the right time of day, month, or year, to inspire your customers to buy.

A unique aspect of Klaviyo platform is that it provides Shopify store owners with real life benchmarks based on real-time data from thousands of brands.

Software for Capturing Leads

You need to capture some leads to put on your list, before you can do any type of email marketing. Here are some recommendations for email platforms with AIs that use automation workflows.

AVA Email Marketing

The AVA mail marketing app has all of the features necessary to run a successful eCommerce business with no coding required. Users can easily send customers any type of email, including welcome, abandoned cart and upsell emails.

This marketing app for Shopify is a Mail Chimp alternative, but with even more features including abandoned product recovery win back emails, and loyalty emails that contact clients on their birthdays.

Ava boasts over 100 email marketing templates with ready to use campaign templates for many holidays including Thanksgiving, Halloween, Black Friday, New Years and more.

However, what really sets AVA apart from other marketing automation is how it captures leads with add-to-cart pop ups and fly out pop outs.

Spin Wheel Email Marketing App

Spin Wheel Pop is the best email marketing app for a customer base that likes to have fun.

The core feature of the app is a pop up window called Woohoo that asks customers to spin for a prize. Usually the prize is a discount, a free plan or a bonus ebook.

This easy to install app offers many different types of wheels to help you boost your sales including gift wheels, prize wheels, lucky wheels and a numbers wheel. To play, your potential customer must give you their email, via a pop up window. The intent of this shopify app is to cater to the gaming side of people's nature.


Look for targeted email campaigns with all of the features such email pop ups, a drop email editor. Advanced features such as pre-built email templates, push notifications from your online store, and customer segmentation will help your business grow exponentially.

The best Shopify email platforms will be free to install, offer a drag and drop editor to design your emails and use business analytics to help you effortlessly run targeted campaigns.

All of the email marketing apps in this article integrate nicely with smart paid advertising, monetized SMS and other eCommerce platforms such as Seguno Email Marketing, and Omnisend email marketing