How To Use Email Marketing B2B Lead Generation?

Email Marketing is one of the most effective tools for generating leads, especially if you have a B2B business. According to statistics, more than 59% of B2B marketers believe that email marketing is the most effective channel for generating revenue. 

And rightly so, since a B2B business model relies on the exchange of products between the consumer and seller, a cost-effective email marketing campaign is a powerful tool to seamlessly improve your customer base and increase sales. 

In this article, we will explore some effective lead generation techniques that will ensure a continuous flow of revenue in your B2B business.

Best Ways To Generate Leads Through Email Marketing ​

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Collecting leads through an email opt-in form can be a tumultuous task. For B2B businesses, the target audience varies from CEOs, business executives, and even commercial customers. 

Since an average consumer receives an overload of emails daily, there is no guarantee they will click on your email and check out your services. Listed below are 6 effective ways of standing out in the crowd and generating a sales funnel. 

Know Your Audience

If you are planning to just follow a cold outreach template that requires little effort and time, then this article isn't for you. A lead generation strategy should involve a rigorous process of getting to know your audience and taking cumulative steps to personalize your interface. 

Make sure that you are targeting the right person at the right time. For example, if you are sending emails to someone who is not specifically interested in your product, you are wasting your time. Remember that you want to provide value to your audience and then implement lead generation. No one likes to receive spam emails that are unrelated and irrelevant to them. 

Some other factors to consider while targeting your audience include: 

  • The industry do they work in. 

  • Their pain points and problems.

  • How your product will help them. 

If you navigate through this set of questions before creating your email marketing campaign, you are bound to receive more productive results. Businesses that segment their audience receive a 760% increase in revenue over some time. 

Implement Marketing Automation

The most essential step to create an email marketing campaign is to choose a B2B email marketing software. To measure the performance of your leads and analyze the results of your email campaigns, it's crucial to implement marketing automation tools.  

An email marketing software is a great tool for acquiring high-quality prospects and lead scores. It saves time by sending bulk emails to prospective recipients at a specific time. Several automation companies provide custom templates and images, which can be used to send a personalized email to a targeted audience. 

Once you have gained an insight into which audience is interacting with your emails, you can convert these customers into “qualified” leads by sending a follow-up with certain offers. You can implement some automation triggers  into your lead generation campaign when a customer does the following: 

  • Opts in your email list 

  • Interacts with your email 

  • Buys a service or product 

If your customer hasn't responded even after you have sent numerous emails about your service, consider a lead magnet. You can implement this by providing a discounted offer or a free trial of one of your services.

Optimizing Your Email Campaign

To drive traffic to your product or website, you need to optimize your efforts through two methods: Lead scoring and lead nurturing.

Lead scoring is a strategy that employs segmentation and prioritization of leads. You can attain and analyze your data from email automation companies that usually come equipped with these automation tools. 

For example, if you have noticed that a potential customer has already viewed your product on your website, you can send an email with a 25% discount on the product and convert them into a customer. 

To create a lead scoring system, you need to remember these key elements: 

  • Fit (demographics and budget) 

  • Interest (online analytics) 

  • Buying stage (position in the sales funnel) 

Lead nurturing aligns with the same strategies and involves a process of providing value to your customer depending on where they are in the sales cycle. This strategy ensures that you develop a relationship with your customer at every stage of the sales funnel and deliver relevant emails depending on their buying stage. 

While lead scoring will provide behavioral data on the position in the sales funnel, lead nurturing will help you gain customers by providing them with the information they need to move forward. 

Use Subject Lines to Grab Attention

A subject line gives a preview of the content that is addressed in the email. It is imperative to use subject lines that pique the curiosity of your audience and make them click on your email. 

Use elements like bold text, italics, or even emojis to increase open rates and consequently, customer conversion rates. You can even use different subject lines for different kinds of emails. Make sure that your subject lines are click-worthy and not click-bait. 

Design Valuable and Consice Emails

Now that you are familiar with different marketing strategies, let us access some of the main points to remember while creating your personalized email. 

First, ensure that you deliver your content in a clear-cut manner, rather than the roundabout way. The emails should be short and precise. 

  • Step 1: Begin your email with the name of your customer, which shows that you have put in the effort to know your audience. 

  • Step 2: Introduce yourself in a few lines or with a 20-30 second video. 

  • Step 3: Address their pain points, (let's say, reduce the cost of cloud storage) 

  • Step 4: Identify these pain points and show how your service can solve them.

Use a signature font and underline the key points to make it easy for your subscribers to digest your email. Avoid funky texts and over-the-top design templates as it distracts from your message. 

Always end the mail with a call-to-action button, such as landing pages or a snippet of your services. Your CTA should be easy to read and click on, especially on mobile devices.


Email marketing for B2B businesses may seem like a daunting process but it doesn't have to be. Effective email marketing campaigns can benefit your business in the long run. 

With these marketing strategies, you can create a successful B2B email marketing lead generation