A Beginner’s Guide To Outsource Email Marketing

Email marketing is a reliable lead generation tool for reaching a large audience. Although social media marketing has been gaining traction, the older generation depends on the most reliable means of communication –emails.

Email marketing is a viable channel to promote your products or services, but you or your team can't do everything. This is where outsourcing makes a big difference. In this article, we will help you decide if you need to outsource your team and what marketing services can be outsourced.

Should You Consider Outsourcing Email Marketing?

The biggest problem with managing all your email marketing activities in-house is the unscalable work involved. Email marketing campaigns require time-intensive strategies and carefully automated workflows that collaborate across numerous creative components to achieve the desired outcome.

With limited in-house resources, such as a team that is sparingly staffed or does not utilize the evolving automation tools, sending out emails to the right person at the right time can be more taxing than it seems.

Due to limited resources, your organization is unable to reach its full potential. A lot of the time, you start missing out on opportunities because you are simply busy and too overwhelmed with endless responsibilities. This is when you should outsource your email marketing.

How To Get Started On Outsourcing

An email marketing campaign takes a lot of time and work. Not only do they have to be engaging and creative but also delivered to the right person at the right time.

A good place to start is hiring a professional to conduct an email marketing audit. This will help you decide which elements need to be improved. Nonetheless, if you want to know how to get started on outsourcing without an audit, we have listed some points below.

Decide Which Tasks Need Outsourcing

If you are already engaged in running a business, you probably do not have the time to churn out successful campaigns and navigate every component of it. The first thing to do when you consider outsourcing is to decide which parts of your email marketing workflow need an upgrade.

This could range from outsourcing the entire gamut or focusing on specific parts, like email automation or email template production. Some tasks are beyond your comfort level or that of your in-house team. Identify which tasks need to be outsourced so that you can be on your marketing A game without overworking your team.

If you are just starting and are looking to completely outsource your team, make sure you have every strategy in place –either by yourself or through the outsourcing professional.

Decide Which Resources You Wish To Hire
The next thing you should do is narrow down your resource requirements. If you are considering branching out your email marketing team for the first time, you can hire email marketing specialists. You can make a list of qualifications you're looking for in email marketing specialists:

  • The email programs they should be accustomed to
  • The years of experience they have in the field
  • A portfolio of their past clients

If you already have a competent email marketing team, you can take a step further by looking into marketing processes. Automation has become a part and parcel of our everyday lives. This is because you may find it easier and more effective to tap into your data and insights, especially if you have a small team. In such cases, outsourcing your software is crucial for the success of your email marketing campaigns.
Identify Your Goals

When it comes to outsourcing email marketing, it is imperative to chart down your goals and the processes involved.

Even though you can hire experts to assist you in broad-scale directions, it is wise to decide on your email marketing campaigns alone. Email campaigns are the best when they have a clear vision. This task can only be done by you.

For instance, if you are looking at starting with automation, then focus on that goal and break it down. If you are in dire need to increase your click-through rates with specific campaigns, then look for companies that specialize in this field.

Define your objectives clearly and ensure that they are in line with your financial budget.

What Elements Can You Outsource?

Some organizations outsource particular elements of their email marketing services while others outsource everything from strategy and content creation to optimizing email campaigns.

If you do not have a clear-cut idea of what elements you need to outsource, we have enumerated some of the ones that will help ease your outsourcing experience.

Market Research

One of the most essential components of an email marketing strategy, market research, involves a comprehensive analysis of the evolving trends, rivals, and consumers. It helps to determine a brand's unique selling point and understand what the consumers need.

When market research is done in-house, it can be extremely laborious and cumbersome. Instead of working on research and analysis, you can procure the data from agencies.


If you are just starting and do not have a clear strategy, you can work with agencies that will design a program to meet your goals. We recommended charting down your goals from scratch by yourself, as strategy will always be difficult to outsource.

A digital marketing company can help you build your brand’s strategy by developing unique value propositions, complete SEO keyword research, and development plans. This can help you create strong email campaigns that align with your brand's vision.

Creative Campaigns

Tangible elements of your email marketing campaign can be easily outsourced. Content creation and design can be managed in-house as long as there are systems to review and approve everything promptly. You can outsource the entire email design to an agency, as they have professionals who can completely revamp it.

Marketing and Optimization

You can hire a marketing analyst or email marketing coordinator to look into planning a project, manage the creative process and marketing technology, and analyze the results of marketing campaigns.

This can enrich your entire email marketing operations and help you focus on more pressing CEO problems. Make sure you schedule regular meetings with your marketing analyst so that you are on the same page.


Outsource email marketing is significantly superior to the marketing efforts done in-house. It is one level you can pull to maximize the potential of your marketing budget.

We hope this guide helped you navigate through the different layers of outsourcing email marketing.