Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

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So much to learn and so many teachers, not enough hours in the day. however, if you are good at reading between the lines you will notice a pattern of good information over bad. Affiliate Marketing Mistakes are sometimes very subtle but can be blatantly obvious and can save you all kinds of time and heartache if adhered to.

The folks over at MThink seem to get it right most of the time “ 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes That Can Make You Smarter,” is just one such blog post that summarizes 5 major mistakes that can be easily avoided. It will take you all of 5 minutes to read. 

The 5 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes are:

  1. Choosing the wrong Niche or Offer in a niche – yes some niches are better than others and offers definitely vary in quality. However, compatibility between site and offer is mainly the focus of this section. 
  2.  Over diversification creates overwhelm – stick to one niche, offer, traffic technique until you get really good at it and it becomes second nature.
  3.  Give great information, don’t try and sell – Learn to share your experience on what works for you. This is why I never promote something I have not at least used to some extent.
  4.  There are too many Chiefs in the Tent -This goes along with #2, get good at one simple thing and then move on.
  5.  Choose Traffic Quality over Quantity any day – Conversions are way more important that clicks. Learn to know what the difference is and how to get them.

Take your time with one process and learn it well. You won’t believe how exciting it is to accomplish this one thing and how more more it will catapult you into more and more success. It feeds off of itself but if you get too bogged down with multiple tasks and no forward movement, you will wallow in frustration.

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